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  1. sonorawfo

    Breather pipe/Black sludge box

    I'm not sure exactly what your doing with the crankcase ventilation system??. But?, keep the vent tube as high as possible, & beware of the possability of the engine getting water into the engine!!. Not only deep stream crossings!!. I found out the hard way on my XR650 that even washing the bike!!, could cause problems!!
  2. sonorawfo

    Huge accidental horsepower!

    I don't think haveing the petcock on the prime position has anything to do with it?. Sounds like your jetting is to rich?, (you don't say what you pilot,main,needle,or fuel screw are set at??). The extra air seems to have caused the increase. I'd look at your jetting, but beware that temps, humidity & alltitude also effect jetting.
  3. sonorawfo

    Need some wheels!!!

    DAMM!!. With the price of fuel going up I need a set of wheels for my 03 DRZ 400,s??. So I can swap from offroad to street as needed!!. I used to see wheels available all the time?, I'm not seeing them anymore???. I can drive my bronco, (about 12 MPG), or my 1 ton, (about 8 MPG), of course when I can get it?, my wifes 03 GT Mustang!!, Never mind?, not only don't I get it much but the car is just to much fun to drive & I'd probably lose my drivers licsence!!!. A spare set of wheels for the DRZ would be a good thing. Any S/M guys out there want to sell some wheels??, (CHEAP).
  4. sonorawfo

    How Many Miles on yours???

    I went over 10,000 this year & I'm pretty happy??. I looked at some of the posts & have a hard time believing them!!!.
  5. sonorawfo

    Did I do good????

    Your OK. Once you get past all the extra fee,s it'l be about average, (at least for California). But you've got a great D/S bike & with a few mods a decent offroad mount!. Good for you!!
  6. sonorawfo

    New rider

    Nothing like time on the bike!!!. Try & hook up with some more expeirienced riders & pick there brain about bike setup, ect., beyound that get out & ride with other riders, whatch what they do & there riding styles. It'l take some time but i'ts OK just have fun & don't forget to stay in your comfort level, (I.E. don't push it!). Good luck the fun is just starting!!,
  7. sonorawfo


    Set the bike up correctly, learn body position, throttle & clutch control. After that it's up to your skills, so if your having trouble talk to the guys that are climbing the hills your having problems with + keep on trying!!, you'll get it down,
  8. sonorawfo

    Insurance Question

    Looks like you got off pretty good??. Having spent months in the hospital, (because I rode like an idiot on the street!!), you look pretty good?. Use all the safety gear you can!!, and ride smart especially on the street!!.
  9. sonorawfo


    Look well ahead so you can pepare for the obsticale, momentum is the key stay loose on the bike & keep driving forward,keep the bike in the meat of the powerband,don't tense up,let the bike swap around under you, just keep it pointed in the right direction & keep driving forward,good tires,body position,throttle,clutch & brake control are a must!!. Good luck, only time on the bike will give you the confidence needed!!.
  10. sonorawfo

    How Do I fix This???

    Maybe you can remount the turn signals with some kinda rubber gromets or insulaters to lesson the vibration??. Can you crimp the recievers alittle to tighten them up??. Other wise you may have to silicone them in place, (pain in the but when you have to replace them!!), good luck.
  11. sonorawfo

    Drz 400 S re-jetting necessary?

    Well worth the time & dollars!!. A correctly jetted DRZ,S with the 3+3 airbox mod really wakes up the bike.
  12. sonorawfo

    How do you do 180 turns?

    Depends on the bike?, but throttle,brake,clutch control & body position will get what you what & will very with the amount of traction available!!. Only time & practice will help you, once you get stopped 180,s down try them at speed!!!, just way to much fun!!.
  13. sonorawfo

    How do you do 180 turns?

    Sorry while I love the movie & the stunts, I belive it was Bud Ekins that actually did the riding.
  14. sonorawfo


    Wiesco!!, make sure they get the clearences right & do a proper break in!!. You can't get anything better, (Just my opinion).
  15. sonorawfo

    Never To ride Again!

    I'll address the title of your post , I also suffered many injuries while racing!!. I never quit, although I did slow down some & after 4 decades of riding & racing, I still have a BLAST!! riding offroad. OK maybe I can't compete with the younger riders??. But the fun factor is still there!!. So don't think about giving up riding, just adjust your riding to what your body can stand or what feels comfortable??. I went from MX to Desert,Enduro,& I'm having a blast with the D/S thing these days. Bottem line, the fun does'nt stop. I still race the fun events & actually get a trophy sometimes, I do it for the fun & the good people i meet in this sport, , .