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  1. KMK

    Tahuya rides

  2. KMK

    2019 NMA Offroad & Enduro Schedule

    Go to: www.nmaoffroad.org On the rules page click the link for "Rule Book" it covers the differences for all the race and Enduro formats.
  3. No traffic jams on this trail yesterday!
  4. KMK

    Tahuya this Saturday

    We were planning on a day ride, plans have changed though. Probably will be seeing you in the morning.
  5. Mountain season is not yet closed!
  6. Amazing ride up at the Gifford. 79 miles covered, all but one made it back to the rigs under their own power...
  7. 99.0 miles by my odometer FYI
  8. Hmm, I'm older than you think I am! Actually I do wear a light weight Fox chest protector, I also have a more substantial Leatt chest protector for when I'm feeling frisky....
  9. Ha, ha! Yes I will run "B" class next year.
  10. The requested after pic. Fun event, thanks to the Skagit MC!
  11. Bike is prepped and ready!
  12. View from the other direction
  13. Cool rock formation, near an established trail.
  14. Been there, epic trail!
  15. KMK

    Introducing South Park Washington

    Well shoot, I've been trying to keep this hidden from you Magnus!