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  1. Josh_dr-z125l

    Honda 300ex valve tick...

    I recently adjusted the trx300ex's valves... intake side only... and after taking it for a quick trail ride, i realized it has a valve knock. both vales are adjusted as close to .10mm as possible (1995 model) and everything is tight... I'm gonna recheck them, but is a little valve knock normal? they had no clearance before, valves were against the rockers... and it didn't make any noise... the tick isn't that loud, im just wondering if they have a little knock anyway... do they? we recently installed the stock exhaust, because the fmf that we got on it was sooooo rusty and old and nasty...
  2. Josh_dr-z125l

    Honda Chain adjustment.

    Ok.. our Clymers manual doesnt help much with adjusting our 1995 300ex chain... they say loosen the two allen bolts, and turn it... it doesn't specify which direction to turn it, etc... It needs to be loosened... Also, are there any other things that need to be loosened besides the two pinch bolts? I believe ours is seized.. if i can get it loose, i'll post an update
  3. Josh_dr-z125l

    Classified Scammers - The Dirt Bag List!

    Problem is, it's a bad check, or he never sends it, and you send the bike off with some random guy... It's kinda hard to explain, just look at other posts...
  4. Josh_dr-z125l

    Help me decide which bike... to sell :(

    I think i'd rather get cancer than a brain parasite like you did... jeez... 175 grand? damn!
  5. Josh_dr-z125l

    Should I try to do it myself?

    killswitch and reeds are easy... take off the carb, and take off the intake boot/reeds... put in the new reeds with some oil... i think the killswitch has a plug? other than that, cut splice and tape the wires together
  6. Josh_dr-z125l

    carnage! pics included.

    so... on a diesel, that is like 4-5000 rpms? (over rev) wikipedia gave me a boat for dd-60... thanks wikipedia you'd think the rod would bend or break before that would happen
  7. Josh_dr-z125l

    1989 YZ250 plastics

    maybe just me? but those look like newer honda plastics... mostly just from the shrouds
  8. Josh_dr-z125l

    Major Problem!

    you should probably put a little oil in the crankcase, then kick it over without a spark plug to get some oil circulated in the crankcase, then siphon out the extra... if it still runs after that, keep riding... might be time for some new rings soon, though.
  9. Josh_dr-z125l

    Got pictures with the girls in the pits?

    lol 1st pic "The Jimi Hendrix experience"
  10. Josh_dr-z125l

    A little ice riding

    nice ice jump:ride:
  11. Josh_dr-z125l

    Attempt at dying plastics

    i remember someone saying that you can dye plastics in the cheap bling thread or something... guess not...? maybe your side panels are a different kind of plastic than some others?
  12. Josh_dr-z125l

    CR1000? smoker???

    put that SOB in a dune buggy!
  13. Josh_dr-z125l

    Help me decide which bike... to sell :(

    sell the yz, especially sonner, because like everyone said, they devalue quicker
  14. Josh_dr-z125l

    Need more help- clutch doesnt work

    ok... uhhh... take your clutch cable out of the arm, and try to turn the clutch arm with your hand... if it doesn't have resistance immediately, your clutch actuator arm thing needs turned... yeah... that's about all i can think of... OR!!!... maybe your clutch springs are too short?
  15. Josh_dr-z125l

    should i get my head checked?

    you may have a concussion, don't fall asleep regardless of what you do... and go to the doctor...