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  1. moebigslee

    Back Yard Tracks!!!

    Here's a few pics of some tracks I've built. The first track is at my parents house. The second was behind a local motorcycle shop. The third track isn't exactly a motocross track but I think it's still cool. It's a r/c track I built at my house. Driving little cars on a cool off road track reminds me of riding a dirt bike but I don't have to worry about getting hurt and I can do it while drinking beer!
  2. moebigslee

    track pics

    Wow way to dig up an old thread! That was what my track looked like 2 years ago. I've redone it and added on since then. It looks like this now Sorry but I don't really let anyone ride on it other than my family and a few close friends.The liabilty is just way too high.
  3. moebigslee

    powder coating, how much is too much....

    I had my rims and hubs powder coated black last year. They used a high gloss black and everything still shines like it did they day it was put on. If you get a good powder I don't think you'll need to clear them. I originally was just going to get my rims done but then I decided on the hubs too and I think it makes the bike look much cooler. The black hubs make my ktm stand out from the ktm's that have black rims from the factory. It's one of those deals where you notice something is different between my bike and a stock one when you look at the two but it takes a minute to figure it out. I didn't mess with the spokes or nipples because I wanted very thing to come apart easily in the future. My buddy has the black anodized excel rims and they looked beat up very quickly so I'm sold on the powder coating. Some people cry about the weight saying powder coating is heavier than anodizing but most of the people that say that could stand to loose weight themselves!
  4. I just got back from riding at fenton and I heard some good news. They've lowered their daily ride price from $50 to $40 with no membership required. In the near future they will also offer a "happy hour" ride on tuesdays from 4pm to 9pm for $25 with no membership required. I know there were some people that wanted to try the place out but didn't like the pricing, this should make it a little easier on them. They've really got the track looking good. It seems to be more refined every time I go there.
  5. moebigslee

    lets see everyones track

    I've posted these in the past whats one more time hurt? The first track is on my parents property and the second track is one I built for a local dirt bike shop. I bought a house with 6.5 acres this past year so in the spring I'll be building myself another arenacross style track.
  6. moebigslee

    New indoor track in michigan

    Well I know what you mean about pictures not doing things justice. The ceiling is very high in there (35 feet) so that makes the place look smaller than it is. The track is 100' wide, so they have 50' between the walls and the row of posts that runs down the center of the track, and 50' is plenty of room to fit 2 lanes. I believe the post spacing down the row is 25', which again is plenty of room to make a single lane cut through them. I just don't want people to think the place sucks without seeing it in person. If anyone in michigan is thinking about riding indoors they should see the place first hand and give it a try. It's a nice place with nice people running it. Also, if anyone has been there already and has ideas to make it better, I've found the staff to be very receptive to suggestions.
  7. moebigslee

    New indoor track in michigan

    I'm not trying to sound defensive about my local track but what looks "sooooo" sketchy about it? I realize it's not as large as the sandbox that you guys have over there in minnesota but the lanes are plenty wide, there's lots of room to safely pass, and poles/walls are lined with bales, it just has short lap times. If your going on track/building size then one could say that mototown usa makes the sandbox look sketchy.
  8. moebigslee

    New indoor track in michigan

    I know I've already posted that I like the place but I've been riding there a couple times a week since they opened and I think it's a really nice place. They made some changes to the track this past week and put in a new rhythm section.
  9. moebigslee

    Making a track - logs

    Yes. I was very serious the large amounts of dirt used. If your building full size supercross obsticals you've proabaly used more dirt than you think you've used. I just started riding at a new indoor track we've got up here and it's a 4 lane 100'x250' arenacross track. They used 3500 yards to build it. Good luck with your project. Show us some pics.
  10. moebigslee

    New indoor track in michigan

    I wanted to let everyone know this new track is coming along nicely. I was able to ride on the track for a while on monday and it's gotten much better since then. They brought in another 700 yards of dirt since monday to make the track even better. It's now much more fun, friendly and safe for beginners ,yet still challenging for faster riders. The pictures on the web site don't do the place justice. They've got their fencing in, bleachers put up, and a few vending machines installed. Everyone should stop by and the the place out.
  11. moebigslee

    Making a track - logs

    You can do a lot with a skid loader if you know what your doing but you'll need a lot more than 700 yards of dirt. The arena cross tracks I've built have over 2000 yards in them and the typical pro supercross track has 5000 yards of dirt in them. Despite the large amount of dirt needed to build a nice track I've almost always been able to scrape up enough dirt from the site(with out digging holes) to build the track. Good luck, let us see some pics.
  12. moebigslee

    New indoor track in michigan

    Well I'm all for buying the gold membership. I'll save enough money in gas in just the first couple of months to justify the cost. They only thing I want to do is see the track in person before I spend the money. If the track it self looks half as cool as the typical prosource I'm in! We never seem to have good snow up north to snowmobile anymore so I'll spend my sledding money on the indoor pass.
  13. moebigslee

    New indoor track in michigan

    Nonsense! Pro source is a blast on big bikes. If you can ride a big bike good in that place, you can ride anywhere! I know arenacross tracks are not for everyone and it's small inside pro source but I think they do a great job with the space the have to work with.
  14. moebigslee

    New indoor track in michigan

    Pro source is 100'x200' which = 20,000sq ft.
  15. moebigslee

    New indoor track in michigan

    I found out about this on another site today and I figured I'd pass along the info to everyone on here that doesn't already know about it. http://www.fentonindoormotocross.com/