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    ohio riders

    The Brickyard...?! I'm from Akron too, I've not heard of this place. Somebody post directions!! How big is it? I will be at Crow Canyon this Saturday morning. Jimjam - another place to check out is Elson St Riding Park, in Waynesburg OH. Intersection of Rt 43 and Elson St (go West on Elson St about 1/2 mile, can't miss). $15, lots of trails although it's starting to get a little 'overridden'. But if you spend some time & explore, there's definitely fun to be had. BTW the Malvern motocross track is also on Elson St (East of Rt 43 and 44). Just south of Elson Street, where 44 and 43 intersect, there is Mottice Rd, which if you go West for a few miles you'll come across Outlaw Extreme MX track - a reasonably beginner-friendly track that can be fun even on your trail bike. Supposedly they have some limited trails there too, but I've never tried them.
  2. NEOhioDRZ

    Question about Cycra probend hand guards

    Don't ignore the Fastway guards. They are a little bit more expensive but they require absolutely no modifications, they fit perfectly on the 250x with no special mods or effort. I've "tackled" my fair share of trees with them - believe me they do the job. No broken fingers or levers. http://www.fastwayperformance.com/fitsystem.html
  3. NEOhioDRZ

    how to lube chain roller bearings?

    So I'm taking apart my swingarm & linkage to give it its first grease-up since getting my 250X in 2004. While taking things apart, I noticed my lower chain roller wasn't really rolling very well, it was very tight. Top one was fine. So I took it apart. Having done so, I'm confused at how the "bearings" work in it. There are 2 bearings (called "BEARING, RADIAL BALL" in the honda parts catalog), one embedded in each side of the roller. Between the 2 bearings, inside the roller, is a single metal collar. Each bearing has an inner and outer metal ring, with black rubber sandwiched in between. These bearings, as far as I can tell, have no moving parts... or, if they do, mine are siezed up! Are these things supposed to roll freely like a ball bearing? Or are they more just to absorb shock? After dissassembly the worst looking part was that metal collar. It was kinda corroded. I wire-brushed it back to new condition. What's the best way to lube this stuff up anyway? Or should it not be lubed? My instincts say to just hit it with a shot of penetrating oil after every ride/wash, rather than greasing it. Seems like grease would just attract dirt. This whole assembly isn't nearly as sophisticated the linkage bearings (which of course DO deserve a good grease job).
  4. NEOhioDRZ


    I had a set of clamp-mounted cycra probends for my DRZ - loved them. I bought another set for my X, but... I'm just not comfortable with how much the clamp bracket needs ground away to make it clear the headlight bolt. So I'm returning the cycras, and I ordered me one of these this morning - Fastway FIT I'll let you know what I think of it once I get them installed. It's a bit more money but I really like the design of this system. It's such a logical design, I'm surprised this wasn't invented long ago.
  5. NEOhioDRZ

    Scotts Stabilizer on an X

    Fastway has a way you can get a Scotts damper on an X Fastway FIT I just ordered this, but just for the bark busters, not the damper. Their system works on the X, I just talked to them on the phone today.
  6. NEOhioDRZ

    CRF250X - does it vibrate much - based on DB article...?

    Ya that's a strange comment, my X is smooth as silk, as is my XR250, as was my DRZ 400. Bikes I've been on with real vibration issues - a KDX 200 bored out to 240cc, and a '96 Husqvarna 610 (holy crap did that thing vibrate)
  7. NEOhioDRZ

    Cycra tripple clamp mounted handguards on teh CRF250X

    Great info, great pics, thanks for sharing!
  8. Anyone know if there are clamp-mounted bark busters available for the 250X?
  9. NEOhioDRZ

    A farewell of sorts

    My post on the 250X group - http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showflat.php/Cat/0/Number/976890/page/0/view/collapsed/sb/5/o/all/fpart/1
  10. NEOhioDRZ

    byebye DRZ400, hello CRF 250X

    I'm 5'8", 195 lbs. I haven't done any REAL riding on the X yet - no hills, no twisty single track. I just went up and down a long gravel driveway, and on a wet, flat lawn about the size of a football field. Goin up a long twisty muddy hill will be the most revealing test. My DRZ would go up anything, that thing was like a tractor. FYI, my DRZ was basically stock, except I took off the airbox snorkel and jetted it to 165 main, and... I don't remember the exact pilot number, I think I went up 3 units (25 to 28?), and 2.5 turns out on the fuel screw. Stock exhaust. The carb mods made a big improvement with the off-idle bog and throttle response. The X has a lot less flywheel weight, and throttle response is SWEET, more like a motocross engine than the enduro 4 strokes I'm used to. Powerband is very flat, similar to the DRZ - there's no hit, peak power at about 2/3's, but plenty up top and lower-mid. Only the low rpm's felt weak to me compared to the DRZ (DRZ could climb a damn hill at idle... heh) If the DRZ is a bull, the X is a gazelle. It just takes off, it really wants to go. The DRZ felt like a very powerful motor was doing a lot of work to make a big bike and my fat ass go fast. The X feels like it's expending no effort to go just as fast. I knew I wanted a lighter bike but I never would have guessed 30 lbs would feel THAT noticable. The grassy field was covered by inch or two of standing water. I was only putt-putting since it was my ma's field, I didn't wanna tear it up too much. When I go slowly through wet/slick stuff my natural instinct is to sit way forward on the seat. My rear tire was doing more spinning than I'm used to with the DRZ - I moved my butt back to put more weight on the back wheel and that helped the traction. Looks like I'll have to make some riding-style adjustments on this machine. This grassy area was the only place I nearly stalled it - I was in 2nd gear while slogging through the water, and my rpm's went down low. DRZ woulda kept goin but the X pooped out. Hopefully I'll go somewhere for a REAL test this weekend!
  11. NEOhioDRZ

    DRZ400 shop manual 4 sale

  12. NEOhioDRZ

    Moose Racing DRZ400 shift lever 4 sale

    it's not extended. Also, it's sold. :-)
  13. NEOhioDRZ

    byebye DRZ400, hello CRF 250X

    Had it out today for only about 30 minutes, the area where I wanted to go break it in was inaccessible due to downed powerlines from the high winds we had a few days ago. Initial observations on the X: Overall - freakin awesome. LIGHT LIGHT LIGHT!! It's exactly what I've always wanted. The power is teriffic, I was really surprised. I also have a '94 XR250, my DRZ was always way more powerful than the XR, not even in the same league. I figured the 250X would be between the two. Turns out the 250X isn't really that far off from the DRZ. The light weight really makes a difference - there's 30-some odd pounds less to lug around. Front end loves to come up when you twist the throttle - again, as much a function of its lightness as it is its power. I ran a 13t front sprocket in the DRZ (1 tooth less than stock), but the X's gearing feels significantly shorter than even the 13t DRZ. Gearing reminded me of my friend's KDX200 - very low first gear. Going down the fire road it didn't take me long to wind it all the way out in 5th gear - overall top speed is quite a bit less than the DRZ. This is very good thing in my opinion, for the kind of muddy tight woods I usually ride, I'll have more tranny to work with. The short gearing is probably one of the reasons the X's power feels so similar to the DRZ. Starting the X is cake, either kicking or the button. Manual says over and over not to give it any throttle on startup, just pull out the choke when it's cold. It also has a lower center of gravity than the DRZ - which is impressive considering the almost 2" higher seat height. The seat height is.. quite high for my 30" inseam. Once I get more time on it, and break the suspension in some, I'll figure out if it's something I can get used to or if I'll need to try lowering it. Something else I noticed at the dealership - the swingarm and linkage do not have zerk grease ports on them, as my XR250 does and DRZ did. You gotta disassemble it and grease it the old fashioned way. Can't wait to really take it on a real ride & see how the handling is!
  14. NEOhioDRZ

    A farewell of sorts

    Welp... the DRZ is no more, it is now property of the local cycle shop. I traded her in on a brand spankin new Honda CRF250X. I'm not real active on this forum but I read it all the time, and the info I've gotten here has been invaluable. I think the DRZ group is the best one on ThumperTalk and I'm sure I'll continue to read it even though I'm a red rider now. Gotta start reading the CRF250 channel now!
  15. NEOhioDRZ

    13 tooth DRZ400 front sprocket 4 sale

    To be honest I can't remember what I paid for mine, I forgot I had it. I'll sell it for $8 then.