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    Another mistake bought a cracked front wheel

    I've got one if you need it P.M. me. I did a front end swap to CRF stuff.
  2. Rockjockey

    Anyone selling stock 650L exhaust?

    I've got one as well (full system).P.M. if interested.
  3. Rockjockey

    Starter Clutch?

    Can someone tell me how this works, or how to check it? I see it's on the back side of the flywheel and do not see from looking at the service manual how this item works. I have read through this section due to a problem with the 650L not starting. The starter motor turns but the engine does not. Drop the bike in gear and it has compression but no apparent resistance on the starter motor. I took apart the starter gear cover area and all looks good in there but the manual suggests a bad starter clutch when starter motor turns but engine does not. What can make this part go bad?
  4. Rockjockey

    Starter Clutch?

    Thanks Bro!
  5. Rockjockey

    Can I get Black plastics for my XR 400?

    Any thing is possible with the right amount of ca$h. I changed to black but it wasn't cheap nor was it with stock Honda parts.
  6. P.M. me. Maybe I can help you.
  7. Rockjockey

    How do you remove graphics from the tank?...

    I used some of that orange solvent to dissolve the adhesive then plenty of soap and water to remove the solvent. You just have to soak it and let IT work.
  8. Rockjockey

    Adding grease nipple to frame position?

    Thread with picture: http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=455464&page=2
  9. Rockjockey

    Adding grease nipple to frame position?

    Put it in the upper 1/3 of the head tube, the grease goes down easier than it goes up. Use high temperature waterproof grease and you will be good to go. See below. http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/sho...ht=grease+zerk
  10. Rockjockey

    Need a new fuel tank

    I have one from an XR400. P.M. if interested.
  11. Rockjockey

    XR400 Steering real hard to turn!!

    When you take it apart to clean and grease or replace the bearings I would suggest you do this: http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=455464&page=2&highlight=grease+zerk This is my trick that I started using back in the early eighties.
  12. Rockjockey

    Help! Need a replacement tank for my xr400

    I've got a stock one for a 2001 XR4 if you need it P.M. me. -RJ
  13. As stated by Trailryder to lower the forks will lengthen your wheelbase and provide the most high speed stability.
  14. Rockjockey

    fitting 400 oil cooler onto 250 frame

    To mount the cooler to the steering head I used a piece of aluminum bent to match the contour of the head tube then I riveted it in the center using two pop rivets. Then I drilled a hole in either end to mount the cooler. I mounted the cooler on my 650L motard.
  15. The search feature here is your friend. This topic has been covered on countless occasions. There are several methods that have been used to accomplish your goal.
  16. Rockjockey

    xr400 speedo

    You might look at the ICO VRL as well it works great for me.
  17. Do a search this has been covered extensively.
  18. I prefer the Hinson unit as an assembly it has worked flawlessly for me. See "My Garage"
  19. Rockjockey

    Pumper Carb for XR400

    There is no butterfly choke plate to break and be sucked into the engine on the Edelbrock either.
  20. Rockjockey

    Pumper Carb for XR400

    A fraction of a second would be a good description and it wasnt a real problem (just a design flaw) inherent to the XR line. But when fractions of seconds count it was unacceptable to me. To each his/her own though. Bike laid over flooded due to a 1.5ft tall root across the trail diagonally in a blind corner during a race type stuff was what convinced me to make the switch, as I feel the response is more instant and allows for me to compensate for such a scenario. When the XR gets hot and laid over and it floods 2hrs into an event and you are tired, the procedure took valuable time away from me. It is not like $400 is a fortune. You only change the main jet to accomidate for elevation changes?
  21. Rockjockey

    Pumper Carb for XR400

    And by the way my bike is not stock.
  22. Rockjockey

    Pumper Carb for XR400

    There is a difference when you whack the throttle it is instantly there with a pumper carb due to the accelerator pump squirting fuel into the intake tract that cannot be duplicated with the CV carb. There is hesitation in the CV carb due to the need for vacuum to pull the fuel into the intake tract. This is the reason technology has gotten away from the CV carb in the high performance machines. I had the stock carb at one time and it was professionally dialed in as good as it could be but for competetion use it was not good enough. I have been working on and racing XR's since 1974 so this is not my first rodeo either. You cant tell me it is easier to re-jet the stock carb than it is to turn a knob on top of the Eddie. And dont get me started on the flooding issue.
  23. Rockjockey

    New sprocket and chain for xr 400cc

    Keep in mind "you get what you pay for" when shopping for bargain parts. I've seen chains come apart and destroy engine cases.
  24. Rockjockey

    Pumper Carb for XR400

    I use the Edelbrock with great success. The issue with the stocker was if you get in a hurry say in a race situation and you drop the bike the stocker floods. With the pumper it stays running on its side and does not flood therefore you dont have to go through the ritual of clearing the carb out before it will start. Even if it dies it starts first kick with the pumper. The Edelbrock carb gives you the option of adjusting the jetting externally instead of taking the carb apart to re-jet for elevation changes at different locations. This is a great improvement over the stock carb. Instant throttle reponse for lofting the front end over logs or rocks that suprise you just aroung thet next corner. The best you know is the best you have ridden and/or tried out.
  25. Rockjockey

    400 handling with USD forks

    With a little massaging using a genuine understanding of geometry, hydraulics and pneumatics they can be made to work like magic in the tight stuff. I have no regrets at all but, it is not cheap. The harshness can be alleviated by using appropriate springs, valving and tuning the compression then increasing the air spring (adding AirCells), The dissappearance of the fork flex and still having plenty of travel is priceless in the nasty stuff. Set up properly the USD forks are much more forgiving than the revalved, resprung, fork braced stock units IMHO. Norge is right in that you can put alot of money into an XR and not get it back but, that is true of any bike. Personally mine will never be sold unless I cease to be living. I built it like I want it.