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  1. yamahammer426

    Mini rider jumping the Daytona wall jump

    Holy Jebus. That kid RIPS. Dunno if he'll be the next Cianciarulo, but he can't be far behind.
  2. yamahammer426

    The GOAT on a Kawi

    He's still doing what he loves, just not at the professional level.
  3. yamahammer426

    Private lessons worth it?

    If you're planning on (or at least considering) racing at some point, it'd be worth it. Otherwise, personally I don't think it would be.
  4. yamahammer426

    Race vs class

    If it's not too expensive and you're sure you'll get your money's worth, I'd attend the class.
  5. yamahammer426

    The GOAT on a Kawi

    I'd probably get nervous and loop out as soon as the gate dropped... or dump the clutch, nail the gate before it dropped, and go over the bars.
  6. yamahammer426

    The GOAT on a Kawi

    Not happening. RC's perfectly happy racing amateurs and not having to deal with the pressure of being a pro.
  7. yamahammer426

    Chris Blose on a YZ 250 for Hangtown

    Anybody got a subframe he can borrow for the race? He needs one.
  8. yamahammer426

    Sick Pics

    I often wonder if they're not one and the same.
  9. yamahammer426

    True Honda Fans are going to see RED!

    Yamaha envy. But seriously, nice looking bike! Looks like you've put a lot of work into it.
  10. yamahammer426

    motocross idiot, every track has got one !

    If that guy block-passes you, does that mean you got cock-blocked?
  11. yamahammer426

    RV2 following in JS's footsteps?

    I would have a better comeback to that, but I'm still trying to find a place where I can watch the latest episode of Poto's World. You wouldn't happen to have a link to it or a torrent or something would you? Thanks in advance.
  12. yamahammer426

    Any "real" pros frequent TT?

    I seem to remember a few off-road guys having accounts here. Seems like Destry Abbott might've posted here a time or two.
  13. yamahammer426

    Custom dirtbike seat cover

    I think DeCal Worx will do some custom seat work, though I'm not sure how crazy they can go on the designs.
  14. yamahammer426

    Another JS thread......Pulp MX

    I wonder what bothers him more: insulting James, or calling him exmlb?
  15. yamahammer426

    Official James Stewart Man Love/Hate Topic

    Don't give yourself so much credit. Nobody wonders that. EDIT: James Stewart. There, I'm on-topic.