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  1. redfever

    What ever happened to this guy?

    '91? And did you race against him? (The fastest guy I was ever on the track with was O'show and I almost gave up riding...)
  2. redfever

    What ever happened to this guy?

    Anybody recognize this number 39 (not related to Jennifer or Jason)! Sorry, it won't enlarge but you guys are so sharp it shouldn't matter.
  3. redfever

    What ever happened to this guy?

    There was more than one number 39 who raced for Yamaha during the same time period?
  4. redfever

    What ever happened to this guy?

    Hint: One of his competitors was driving the boat when number 39's water ski hit something and he broke his leg in approx. a dozen places...
  5. redfever

    Tomac next GOAT

    Gary, I saw you ride and believe that you could smoke Magoo occasionally but if you were 15 in '81 how did you compete in the Over-50 Expert class in 2013? From the April 2013 MXA: Gary Bowman, a former 125 National rider who finished 9th overall in the 1984 AMA 125 National Championships (including a podium at the 1984 Saddleback 125 National), got the victory this weekend?but Gary didn’t win any motos. His 3-2 got the overall because of crashes by Willy Simons (1-8) and Kevin Foley (8-1). Going into the final few laps of the Over-50 Expert race, Bowman, Ed Foedish and Andy Jefferson were all vying for the win. One pass, one way of the other would have shaken up the podium places. In the end Bowman’s 3-2 beat out Foedish’s 2-4 and Jefferson’s 5-3.
  6. Had a rider on an '06 CR450X go out of his way yesterday to swing by my rig while I was gearing up. It turns out that "Ray" wanted to introduce himself, ask about my '07 CR250R, how often I ride Gorman, etc. Evidently, he rides Gorman (Hungry Valley) often and had never seen me before so he wanted to say hi. Not sure if it was my gray hair (57) or if he's just that social but he was a kick and we rode together until I turned off for Backbone. He stages at Edison and runs 1x on the front plate so if you come across him show some respect and don't roost him - hopefully that will be all of us someday!
  7. redfever

    Motocross Infographic

    Oh no, not those stupid jailhouse avatars again! Back on topic; any historical info is always good (previous results and manufacturer) also the top 5 or top 10 by moto, dnf's and why, dns's and why (and don't get discouraged when half the TTers give you crap about "they could've done a better job")!
  8. redfever

    Motocross Infographic

    Geez, why were you banned for a month, that's excessive! (Do the Brians hate Bubba?)
  9. redfever

    Ever been a flagmen for a race?

    Never done it but I noticed a flagger in Toronto last weekend was wearing a motorcycle helmet. First time I've seen that and you'd probably catch hell from your friends but some of those flaggers get nailed by flying bikes! (Tell your buddies it's a rule...)
  10. redfever

    Little Deegan making MM proud.

    Completely agree, it's very frustrating to put up with an above-the-law jerk when you're the one abiding by the rules! (I'd ask Tim Ferry for some advice or get a bunch of the moto-parents to sign a letter to the AMA and make sure it gets wide circulation so the AMA can't "misplace" it.) Kudos for doing the right thing by the way! It's awesome when somebody stands up to a punk and if people don't think a 5% advantage makes a difference they should look at the salaries of baseball players (e.g., a 10% difference in batting average, 300 vs .400, is $ millions).
  11. redfever

    Should I bother with a 2 stroke pipe gaurd?

    I ran one on a CR480R and, no matter what I did, the thing vibrated like crazy. I did smack the guard a couple times and it might've saved some pipe dings but when I traded-up to a newer CR250R I didn't add the guard. Come to think of it, I've had to replace the pipe on my newest bike so I guess it's a trade-off.
  12. redfever


    What a great kid! (I might have to buy a KTM after all!)
  13. redfever


    Yeah Meyer, and bring back the bouncing neighbor avatar too!
  14. redfever

    Did E-Start Save Ryan Dungey's Championship Hopes?

    LOL, leave it to MM! (although Kev's pretty damn funny too)!
  15. redfever

    On Going Hungry Valley Thread

    Everyone know about the Hungry Valley $50 annual pass? The best thing about the pass is that they usually just wave me by when they see that pass and my old GMC, again...