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    WR Stroker build advice needed

    This is my mild stroker build Cylinder works 434cc big bore kit, 11.3:1 compression HotRods +4mm stroker New version stage 2 Hotcams CVK40mm carb E model header, S model muffler. ACT Wide ratio gears. I did not have to clearance the piston or the balancer. (on a previous build with the old +5mm stroker I did have to clearance the piston and balancer) If you ARE NOT looking to build a race motor , and want to use the stock cams, or the new Hotcams etc. you will need to use 5 base gaskets layers to get the compression back down to close to stock. (buy a extra 3 layer S model base gasket and use the two black layers) I am running 5 base gasket layers, with the new version stage two Hotcams,, and the bike runs great on regular pump gas.
  2. warped

    Hotcams install frustration

    Set flywheel to the "T" mark. Set exhaust cam in position shown in the picture. Set intake cam mark 15 pins from mark on exhaust cam. Dont be too concerned if the intake cam looks like its half a tooth out.
  3. warped

    Hotcams install frustration

    Should be 15 pins,,,not 14
  4. warped

    Hotcams install frustration

    Should be 15 pins
  5. warped

    Hot Cams Stage 2 Camshaft

  6. warped

    Cylinder Works Big Bore Cylinder Kit

  7. warped

    Hot Rods Stroker Crankshaft Assembly

    This info is for the DRZ400 +4 mm stroker. You will need to add two base gasket layers to keep compression ratio close to factory.(total of 5 base gasket layers) Example..Piston listed as 11.3 compression with stock "S" model 3 layer base gasket will be over 13 to 1 with the Stroker crank installed. This WILL require racing fuel. If you use 5 base gasket layers,(stock "S" model base gasket AND two "E" model gaskets) compression will be 11.1 allowing the use of "regular" pump gasoline.
  8. warped

    TT Skidplate Q?

    It goes here, be careful not to pinch the wire that runs along the frame
  9. warped

    Suzuki DR-Z400S 2013

  10. warped

    Got it Back!

    I think you mean "restitution" But, I would also want retribution
  11. warped

    pipe question?

    How to install a E exhaust on a S or SM Remove ring from header Cut a slot across the ring with a Dremel and cut off wheel, the ring slides off Drill threads out of the lower footpeg mount Remove rubber bushing from the muffler mount, and use a bolt and large washer to secure muffler Muffler mount goes on the inside of the subframe Use a bolt through the lower footpeg mount If you want to use the factory header heat shield, you will have to slot the bolt holes in the shield. Hope this helps. Jim
  12. warped

    Can i split base and head gasket on the S?

    You can split a "S" base gasket, and use the two outer parts as "E" base gaskets. you don't use the center part, it's just a shim. The "S" and "E" use the same 3 layer head gasket,do NOT split it under any circumstances, Use all three layers! It really isn't worth the trouble to dissemble the engine just to change the base gasket , the power gained by going from a "S" base gasket to a "E" base gasket is minimal Jim
  13. warped

    "E" thermostat gasket part#?

  14. warped

    How's the DR-Z 400 on the highway?

    2008 KLR650