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  1. turmmoil

    DRZ400SM 2010 model upgrade?

    O.K. so if we are to dream lets dream suzuki will put the sv 650 engine in the DRZ.......and lets not have a V-Strom nightmare.
  2. turmmoil

    $99 VholdR at Amazon

    Motorcycle Consumer News just did a comparo of helmet cams. and they did pick the GoPro as their favorite camera. Still, $99 is an excellent deal.
  3. turmmoil

    $99 VholdR at Amazon

    WOW! Prices have droped on those...VHOLDR just came out with a hi-def helmet cam that shoots at 30 frames per second or can shoot standard definition at 60 frames per sec. it also can handle a 16GB mini SD card for $300. decisions, decisions?????????
  4. turmmoil

    Post pics of your last ride

    From NC 151...
  5. turmmoil

    kick stand cut off switch

    I used 3 zip ties to disable mine, one vertically and two horizontally. No cutting or removing of anything, the switch is now locked in the side stand up position, it has been this way for more than six months and hasnt' been a problem since.
  6. turmmoil

    3rd wheel set,insane or genius ?

    Yeah, I made the assumption that if I was riding a little DR-Z I would be forced to slow down, my SV is no speed king but it is certainly capable of purchasing more than a few points with NCDMV. I was shocked at how well the DR-Z corners, even with the stock Deathwings. Now I find myself going faster on my favorite backroads than I would have had I just stuck with the SV.
  7. turmmoil

    3rd wheel set,insane or genius ?

    I think that would be almost perfect. The only thing that could be better would be three DR-Zs. Rib Eye said it, never ends, all we need is money.
  8. turmmoil

    Clutch needed when shifting?

    I've made a lot of clutchless upshifts and downshifts on several bikes and I've never had a transmission problem. The trick is learning to do it right without trashing your ride.........maybe borrow a friends bike:devil:
  9. turmmoil

    New to riding learning to use the clutch.

    Practice slipping the clutch, pick up the revs.....and ease out the clutch,not all the way mind you just partially.Dont' treat the clutch like an on off switch treat it more like a dimmer switch...just keep the RPMs up to prevent a stall.....and practice as much as you can.
  10. turmmoil

    Stock DRZ400S. What to expect?

    engine wise mine in bone stock so far, I did put on a 41 tooth rear sprocket for commuting on the freeway wich really helped bring the RPMs down.I also do a lot of paved twisty bits as well as fire roads.In stock trim my bike runs fine, with the original 44 rear sprocket the front wheel will come up at will in first gear.