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  1. 1320fastback

    Tips for removing steering stem bearing

    Could cut slice it on opposite sides with a dremel to weaken it and then tap it off. Of course pull the outer cage and bearings out of the way and don't cut into the stem. I mean its alternate idea at least but nothing beats a press with a tapered bearing plate.
  2. I used to run Renthal but IMO unless your sponsored by them they simply arent worth it. Now I run Sunstar sprockets and Primary Drive 520 O-Ring chains on my 500 and 250.
  3. 1320fastback

    Glen Helen...Round 2 AMA Pro Motocross_Bench Racing

    I know these guys are much more evenly matched but I've never considered it hard to pass at Glen Helen. Turn are always so wide with multiple lines, sometimes 3 to 5 even. I tend to pass most on the hills myself, having 500cc helps with that
  4. 1320fastback

    Does the YZ250 need race gas

    91 is fine for a stock yz250.
  5. 1320fastback

    Motocross hurts...

    Broke my Collar Bone years ago at Saddleback I think it was. Had the guy pitted next to me cut my jersey off and load my bike. Drove home to San Diego and got a sling at grocery store. No xrays or Dr. visits required
  6. She rides a 2015 YZ250 and a '09 FZ6R.
  7. I did, I figured the kit only costs $12.00 so what did I have to lose. My pump began leaking pretty bad so I took it off and cleared off my work bench. There are some very detailed rebuild threads on a fee different websites which helped immensely. The Bosch VE pump was used in a few different vehicles so the resources are there. With nothing more than a dial caliper and a 13mm socket i ground down to fit the triangle bolts I tore it apart measuring ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING that could be measured, wrote it down and took a pic. It comes apart easily and it's best if you spend some time looking and figuring out what each piece does as you remove it. 2 days later it was back in the truck and it fired off immediatly after bleeding the air from the system and hasnt hiccuped once. I get about 18mpg empty and 14 towing the toy hauler. If you haven't killed your KDP you should. It's the biggest danger to these tractor motors.
  8. I gutted the FSS on my truck and rebuilt the injection pump myself for ultimate reliability. Would and have driven this truck cross country with trailer in tow and passed many broken down new trucks on the side of the road and 1/2 tons pulling in the slow lane going up moutnains.
  9. 1320fastback

    ODI Emig V2 Lock-On Grips

    We use them on both our bikes and love them. For my Kx500AF though i wish they were softer. I hear ProTaper is coming out with their own LockOn grip and hope they do a pillow top model!
  10. 1320fastback

    CA USFS Friendly Exhaust System for 92 XT225?!

    If it has to be stamped or not would depend on the mood of the Ranger after checking for a screen. If he's out to get you and really wanta to write a ticket your toast. That being said I made my own funnel screen out of a metal spaghetti strainer basket for my older KX500 which uses a FMF non Spark Arrest silencer and it has been checked a few times and not one person had a issue with it.
  11. 1320fastback


    I'd take the KX just becuase I love KX500s off all kinds. I recently rode a 04 model after riding my AF model for a year now and am just as fast on it. Was still hitting all the same jumps and doing the same lines. It did feel incredibly wide and soft to me though where the CR would not.
  12. 1320fastback

    Opinion on the triple crown race format?

    I don't mind it but without Supercrosslive showing the qualified I would hate it.
  13. 1320fastback

    Arm Pump Solutions

    For me improper lever orientation caused some arm pump. I had my levers too high up for the attack position causing strain on my wrists. Other causes for me are A: Glen Helen and B:KX500 lol
  14. 1320fastback

    YZ250 Vibration, how much is too much?

    YZ250 valves?
  15. 1320fastback

    Oil Leaking under bike

    My wifes 2015 does it too. I just put a little catch can/pie dish under the hose when its in the garage.