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  1. yzf4fiddy789

    Grad prank 2012, dirtbike through school

    very well executed. i feel old over here class of 07
  2. yzf4fiddy789

    i own the fastest crf 150f in HISTORY

    and my bike will be faster than yours no matter what you do to it.
  3. yzf4fiddy789

    Lets see your backyard tracks!

    There are some giant craters but mostly softball-baseball sized. after plowing then boxing the track its ok because the dirt kind of covers them up but then the rain will wash away the loose dirt and on one section that is a turn and up hill, it literally gets to where for a 15 foot section its 100% all rocks. I had a lot of free time when i started messing around out here but I broke my collarbone and some ribs in july and am working on trying to get a full time job so in reality if i can only ride 1 or at most 2 times a week its too easy to just go pay 20 bucks for a safe wide groomed track. sucks also i am sick of looking at my once perfect black wheels and blue hubs getting ruined by it and chunks disappearing from my skid plate
  4. I got my tech 8's for christmas 2006. They will need to be replaced in the next year or so but only because i let the sole get all the way worn to the 3rd layer. They have minimum 200+ hours on them of mx.
  5. yzf4fiddy789

    Lets see your backyard tracks!

    i wish i had sand to work with. my dirt is good but so rock ridden im really debating on just calling it quits and not riding out here anymore after getting hurt.
  6. yzf4fiddy789

    Atlanta Supercross Race questions

    last year i went we just parked in the next "town " over and rode the train right there. worked out pretty well.
  7. somebody will do it for a jefferson.
  8. i love mine and need new ones. i saw them on there also but i was wondering if that was just for one grip? says something about the throttle side or something. seemed too good to be true.
  9. yzf4fiddy789

    Best looking bike contest*************

    Haha thanks. Save your money . It's looking a little scratched up currently but I guess that is it's character. Need a new helmet, handlebars, back tire so I can get back to riding again. I ate shit out here at my track in july and broke 4 bones and hit my head (worst part) pretty hard. Can't wait to get back to riding.
  10. yzf4fiddy789

    Best looking bike contest*************

    Thank you very much sir.
  11. yzf4fiddy789

    My Tech 8's Suck

    Damn, Ive had Mine for 6 years this christmas. Wore down pretty far in the sole but thats to be expected. Anyone else notice a drop in quality with the newer A-stars compared to old? Might change my mind if this is a common theme.
  12. yzf4fiddy789

    Fox V2 or One Gamma?

    I have a trooper, and trooper 2.0 sitting on my fireplace due to being knocked out in them. Therefore, I will be in the helmet market soon when I can ride again. Bones are all healed, just giving my head a little more time. Anyone know of any clearance deals or any suggestions on new helmets? Haven't looked in a while.
  13. yzf4fiddy789

    Fox V2 or One Gamma?

    Which one is it?
  14. yzf4fiddy789

    Josh Hansen Quits

    He may have the "bad boy" thing going for him (maybe you are attracted to him). I don't see how you say he "quits" though. The past few years he has been a championship contender. Should everyone else just quit too? Do you not remember him riding with a broken hand in sx because he was in the hunt? Hes fast as balls that's all there is to it. Throws nice whips too.