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  1. HKhoffy

    Air filter suggestions

    pretty sure you ought to have a screen, so if there is not, then get one that will handle a backfire. I have a KLR 650 and have several UNIs, for me they keep dirt on the outside of filter, the stock one would show dirt inside if left too long or really dusted.....
  2. HKhoffy

    06 450 EXC modification suggestions

    I can't remember but DOT specifies a certain distance between the lights, and they are different front and rear. If you had signals on bark busters I agree with above, they would be legal(re distance) I had a wee-strom(RIP, killed by cage) and a lot of guys went with flush mounts on front, but that worried me, I was afraid that the headlights would wash them out. None of this is probably applies to you. I had a DRZ E with a Baja Designs kit and it was alright, but am not familiar with the other ones mentioned. I am going to check them out as I need a bike to replace the killed wee.
  3. HKhoffy

    Thanks All Ref "disaster"

    Thinking about a KTM and looking around here. I have a outside thread chaser, it is pretty big and adjustable(have used it most to clean up threads on truck spindles) but for your problem a die would be best. Just thought I would throw the thread chaser thing out there for others, Mine is an OTC brand, and has saved me (and buddys) big time over the years. Kinda looks like a distorted "c" clamp with a bunch of plates that do the cutting. Also have a thread file, but something like oil drain, can't be too careful:banana:
  4. HKhoffy

    1995 620 rxc repair manual ?

    I am pretty sure they are not copyright pirates, there is an online only service too, pay so much per year, pretty sure that is legit too, I just bought a clymer for the bikes in interest(a DRZ-400 and KLR-650) I am thinking about buying a KTM 620 dual sport with 2000 miles, but they don't say what year is is(that is why I am here in this section). I do not trust the local dealership to work on my bikes, nor can I afford it. I am kinda worried cause my german isn' very good (just get by in english, lucky I had my wife edit all my graduate papers:banana:). I think cyclepedia might be one, and i had ordered a disk for for a non computer using buddy for an old '70s Yamaha. I avoid pirated material. I would ask how you like the bikes but aint going to jack the thread, think I will start one, a kid destroyed my bike from under me in may:foul: and I am haggling with the bike killers insurance and thought about the KTM.
  5. HKhoffy

    2009 KLR 650, Spanking New....problem

    Saw a local with a KLR that had 14+k miles on it and I asked about the doo, he said it was a hoax, and continued to tell me that KLRs aren't safe on the highway, I asked why and he replied they vibrate too much:bonk:. I may have already posted this, but the denial is as real as the problem. Fixing a grenaded engine would be a showcase for ones wrenching skills I guess:lol:
  6. HKhoffy

    Trail Riding and Military Overload

    and will require multiple studies costing millions each. Got to spread the wealth around a little,neh? Maybe it wont be that bad but there is sure to be some controversy. I think they should get the new upgraded Urals with hack and 2wd, even though needs gasoline:banana:
  7. HKhoffy

    KLR Fork setup

    I am in the process of this right now, I am using Racetech Gold Valves cartridge emulators. They don't have the inertia valve , but Schnitz Racing has them on sale for 143$ so that is what I went with, and I am going to use synthetic atf maybe mixed with a little mystery oil (that stuff has been around as long as seafoam I think) . I need a cushy ride, recovering from a broken arm. Got an Eagle Brace and am going to fashion a lower fender for winter, I ride all year round, and a lower fender might help keep the spray down a little. Good write up:worthy:
  8. HKhoffy

    08 KLR engine noise

    I have an 05 and my doo spring was broken when I checked at 6k miles. I know they made changes on the new ones, but from what I have read the new ones do not have enough spring tension from the git go. Eagle Mfg makes the best ones, and if you checkout KLR650.NET, you might be able to find someone nearby with the tools. I just buckled up and bought them, you need a flywheel puller and holder and maybe a gasket(mine came off ok) oh, KAWI recomends replacing the flywheel bolt too, some people don't, I did. Eagle sells a whole kit w/ everything(except a torque wrench of course) and there are cheap knockoffs out there, call Eagle, he WILL return your call:thumbsup: If you buy from him you know what you are getting:banana:
  9. HKhoffy

    Punched a hole in my motor

    Check all the snap rings on the tranny , and just all of them anywhere. They have a sharp side and a rounded side and it matters which end is out, (check repair manual) I have heard several instances when cases were split that tranny snaprings were on backwards, so who knows how many and if you have it apart....... Re the leak, I would go the JB-WELD route , but I am a hillbilly, round here we have about a 50% success rate for such repairs, which aint bad considering, good luck, and you might have convinced me to get a real bash plate, even though no dirt for me for some time due to injury. Good luck.
  10. HKhoffy

    2009 KLR 650, Spanking New....problem

    Check out KLR650.NET, lots of info and there is a section on just 2008+ models, and there are oil burning problems, check out the PCV mod, it involves putting an auto PCV valve in the breather hose, but I personally dont see how it works, but people with oil issues have had success. I guess the real problems were with the 08 and early 09 models, to me 1/2-1 quart per 1k is unacceptable. My 05 I got with 1050 miles in may has 8500+ now and has never burned oil, even using it on 4 lanes pushing past 5k rpms. I really like these bikes but they do have some issues,(under lubed rear suspension linkage, loose-under lubed head bearings,the infamous doo, at 6k miles my spring was broken, if you look at the above website you can find out all sorts of stuff) the nice thing is they are so easy to work on. I put raising links on and there was a pitiful amount of grease`there:foul: . I have heard others complaining of the rear shock on new models, the old (-07) ones aint that great. Keep the preload mech well lubed, they are known to fall apart, especially with much use. There are several good shock options, depending on what you want to spend, I am poor and tight so I am waiting till mine blows up. I bought this bike as a stop gap after an idiot in a cage killed my wee-strom, :bonk: but to me, the KLR is a keeper and I am going to take my time with the assassins insurance co , really lucked out in being able to swing KLR when I did:worthy: , luckiest thing all year(except not being killed when hit by car going 35 while I was stopped at a light:foul: ) Enough already, bitch about the oil, check out the above website, good luck with the shock, ride safe KLRs R great
  11. HKhoffy

    New to KLR650

    The doo was partially fixed for 09, but from what I understand the spring is too long and looses tension quickly. My 05 had a broken spring at 6k miles:bonk: One can adjust it manually after removing the left case but I just replaced the doo so I can be done with it. Eagle mfg makes the best replacement doos. Search KLR650.NET, you can find out how to adjust doo manually as I said, some have done this for many miles, but don't trust the factory adjuster under the plug , if you do be ready to shut it down quick if it is`noisy, the problem is real, you may get lucky, I got lucky in finding my broken spring before it got chewed up in the tranny, etc. These are really great bikes. Check out Left coast KLRs too for more info too.
  12. HKhoffy

    KLR650 Dies when I try to open throttle

    Where the choke (actually an enricher circut) cable goes into carb on left side it's black plastic and breaks easily, an aluminum one is available, but it sounds like you got it sorted, mine is broken , but broke arm labor day and have a while to fix. Never had to choke in summer. Mine was broken when I got it w/only 1050 miles on it:bonk:
  13. HKhoffy

    1994 KLR650 Overheating

    I just posted in another thread but my clymer manual in front of me says stock stat should start to open at 157-162f and be fully open, 3mm or more at 185f. I put a thermo bob on mine and like the results, especially good for cold weather, it equalizes the temp between the head and cracnkcase, do a google and you can read all the research that went into it, only bad thing is it's about 100$, but well spent:thumbsup:
  14. HKhoffy

    Kawasaki KLR 650 Thermostat

    From what I have read they open at 165, but I never dip tested mine. They are pretty small. I got the Thermo-bob to help with cold weather riding, it evens out the temp difference between head and crankcase, with the stock system the crankcase never gets hot enough to boil off condensation in cold weather, check out KLR650.NET, lots of info there. Just checked clymer manual, it says it should start to open at 157-162, and at 185f full lift of 3mm or greater. The thermo bob uses an automotive size stat and is well machined and pretty easy to install, the guy that designed it is a mechanical engineer. It has stopped the fluctuations of the temp gauge, except in stop & go traffic in the summer and then it goes no higher than before, probably less. It is bout a c note though. I ride year round and thought it would be a good idea. BTW, checked doohickey at 6k miles(bike is an 05) and the spring was broken:bonk: I put an Eagle doo in with a torsion spring and am done with it Hope this helps:ride:
  15. HKhoffy

    2009 KLR 650, Spanking New....problem

    PUN INTENDED! Don't know about ticking, but that doo is a problem. From what I have read the 09s have doo springs that are too long new! It is not hard to do, I did mine in the dark! Eagle Mfg is the best, and I would buy directly from Eaglemike, leave msg and he will get back to you. There are imitations! If you are planning to keep it for a long time, get the torsion spring option, ~13$ well spent. Check out the maint. & mods section , KAWI is notorious for under lubing the rear suspension linkage,(swingarm pivot, UNITRAK thing....) great bikes though, been round the world. Shocks leave lot to be desired but Eagle makes raising links to trick bike into thinking it has stronger springs, but this only applies for the waistline impaired like me. I use left peg to mount so getting on wasnt a problem and the poor bike(mine 05) doesnt sag hideously when I sit fatness on it. Lets me ride 2-up, loaded also. Hopefully not a problem for you. I will get a new shock eventually, but 50-60 bucks for links best can do now. Enjoy:thumbsup: