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  1. Hey guys, I took my 250xcw to a moto track this past weekend and my suspension beat the hell out of me (obviously). I plan on going back next weekend, what suspension settings do you guys recommend for mx? I realize I should get it revalved or buy a mx bike and thats the plan but is there any settings you guys recommend to hold me over ? Thanks a bunch
  2. What do you guys think? Hell of a lot cheaper than spending $500 on a scotts one. anyone use one? http://www.ebay.com/itm/Universal-Motorcycle-STEERING-DAMPER-STABILIZER-/111568572212?hash=item19fa014f34&vxp=mtr
  3. The Ktm is in really good condition, claims he wants to try something new and parts are easier to get for the yami. I think I am going to do the trade this Friday if everything works out. Wish it was a 2013 but everyone I talk to says they like the 2011 sxf's
  4. I think I am going to do the trade this Friday if everything works out. Wish it was a 2013 but everyone I talk to says they like the 2011's.
  5. I am currently in this situation. Bought a 11 yz250f last summer and like it. Have a guy wanting to trade his '11 sxf. Considering both bikes are in similar condition, what do you guys think? I am intrigued with the ktm's, FI etc. Thanks
  6. I am in this situation, bought a really clean 11 yz last summer and like it. Got a guy who wants to trade his ktm. What do you guys think considering both bikes are in similar conditions etc. Thanks
  7. Glad I saw this! I just bought a 2010 as well and as of now it only has an fmf slip on. The next purchase will probably be the intake and sprocket as well. Where did you get the graphics for the bike in your profile picture? Thanks!
  8. lucahemi

    YZF's Only...

    heres mine
  9. anyone know where I can get this kit?
  10. I read that you do not have to rejet with just a slip on? Also, any recommendations for modifications for the bike?
  11. Just picked up this 2010 yz250f for $2200 bucks. Got a pretty good deal on it I think. Bike is in really good shape. Would like to put some graphics on it but cannot decide yet, I like the eleven 10 kit. Also, the bike backfires a little bit on deceleration, what could cause this? Bike has a FMF slip on so I am thinking if it was never rejetted the bike could be running lean. What do you guys think?!
  12. lucahemi

    1994 XT 350... Front end swap?

    Thanks for the reply. I will be going to look at the bike this week hopefully and will post some pics. ANY other opinions/advice on this bike would be great. Thanks
  13. SO, my girlfriends dad bought a 94 xt350 brand new back in the day, put 900 miles on it, and parked it in the garage in 2003 where it has sat ever since. I noticed it buried back there and discussed buying it, and think I can get it for a pretty good price. The bike is in very good condition. First of all, I have done some research and people seem to really like these bikes, but say the suspension is horrible. It just turns out that I am parting out a 1998 RM125, and have the all of the suspension left. Not sure if it would make a difference that the RM just happens to be conventional forks like the XT. So the entire front end ( triple clamps, forks, wheel, brake) As well as the entire rear suspension. SO Question #1: How much would you value this bike at? I am in the Chicago area if that matters. Question #2: If I buy the bike, Would it be worth the time /work involved swapping the suspension? Or would I be better buying something like a wr250r? Is this even possible, would the geometry be fine? I grew up riding mx, not new to bikes at all, I am looking into buying a medium-bore dual sport. What do you all think? Any input on this bike is also greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  14. lucahemi

    84' rm125 parts?

    If you havent gotten any yet, I just picked up a 1984 rm 125 I am going to start parting out. I have two front plastics in the original yellow with original graphics in really good condition.
  15. lucahemi

    1984 RM 125 Part Out!

    Hey guys, just picked up a 1984 rm 125. Kid decided he wanted a project, started taking it apart, and lost interest. It was a running bike before disassembled. I have nearly all the parts for it including a good condition bottom end, top end, wheels, suspension, carb. I will update with a part list, pictures and prices soon. Figured I would post here first before classifieds section. If you have any preliminary questions just PM me. I will be on a business trip until Thursday but I will attempt to respond as promptly as possible. Thanks!