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  1. Taquito

    Add weight fast.

    Eat big, sleep big, lift big, get big.
  2. Taquito

    1999 YZ250 - used purchase

    Still looking for a dune bike.. this looks pretty mint. Any common issues to check for on the YZ's? What would you pay for this bike? Blue book is 800-1200 but everything seems to go over blue book around here, especially 2 strokes. http://phoenix.craigslist.org/nph/mcy/4574477061.html
  3. Taquito

    Broken Timing Chain

    Very helpful. Thank you. He keeps saying the bike could be up and running with a 60 dollar timing chain. I'm thinking if that were the case, he would fix it himself and sell it for a lot more. I'm thinking he must have gotten a high repair estimate from a shop and is now just trying to get anything he can for it.
  4. Taquito

    Broken Timing Chain

    Hey all, I'm looking at a bike (08 kx250f) that the owner claims has a 'broken timing chain'. Being a 2 stroke guy, I'm not all that familiar, but I assume that a broken timing chain could result in a destroyed top end, crushed valves, etc. Should I count on needing to do a full top end on this bike? The guy wants 500 for it. Thanks.
  5. Taquito

    Yz125 2005 vs 2006

    You should stop worrying about the year so much, just get something in good shape and go have fun.
  6. Taquito

    2009 kx250f vs 2008 rmz250

    Whichever is in better condition and has an owner that knows how to do maintenance.
  7. Never rode an RM but I have ridden plenty of 250's. At your size, that's what you should be on. 1700 is a 'fair' price, but I'd shoot for around 1500.
  8. Taquito

    Is this a good deal?

  9. Taquito

    125 vs 250

    If you can handle a 125, you can handle a 250f.
  10. 03 YZ250 & 01 CR250 Both run. The trailer is included as well. I would be buying these bikes for me and some friends to beat up at the dunes, since I won't take my track bike out there. The CR does not have a title, which is kind of a big deal in AZ. He wants $2500 for the whole package. edit: bonus points for whoever can tell me &%$#@! is up with those forks on the YZ? \\
  11. Taquito

    trade 07 yz450f for 03 cr250?

    I don't think you should consider a straight trade. Your bike is worth considerably more.
  12. Taquito

    Yamaha or Honda

    Not discussing politics with a child. Anyway - this is a bike thread.
  13. Taquito

    Yamaha or Honda

    Never had a problem with either Extra credit: what type of vehicle is on the right? And unfortunately nobody that I've wanted to become President has won the election... so that's still up in the air. Is a Honda better??
  14. Taquito

    Yamaha or Honda

    Used to be a Honda guy. Recently switched to Suzuki, and that's what the boy will start on as well. Just picked this up.
  15. Taquito

    Where can I get a service manual?