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  1. spud

    Konker KPX 50

    yep they are chinese for sure. Just thrown together here. I went and looked at them. the bigger bikes are ok. The lil 50 is not as nice as the website made them look, pipe and air filter stick out and would rub on the riders legs, was my concern. ( air fliter just a foam, no airbox) pants would get oily. Im sticking with the little higher end
  2. spud

    Konker KPX 50

    http://www.konkermotors.com/kpx50.html there are a few bigger bike threads on here discussing them.
  3. spud

    Konker KPX 50

    Anyone have one of these bikes. I think they are only in canada. just looking if they are worth the $750. I know the Japs are better, just looking for actual reviews of people who have owned a Konker.
  4. 4 STROKE LIST 2 bikes 1 quad 2 trucks, 1 lawn mower 1 pressure washer 1 generator
  5. spud

    Beagle Bash Enduro/Trail Ride

    I have a Beagle but he cant ride a bike ( He can ride a leg pretty good). Do I have to double him
  6. spud

    Thursday night vet ride (Chesterman's Indoor MX)

    any pics of this place?
  7. spud

    TNT Trip Feb 8-10

    That is my dream set up
  8. spud

    Pet Stories.....(positive thread only)

    I got a beagle, he eats everything. If you need stuf destroyed get a beagle, but hes a fun dog and loves everybody
  9. spud

    What to buy???

    OH OH you said the "V" word this thread is going to go places now
  10. spud

    Motocross needs you!

    F1 ???????? rednecks dont even watch F1 dont leave without checking the Chick gallery out
  11. spud

    scott summers ends with honda