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  1. Aww ok. Try see of you can find reviews on something better otherwise make sure you lube your cables periodically. It doesn't take long for dirt and stuff to clog up the housings. The PJ1 stuff works great and cleans the housing good. Triflow also works well as a lube. I personally hate cable lubers so I use a small plastic bottle with a syringe tip. The only plus side to using a cable luber is the pressure from the can helps clear the housings better.
  2. Oh yea I forgot to mention... I know they make them for our Harleys but not sure about dirt bikes and such. There's a cheap piece you can get called an ez pull for clutches that's only 15 bucks and it helps a bit. Edit - looks like MSR and Moose make ez pull levers and add-ons. May be worthwhile if your hand gets that tired. I may even consider one to make feathering easier.
  3. Is Wildomar OHV off of Ortega Hwy and S. Main Divide Rd any good? It looks fun in pictures but not a very big place.
  4. Hmm strengthening your forearm and hand is all you can really do. Pull the clutch and see what muscles exactly are used. Maybe you'd benefit from an auto clutch if all else fails. Don't give up I'm sure you'll get it
  5. I'm not exactly sure how tight or technical the stuff you're riding is but I'd be leary about gearing taller as these bikes are already geared pretty tall as is. You may find you want to gear it lower by dropping to a 14t c/s sprocket. I got a 14t JT on ebay for 14 bucks shipped.
  6. Hydraulic clutch. Find somebody with a KTM and pull their clutch lever if you've never tried one before. It's a godsend but probably isn't as reliable as a cable.
  7. There was a time where most people didn't run them. Now many if not most people do for a reason. If I didn't have my handguards this past Sunday I definitely would have lost my levers or bent my bars. After several years of not riding dirt you drop the bike a lot haha
  8. Anyone? I can't be the only one with an XR400 who's experienced this issue.
  9. Just shave the seat and lower the bike with a Kouba link and fork shims. I'd only do an inch or so. On steep off-camber trails the height of the bike is an issue for me at 5'8". Not so much on flat ground, though, but usually you're going to dump the bike on the rougher trails obviously so lower it and don't look back. The bike is already pretty tall as it is and you'll be more confident if you're more comfortable on the bike. Most of us won't utilize every last inch of travel anyway.
  10. If you guys haven't tried running filter skins or something comparable on your air filter before - I highly recommend it - I was able to just dust the skin off and blow out the airbox real quick with my comrpessor and it was good to go. Obviously you should still clean the air filter periodically but it stays cleaner longer. And a little dielectric grease around the air filter gasket helps a lot if you find dust in your intake boot.
  11. and if anybody has a clever method of protecting the oil filter cover then please let me know. Mine is a little gouged where it mates with the case. I know I know it's a dirt bike... but I like to try and at least protect the vital parts.
  12. Hi, I noticed the guard that the rear brake master bolts onto is starting to bend inwards from being dropped. It was like this before I bought the bike but it seems to have gotten worse over time. I'm worried it may break off or bend so far that the brake binds or something. Any idea as to how to remedy this? edit - Appears to be the tab welded to the frame that the master and guard bolt on to. I'm thinking I could attempt to bend it back slowly but I'd like to make sure this doesn't happen again. I've e-mailed Works Connection to see if they have any of their old XR400 frame guards laying around in their warehouse somewhere. I think these would help some.
  13. :] thanks again for your patience. I know sometimes it can be frustrating reintroducing people to dirt since it's an entirely different animal. I'm honestly surprised I was able to make it through; a few of those hill climbs with all the ruts and rocks scared the crap out of me. lol And it's a bummer your girl didn't get to ride much. At least she got her bike fixed, though, usually people wait a long time to fix things. Here's a pic from when W0lf was working on his clutch. Thankfully he was able to make it work long enough to get back to staging as that would've been one of the worst places to lose your clutch. I need to practice more on my low speed balance offroad and definitely need to lower my bike an inch/cut the seat and go down a tooth on the c/s sprocket.
  14. Let the engine cool 100% before doing anything! You need a 24mm wrench and a .004" and .005" feeler gauge to remove the valve caps and measure the valve lash. If you search for "XR400 valve adjustment" in the XR 250/400 forum you'll see the procedure; the thread will explain it better than I could. Just make sure you're at TDC on the COMPRESSION stroke so that ALL 4 valves are CLOSED (up). If you have basic tools you should be able to handle it. And while it's not a difficult job, it's not something you want to mess up on, so make sure you follow the procedure exactly and don't cut corners. This should be done periodically; I do it every other oil change so about 1,000 miles. You could probably go a bit longer but the more often the better.
  15. BP88

    Xr sticker kit

    Looks better than I'd expected it to. To me a lot of sticker kits look too flashy but that one is just right. The only stickers I put on a bike are ones I get with parts I buy or freebies at events.
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