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  1. page: http://www.partshark.com/custompage3.asp?pg=KTM file: http://www.mediafire.com/file/mmhdtjyqky4/3206063.pdf
  2. Joe V

    White or Blue

    White with those graphics... Blue with any other. What about the seat if you go blue?
  3. Joe V

    need help asap

    How did you obtain said bike? Did you write that with your phone? I think three or four capital letters and or a comma may help. What did your insurance agent say? What did the cops say?
  4. Joe V

    Valve clearance opened up?

    What recall? What year and model bike are we talking about here?
  5. Joe V

    Needle Valve - 09 YZ250F

    Is it possible you are getting dirty gas? Is your gas fill can clean? Maybe put an inline fuel filter in there between the tank and carb. Is your air filter clean and sealing well? Is your air box boot leaking and sucking dirt? It seems dirt particles are getting in there somehow. Track the source, fix the problem. Good luck.
  6. Joe V

    Aftermarket kickstands?

    Beware!!! 2009 YZ250F all stock. Mine rubbed the swing arm pretty bad. I sent it back, they sent me a new one ASAP. Same story with the new one, it rubbed. I fabricated an aluminum shim to go behind the foot peg bracket to solve the problem. No problems since. I've had a TT kickstand on all my bikes with no problems except as shown.
  7. What is the purpose of anodizing it?
  8. Joe V

    Ethanoled Gas got Me!!!

    Got me too... Some useful info in this thread
  9. Joe V

    Hatfield McCoy trails on a cr 125?

    I've been there several times. All with a mix of quads and bikes. Put the bikes out front and wait at intersections for them. The trails are marked exceptionally well and will make total sense if you have a map. I can't speak for your fuel range. I get about 60mi or so there on a tank full (09 yz250f). Rockhouse is the most challenging of all areas IMHO. If you ride there you can do about 40 miles from Gilbert to Mann, fill up and take another route back.
  10. Joe V

    Dad is a tard

    Crud, your sig just messed me up brentn
  11. Joe V

    Girls in mx...oh yea

    Is that what they call em these days?
  12. Joe V

    Dad is a tard

    I sure wish I still rode with my Dad. Best times of my life. That is why I am now riding (almost) with my son.
  13. Thanks for your knowledge fine sir... Will do.
  14. I run 92 - 94 octane pump gas. Some stations in our area do have 10%-20% ethanol. The bike has been sitting since October. I added Stabil and started it monthly. I've removed the slide and the corrosion easily came off, but removed some kind of coating on the slide plate. Sure hope it doesn't cause any problems down the road. That is a $125. part. Here is what it looks like now...