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  1. Rock Monster

    Help me find a 4gal tank that fits 04ktm200exc!

    Yeah i ride over 100 mile days of gnarly trail but am conditioned to do so, as well as multiple days in a row. I have six months off a year and do nothing but travel in my rv and ride! Tired of packing gas in the backpack. Thanks for all the input!
  2. Trying to find a 4 gal or close to it to fit my 04 200 exc. I would like to have the ims that has the built in shrouds for better radiator protection. Cant find anything but a 3.2 and all for later models. Does anyone know if there are later model tanks that will fit? Thanks for any help. Just bought one that said it would fit 05 xc but ended up being for a 250xcw.
  3. I already sent out maps with gps coordinates! Oops! Jk
  4. There is single track. Just have to ride some two track to get there! Ill be there for this ride and have saw mounted and ready. Already spent a moth there in dec clearing with reuel. This time ill be on a 2stroke! Woot!
  5. Rock Monster

    04 200exc jetting with 08 eur/aus exhaust

    Thanks but was looking to see if anyone knew if that pipe flows more than others
  6. Is there anything different I should do for jetting by changing to this can? It's an 04exc and I have the gnarly header with current jetting 91 octane with Motul 800 2t oil 175 main 42 pilot NOZG clip 2 1.75 out air screw 3000 to 7000ft elevation riding area I had a 45 pilot and was rich on bottom end with a descent amount of spooge dripping down exhaust so went to the 42, have not had a chance to ride it yet but sure it will help. Any advice would be greatly appreciated P.S. yes I have read the FAQ and hundreds of threads but non seem to apply directly to my situation. lol
  7. Rock Monster

    Just got this 04KTM200 super stoked, but couple questions

    I have 2 gnarly pipes for it, one on it and one new in the box. It has the PWK38, why go smaller? What's a PHDS? Yeah, I'm specifically riding mostly low end but like you said want it to hit just a little earlier for wheel lift. I've read your section but don't recall the direction to turn it. I'll read again, great section by the way!
  8. This thing has a really late hit on the powerband. I would like it to be sooner. Which direction do i turn the power adjuster? Finally got it jetted perfect and runs great at all ranges! The airbox is the worst design ever. Any tips on sealing it better? Anything to be done for handlebar vibration? So happy to go from a drz400 to this on gnarly single track! A lot easier to pick up after a fall and fatigue level is so much lower.
  9. Rock Monster

    Got My Galfer SS Brake Lines today!

    Just did the brake line on a buddies with the CRF cylinder and had no issues.
  10. Rock Monster


    Hint "SQUID" was written with tire knobbies! Lol
  11. Rock Monster


    Ahahahahahaha! Gotta give some backgrou d story here too!
  12. Rock Monster

    So I lost my countershaft nut on the trail..

    I would replace the seal and spacer! I imagine your nut was loose for a while and you will have failure of seal shortly. Cheap to do and you already have access. lol
  13. Just lay the bike over in the first place! lol. It will build strength and you at least know it wont fall over. Hahaha I actually to this all the time. Lay against tree, boulder, bush, ground, what ever. Downhill switchbacks are tricky but I am fond of two different techniques. #1 get off bike and turn corner, then apply front brake and swing rear around corner. #2 get confident enough to do that same technique while on bike. Off camber logs downhill are easy. Just blip throttle to get front tire over and then let off and allow rear to catch up and roll over log. It take a couple tries to get confident but try it with smaller one and work your way up. Must be standing to do this!!! Kick Starter is a must if riding anywhere. Chainsaw is a must if you want to be the first to ride anywhere.
  14. Rock Monster

    Fcr Leak at drain valve when bike is on side!

    Thanks for the tips! Makes sense!
  15. Tipped the bike on it's side to do some minor maintenance and cleaning. When I did this, fuel leaks out of the bottom of carb at the drain valve. Does not leak when bike is upright. BSR carb did not do this if I recall. Also have IMS 4 gallon and yamaha non vacuum petcock.