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  1. dr_eddie

    Thread inserts for plastic repair help

    I don´t have a rev-nut tool I will have to go with the epoxy, this weekend I will check wich type is the plastic and report back. Thanks
  2. dr_eddie

    Thread inserts for plastic repair help

    It´s a very hard plastic and heat resistant the kind that does´t melt when heated the part is from a plastic bmw inlet manifold. so no chance in heating I will try to find the right epoxy
  3. This may be a little off the DRZ forum but not much I hope I have a problem with one metal threaded inserts for plastic(similar to the ones in the picture) that has fallen out, my question is, what is the best glue(any other solution) to fix it? I need a really good fix because it´s a insert that has a lot of heat(+/-100cº) and some vibration. I was thinking on epoxy glue but need some expert help on which is the best for this.
  4. I know the great job that eddie did with his quick throttle, It´s a shame that I am too far away to order one. But my next mod will be to switch to the Motion pro CR comp, following eddies advice. I need something faster than OEM but not as fast as the vortex I think the CR comp will be a good compromise for my enduro rides.
  5. Thanks, that´s bad news but thanks anyway
  6. The fitment I was talking about is the Part 2 on the photo.
  7. Thanks a lot. I will have a cable made than. Just one more doubt, the cable fitting on the throttle tube are all the same on the suzuki models? or are they DRZ specific?
  8. Eddie one question, I live in Europe and I am looking for a pull cable only for the DRZ E, Can you tell me which cables are compatible with the OEM throttle tube? I believe the rm 250 is compatible but I am not sure. Hope anyone can help
  9. dr_eddie

    My rides in Azores

    Até lá boa navegação aqui pelo site que tem tudo o que é preciso e não é preciso para uma DRZ Abraço
  10. dr_eddie

    New member from Azores

    Polisport handguards!! great and Portuguese built also
  11. dr_eddie

    My rides in Azores

    Bem vindo Finalmente encontro um Tuga por aqui Esses trilhos por ai sao mt radicais de facto adorei, quem sabe um dia levo ai a minha DRZ Se precisares de alguma coisa avisa. Abraços e se vieres ao continente com a DRZ avisa combinamos umas voltas aqui por Coimbra
  12. dr_eddie

    "Seat step" anyone using one??

    thanks guy´s, but my problem with slipping is not the pants or the riding standing or not. I live in Europe and here we ride mostly in the winter time with a lot of mud and that as you can imagine gets everything real slippery, that´s why I am searching for a solution. I will start by changing the seat cover to a good one and try to add some foam to make it flatter. Here is a picture of how usually my bike is at the end of the day, so you can see what I mean by lots of mud.
  13. dr_eddie

    "Seat step" anyone using one??

    Me too but I guess it´s not easy getting the DRZ seat perfectly flat so I thought this could help. Maybe starting by changing to a good non slip cover could help also.
  14. One of the problems of the DRZ handling is the fact that when you are riding offroad you keep slipping back on the seat this may seem like a small problem but makes a lot of difference when riding. My question is, does this type of seat step really solves this problem? If anyone here is using one please reply.
  15. dr_eddie

    Adobe Illustrator DRZ Graphics kit Template

    Thanks for sharing the templates, please share the logos also.