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  1. Just got the news back from my motor guy. i have 50 hours on my 05crf450 and the exhaust valve is shot. i bent my head pipe and reduced exhaust flow by 50 percent about 25 hours ago. heat must have built up and ruined it. other wise motor was in good shape.
  2. ok , its on my practice bike (cr125) . but i dont know who else to ask. i turn the fuel on and gas comes out in spurts out the hose at the bottom of the carb. Thanks
  3. yzb

    crf250 with big bore or crf450

    i think i would be faster on a 250 also. in fact i have a cr125 for a practice bike. after thousands of laps on my personal mx track on my 450 i bought the 125 for practice. after a cople of days i thought i was flying on that little thing. felt faster than on the 450 , however lap times proved i was 2 seconds a lap slower on a 1 minute track. now i know my corner speed is better on the 125 but up and down the big hills there is no comparison. im sure my lap times would be better on a overbored 250 but if you cant get a good start i will be screwed.
  4. yzb

    crf250 with big bore or crf450

    thanks guys, im a vet b class rider, usually top 5. i race millville and tracks similiar to that. seems like i need the big power, but i get too tired by the end of the moto. i take racing quite serious and want the best bike for me. i had a 250f yz. but that thing broke all the time. back then there wasnt so many 450s out there either. i just dont know. right now i get great starts almost all the time. do not want to give that up but i know i would be faster on the 250. heck even most of the pros at millville this past summer were just as fast on the 250 as the guys on the 450s. ill race this year on my 450 but will have to put serious thought into next year. Thanks again
  5. the age old question, for a vet rider, would i be faster on a crf250 with a big bore kit or stick with my crf450. i only weigh 155lbs and do get tired holding on to that pig. but would i get killed on the starts?/
  6. i would like the rotor email me and let me know where to send the money, also will you ship it for 45$ to wisconsin? Where could i get one of those brakets? Thanks Brandon btyanke@charter.net
  7. Take it to a dealer? and let some stupid kid work on it that is used to working on harleys , i dont think so. ill screw it up myself before i pay them guys 65 bucks an hour. Took the motor out to work on new top end valves , ect. easier to work on that stuff with motor out. and now i can polish my frame easier too.
  8. I had one heck of a time getting the motor out on my 05crf450. what is the best way to get it out. i tilted it side ways and slid it out the right side, with everything off of course, even the top cover over the valves. Now what will be the correct way to get it back in there and do i need the valve cover off or not.
  9. ok this sounds cool but i was thinking of going the other way. i want the throttle to open faster with easier pull. i get arm pump sometimes in my right arm trying to keep that pig wide open.
  10. just got a pipe for my 05 crf450 , just wondering if this is the right hot cam to get it more juice. is there ANY disadvantages in useing a hot cam? This hot cam is on ebay store for 135 bucks. http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/HONDA-CRF450R-HOT-CAM-2002-2005-HOT-CAMS-CRF450_W0QQcmdZViewItemQQcategoryZ35595QQitemZ4534204229QQrdZ1QQsspagenameZWD1V
  11. just won a thunder alley pipe system on ebay, got it cheap but its kinda rusty on the head pipe and the aluminum part is kind of tarnished. any idea on making the can look better?? possible inodize or powder coat??
  12. yzb

    do oversized rotors help

    thats interesting about steel brake lines. i have read recently that they make no difference, a few years ago they were hot but now you dont hear about them much any more.
  13. actually the complete aluminum 2 system is 399 on the net if you look, and im not alright with the stock pipe, that piece of crap is too slow and im sick of getting my but kicked by every 2004 yz450 out there into the first corner. and i only weigh 155 lbs. thanks to all those for responding, just dont want to waste money on something that is not worth it.
  14. what do you think about the performance increase with the carbon pro or the aluminum one. are they alot longer or shorter than the stock , overall rating of the system, worth the 500 bucks?????
  15. So is that oversized rotor kit for the crf450 worth 245 bucks. i could use better stopping power on those big hills.