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    2019 U.S. Models (Early Press Releases)

    Yes, I believe the xcw is injected. Didn’t realize the xc stayed carbureted.
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    2019 U.S. Models (Early Press Releases)

    Fuel injected! I’ll get one for the fuel economy. Been riding various 300’s for years and the range is always a problem. And the jetting...
  3. Most enduro bikes are set up for 180#’s I think.
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    On that link, scroll down and you’ll see a single Coleman burner.
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    Don’t know what you’re riding but one of those backpacking single burners works well with a much smaller tank too. I love my two burner Coleman but that’s for truck camping...
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    75 K10 project

    Very nice. I’m doing the same with mine. Did all suspension, steering and interior. Will paint in Spring.
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    A1 aftermath

    I was at the race and have since watched it on TV. Yes, the coverage was pitiful. Rutledge is bafoon. Can't believe Speed is using him. This was the first time I've went and seen all of the practice sessions. It was actually better than the race. The B and C practice groups were great to watch. These guys are all trying to make the "night show". A lot of them don't. They are on the "edge" all of practice trying to make it. Rest assured that the guy who finishes last in the heat race is really happy that he made the night show. It was really cool to see all of this. Also, Derek Anderson #63, from Driven to Ride did great for his first supercross in the lites. He made the show and was 10th in his heat, went to the lcq and finished 2nd, so he made it to the main, but didn't show up on the line and there were only 19 riders. Haven't done any research to find out what happened. Bottom line, the racing was great. I knew Davi would do well this year. You could see his fitness levels go up about mid way through last year and he got fast. He realized that if he put in a great off season he would be competitive and he did. I'm really happy for him. Canard, what can you say. This guy has been hurt something like 2 out of the last 3 years and he can ride at this level? Amazing! He was stoked no doubt. Stewart, he was awesome to watch in practice. The cat and mouse game that goes on with the fast guys is great to watch. They run a fast lap then a slow one, timing it just at the last lap of practice, so they can one up each other. I watched James's fastest lap in practice and had no idea he hurt his knee. We thought he was playing a mind game with everyone. Glad to see him get out there and finish without crashing or winning, he is human. And for all you wondering, he's still the fastest rider out there and the most exciting to watch hands down. RV, this guy has some heart. If you saw him pop up from his crash passing stewart, he was almost run over and he was limping. He got back in the saddle and was on it again. He will prevail I believe, he's still got the best combo of speed, strength and consitency. He's a champion and will be back stronger than ever I believe. Tomac, if you haven't seen the clinic he put on, you need to watch it. His times in the main were 7/10th of a second faster than anyone of the 450 guys! He was awesome. It was great to see him stretch out Roczen (I'm not a big fan). I think Tomac will be a champion in the 450 class in the future. Barcia, he will get it down I'm sure. He was nothing special, but who would expect him to be in his first 450 race. I think he crashed right before the whoop section, same time as the Millsaps/Canard pass went down. They were a full straight ahead of the crash. Everyone likes to hype it up, but he's another great rider that has to prove his mettle. Bagget, his arm got clobered by a flipping bike in that pile up in the 250 main. He backed off and got lapped. Waited until Tomac passed him and then stayed between him and Roczen. I believe those were the two that he got between, but bottom line, he was able to keep pace later in the race, but he must've been shook up pretty well to drop back since he made it past the pile up. RD, same as usual. I was hoping that he would get that extra speed, but no. Alessi, same as usual, I really would like to see him competitive, but it's not in the cards. I personally think it's partly a fitness thing. He's not ripped like the other top guys. Just my opinion. It seems that all of the top guys are so small, amazing they can handle the bike, but they do and very well. Anxiety for Anaheim 1?! I've got my own anxiety going on for the first D38 race of the year this weekend. Go time!
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    2012 KTM 300xc Price

    Go talk to Scott Carpenter over at Vey's. They beat every dealer on pricing easily here in San Diego. Good luck.
  10. I've been riding/racing single track/desert with Scott 450 and 250 boots for about a year and a half. In the past I've had Fox Pro Forma, Hallman, etc. The Scott 250's are a great boot that are fairly cheap and have held up great. I haven't ever had Sidi's, but do want to try them to see how much difference there could be. I think with most gear you probably get the most bang for your buck in the middle level stuff.
  11. The rest of the story..... Tore the bike down and found that the rod bearing was frozen. Top end was still good. It took a few months to get everything done on this, as I had a crash in a desert race and slowed me down quite a bit, along with a move. But, I got everything back together earlier this week. Decided to make everything new in the motor, other than the transmission. One of those since I was in there things and with a little help from my sponsor, Fun Bike Center, I decided to do it the right way. Lot's a folks thought I should go with a different rod, cam, piston, etc. I really wanted longevity out of this motor, so I wanted it completely stock inside. It does have the full pipe and airbox mods though. I was told this bike had the Honda HRC Kit when I bought it. Since I had never ridden a 650 before, I didn't know the difference. The bike had no such kit installed. I'm amazed at the power they make stock, open up on the intake and exhaust ends. This bike will never be a race bike and I'm not going to win any races, thus my insisting on it being put back together stock. I did get a new Trail Tech Vapor to install with the new engine. I wanted to see coolant temp, rpm, speed, distance, etc. It works great with the speed sensor installed in the front disk and is within .5 mph with my gps. I also got a Garmin Montana for this bike prior to the engine seizing up, but have not used it at all, so today's 100+ mile ride was a true shake down for the bike, the Vapor and the Montana. I headed out early this am and went out the North end of Ramona (San Diego County) via Haverford Road, then up to the Fire Lookout Tower (closed at the top), back down, across Santa Ysabel Trail to Black Canyon, Mesa Grande, Jasper Trail and back. The bike ran great. Nice being able to monitor the coolant temp. I saw 160-180F on Highway 67, once I hit the dirt and got to 3500' elevation on the slow double track, I saw a max of 214F. I think these numbers are pretty reasonable. I did have to sit at the stop light on 67 in Lakeside and the temp went from 180 up to 205 pretty quick. Bike ran great and this is what I wanted, as I'm heading down to Baja in 2 weeks for a few days with it. The Garmin Montana worked great as well. Really have to spend some time to get the most out of these new GPS's. So many functions that it can get frustrating if you're not up on how it functions. The Trail Tech Vapor worked great until about half ride, then started powering down and back on. Didn't know it til I got back, but the power clip had come undone and was going between 12v and battery power. The install on the Vapor was a little modified with my GPR Stabilizer being a top mount and when you turn sharp left the stabilizer pin hits the Vapor wires. The clip broke the at the clasp, so a little mod will have to be done there and free up some of the wire to keep it clear. That's all, just wanted to follow up on the XR story.
  12. So, I really wanted to do the dual sport thing about a year ago. I had let me fitness almost go completely and thought that ds would be a great alternative to pure dirt and a great way to get me into street riding (it worked, I’ve had 4 street bikes in the last 9 months). I bought this XR for $2300 knowing it didn’t run, as the guy had it sitting for too long without running it. He offered to sell it for $2500, he’d have the carb cleaned and deliver it to me. I said I’d rather do the work myself and pay $2300, he said ok. I was told the bike has the “HRC Power Up Kit”, the full one with the different piston, cam, etc. When I got it home, I took the carb off, cleaned it up and put some fresh gas in it. Got it started no problem. Couple things that were driving me nuts were that the petcock rubber was coming apart and making it’s way into the pilot jet. It took me a couple times to realize what was happening, so I got pretty good at getting the carb off an apart and back on. I had read up on the starting problems with these XR’s, but I got it going and it ran like a bat outta hell. Serious power, I believed the claim that the HRC kit was really there. It was originally sold from Temecula Motorsports as their “Baja Edition”. Precision concepts suspension, CR 500 shock, motor work, stabilizer, airbox mods, etc. It really is a great handling bike for the high speed desert stuff. The bike really got me back into the dirt bike thing. Really impressed with how this bike ran, I had heard these things were indestructible (more on this later). I got it plated and drove it out to the desert early summer mornings, rode ds with a good friend Jim on his BMW. Used it as an ultra cool ds bike. Didn’t really mind the kick starting, other than being hard to start cold (valves?), the bike was just great. I bought one of those cool Garmin Montanas to conquer the ds world. Took the bike up to Prescott, AZ at the end of summer, did a little exploring. Got back and it sat for the better part of 3 mos. with the exception of one ds ride with jim (good story below in this blog). Fast forward to early January. Great day out, Jim and I were going to head out to do a little street, little dirt. Got about 10 miles from the house and cruising around 25mph and the motor bogged! 30 seconds later, another bog, pulled over and it died. Couldn’t even kick it, it was frozen. WTH?! So, then indestructible XR 650R just siezed up going through a residential neighborhood. Not exploring the sw or baja or racing, just cruising around, I was dumbfounded. Came back and got my truck, loaded it up and brought it home. It’s been sitting in the corner of the garage doing nothing. I talked with a few different people about the what it could be scenarios. Has clean oil, good coolant, etc. Finally, I decided I’m tearing it down! I’ve never tore into a 4 stroke, so now’s the time. As I was tearing it down, everything was clean up top, good news. Piston, cylinder, cam, all clean. Then I took the filter cover off, wow! It looked like a gold rush in there, maybe a copper or bronze rush! Lot’s of metal there. Doesn’t look like it made it past the filter. Pulled the cylinder off, good. That connecting rod, is it supposed to stand straight up? Not! The bearing was frozen. Can’t even turn the crank one full turn without it binding up. So, how did the cr bearing go away? That’s the question. Theories of an air bubble in the oil pump have come to light by a very respected mechanic, as this bike was sitting on it’s kick stand for months, opposite side of the oil pump. Wouldn’t that take out the top end too? IDK. Pics are below of the top end apart. I will split the cases here soon to see what’s inside. Looking forward to doing a complete rebuild on this motor and getting bike back up to speed (gps’d at 113mph in the San Felipe wash). I'll be documenting the rebuild on here and mostly my blog. I put this pic up here, as I wanted to see if anyone can tell if this is the HRC Power up kit piston with just a pic? I recall the power up kit having a domed shape piston. Anyways, here's a link to my blog with has this same write up, but more pics and all different stuff on my desert racing and other 2 wheelers. www.2wheelsflyin.tumblr.com Thanks, Steve.
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    Best motorcycle movie ever?

    That bike in Street Hawk looks like a modern dual sport, kinda funny.
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    520 chain = what sprockets?

    I'd like to hear the discussion on this, never seen an x-ring, but have used o-ring chains for years. If no one posts up I'm sure there's already a thread or two on the subject.
  15. I've ran a number of paddles over the years on CR 500's. My latest is a skat trac 10 paddle. It's a really narrow tire and it works great for carving turns, as it lets the bike lean over easy. I've had a cheng shin way back when that was a much wider tire and it didn't like to turn too well. Would never run an 8 paddle on a 450 or 500. All of the tires I've ran have been pure paddles, no side or center knobs. Good luck.
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    Best motorcycle movie ever?

    Great thread guys, I've always been partial to "On Any Sunday" and "Dust to Glory", but will be watching some others mentioned here.
  17. Hey guys, wanted to share my experience racing out in District 38 over the last 6 months. I've been riding around the socal desert my whole life and decided I wanted to do a little desert racing. I've done a little motocross racing years ago when I was a kid and then again in my 20's. I'm 41 now and am in a position that I'm content with and wanted to go have fun. I started racing back in October 2011. Just showed up after checking out the D38 forum to find info on the event flyer and such. Figured out what class I would be in, Senior Beginner/Novice. I signed up as a beginner and did my 2 laps. Had a great time. Only a few people in my class, but I won. I went ahead and moved up to Novice. From here on out I'd have to earn my "transfer" points to get to the next skill level, Amatuer, then Expert. I got really motivated to get into good shape, started working out and won 3 races in a row, earning me a move into the Amatuer class. I've won 2 races now in the Am class and am looking at my results compared to the Experts and overall as well. Having a great time! Don't get me wrong, I did have a crash at the start of the race and injured my leg, but nothing broken. Let it heal and just did my first race back yesterday. I really want to just put this out there for guys and girls who are thinking about racing. There is a full range of people out racing. Not all fast and not all slow. The terrain in District 38 is not as technical as D37, as in the amount of rocks and hills, but we do find plenty of stuff to challenge us. You will meet lots of great people. I've met quite a few guys that are gold. I'm going to continue to race and have a great time, just been wanting to share this with everyon for awhile. Here's a link to yesterdays race start plus 15 minutes. 1s and 2s are the fastest guys in my class consitently you'll see in the video. Little timid on the Bomb Run at this race, it gets pretty dusty sometimes. Anyway, here's a link to the race and my blog, where you can read about all of the races since I started last October. I will post up a race report for yesterday this week sometime. Cheers. District 38 Forum http://amad38.com/me...ewforum.php?f=6 My Race Video My Blog 2wheelsflyin.tumblr.com Steven
  18. Yep, it's changed after every desert race. I can do a few trail rides on it, but the desert makes it the wrong color real quick.
  19. I just changed the resolution to 720 down from 1080 (it's an hd2) and it changed the horizon a little, I don't think they crop the videos. I need to tilt it up a little more still. It looks right when the helmet is sitting on the tailgate, but we don't ride with our heads exactly level. Next time.
  20. Hey Frank, I checked my texts on Sunday am, but didn't see any from you. I won't race again til September, so lot's projects to work on, including the bike, trailer, etc. Let me know if you want to go ride some time. Are you going to Desert Storm?
  21. I had a tubliss up front on my 250 XCW. Worked great for the trails at around 6-8 psi. Started desert racing and at 9 psi it hit a rock and killed the gromet that seals the inner tube to the outter chamber. Finished the race on a flat and still won my class. Got rid of the tubliss system. Run 13-14 psi in the front Bridgestone 403, 10-12 psi Bridgestone 604. I'm 215#, so I ain't light, but my bike is. Hope this helps. I think for trail riding the tubliss system is great, desert racing, not so much.
  22. I run ProTaper "CR High" with a steering stabilizer under the bars which brings the bars up to where i like em. I'm 6'2" and stand up a lot riding the desert.
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    Best psi?

    I race the desert at 13 psi back and 14-15 psi front depending on if it's a rocky course or not(these are cold pressures, they go up about 2 psi in the front and 3-4 in the rear immediately after the race). For trails I run 10-11psi back and 13 psi front. I haven't pinch flatted yet anywhere. My riding style works for these pressures. I've talked to other desert guys and they can't run anything less than 15 psi in the front. I think it depends on your riding style once you get ballpark numbers. I worked my way to my numbers by keeping track and testing different pressures.
  24. For the desert I like the top mount, for anything where there is cover I like anything below the visor. I'm going to try that under the visor thing. Great idea and link!
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    Ultimate Vet Racing Weapon

    After owning many big bikes, including KTM 525, XR 650, CR 500 I'm back on a 250 2 stroke and loving it. There's a lot to be said about light weight that most people don't get, including myself, until recently. That bike sounds like a great time. I've had a few friends that have KX 450's and they don't know what to do with all that power. Have fun.