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  1. fshnrob

    Bar end mirrors?

    I don't think they list them w/o buying the hand guards. Besides that they are designed to only work with their hand guard system. They have a ball where they mount that fits inside a socket on the back side of the hand guard. This allows them to swivel and pivot for adjustment, and have a secure mount. You may try contacting them, and see if they will sell you just the mirrors, but I don't think you will get the full advantage they offer w/o buying the whole setup.
  2. fshnrob

    Bar end mirrors?

    Nah it's cool, it just caught me off guard.
  3. fshnrob

    Bar end mirrors?

    I was tripping out when I saw this pic. I said Hey, that's my bike, what the he!!, then I read your post.... LOL!! I love this system from Highway Dirt Bikes. They are not cheap, but they are very well built, and I never worry about breaking anything. I really like the mirrors because they allow you to see behind you really well, and vibration is no worse than any other type of mirror. All of them have some kind of vibration distortion on the BRP.....
  4. fshnrob

    Rim locks?

    Bare minimum put one on the back tire.
  5. fshnrob

    New 2004 XR650L...

    Nice Pig, now the sickness begins!!
  6. fshnrob

    Hidden Falls

    It's that time again. We are planning on going up the weekend of March 9th - 11th. There will be several newbs with us this time so it should be very entertaining.
  7. Not the greatest video, as I took it with my phone, but you get the idea. This is his first ride on the XR50. http://s627.photobucket.com/albums/tt358/fshnrob/?action=view&current=VIDEO0005.mp4
  8. fshnrob

    I'm thinking XRL

    The XR650L is a great all purpose bike. It's not great at any one thing, but is good at everything. It will go anywhere any other bike will go, and always bring you back home. I love mine, low maintenance, and plenty of power to get you into trouble. The talk you hear of overheating is overblown. Just do Dave's mod, and uncork the bike and you will never have to worry about it. Once you set up the bike for the kind of riding you will be doing, you will understand why there is such a love for the Big Red Pig. I ride mine on everything from tight single track, rocky hillclimbs, back country roads, to extended adventure rides. I just change my gearing for the conditions, and she goes everywhere the high strung MX bikes will go offroad. Maybe not as fast or gracefull, but then again I'm not having to pay for the high maintenance either. If you get one you will not regret your decision.
  9. Where you at in Texas? I'm about 45 miles SE of SA.
  10. If you can make the shift lever contact the cover when raising it up and pushing it in (Kind of like when you up shift and only contact the outer tip of the shifter) that is the problem. You shouldn't be able to make the shifter contact the cover in any way. Even if it comes close move it out away from the cover. I have seen this numerous times on several pigs.
  11. Check the shift lever, I bet it got bent a little and is hitting on the stator cover when you try to shift into second. I will almost guarantee that is the problem.
  12. fshnrob

    Hidden Falls

    Back at you brother!! We may be heading up in a couple of weeks, depending on the weather. I will let you know what the plans are when they come together. By the way, we are having a get together at my place on New Years Eve. We will be riding the bikes with several friends terrorizing the dirt roads around here, and then cooking up some food, and drinking a few adult beverages that night. You are more than welcome to come on down and join us, just load up the camper, and I have a place you can park for the night.
  13. fshnrob

    El Paso trails, track, road street, all of it

    Bliss? That sux!! Hood is such a better location. Well at least it beats being in the sandbox!
  14. fshnrob

    Highway Dirtbiks Mirrors?

    I have had them for over 2 years and love them. Great visibility to the rear, and never worry about breaking one off when I'm offroad.