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  1. knuckleduster271

    Tips for Bottom End Rebuild 2012 WR450

    Ive rebuilt more than my share of 5 valve yami's. Yamaha bearings are made by the same manufacturer as most other oem suppliers (skf,koyo,ntn) the cranks dont seem to be any more of a tighter press fit than any of the other brands imo. Ive Never had a single issue getting the cases apart without a splitter or getting them fitted back together upon reassembly on the yamahas I would think if you heat the bearings it would make it 10x harder to get them onto the case halves and they would generally be cooled down once you get to the point of putting cases together seeing as its the final point of assembly on a bottom end rebuild. It takes well over an hour even for a seasoned mechanic to (properly) replace all bearings, seals, inspect trans etc, torque everything to spec etc.. Most of which comes before putting the two halves back together
  2. knuckleduster271

    Tips for Bottom End Rebuild 2012 WR450

    Some wear on the crankshaft timing sprocket will be inevitable and is no reason to replace that half of the crank. Replace the rod, pin and big end bearing- i prefer using oem stuff unless you want to pony up for a carrillo rod A flywheel puller is a necessity but a case splitter is not. There are bosses on each case that you can pry on with a large flat screwdriver (do not pry between the two cases on the gasket surface) once you have the cases semi apart place a bath towel under the engine, have an extra set of hands hold the engine up about 8" or so above the towel, take a decent sized soft face hammer and give the flywheel crank side a few love taps and the bottom case half will fall onto the soft towel. DO NOT HEAT THE BEARINGS!!! Put the bearings in the freezer for a few hours prior to assembly, put each bare case half in the oven at 180 degrees, the bearings will drop right in during re-assembly with this method. MAKE SURE YOU USE THREAD LOCKER ON THE BEARING KEEPER FASTENERS INSIDE THE CASES! Pay attention to how the oil pump assembly is assembled, get a oem factory service manual and put each part you remove in its own zip lock bag with the chapter and section written on them, number them so you can assemble in reverse order You can impact the the balancer and crank fasteners off, i wedge a piece of aluminum plate between the gears during reassembly to achieve proper torque- a piece of brass woukd work well also.
  3. knuckleduster271

    advice from a wise men?

    The bearings are inside each case half- ive never needed to use a splitter when tearing down a 5 valve- order a new pin,rod and beari g then find a decent machine shop to assemble and true
  4. knuckleduster271

    Getting Air Box Boot back on throttle body

    I use a small dab of silicone grease- the same stuff you lube injector seals with during assembly. Never had a problem sealing
  5. knuckleduster271

    Carb AP adjustment

    If you want to do it quick and easy get an adjustable ac pump cover. The pump timing has to be set first as imo 90% of the time you get the bog its because the ac pump squirts and doesnt clear the slide. The carb on the 07-11 bikes isnt the funnest thing to remove so it saves alot of work. I have an 07 that starts like a fuel injected bike with no bog at any rpm range-
  6. knuckleduster271

    03 wr450 kick back

    A poorly jetted carb can and will cause this- a good friend of mi e actually broke his engine cases because of it- I had an 03 with a hi comp piston that would kick back if the air / fuel screw wasnt properly adjusted to the temperature
  7. knuckleduster271

    maxima pre oiled filters

    Ive ran them on my wr, they are nice for the money
  8. knuckleduster271

    Your first choice in hi-comp piston?

    I put a vertex hi comp in my 07 wr- Figured if there good enough for ktm to use them as their oem supplier they must be of decent quality- Had a wiseco in an old bike i owned with no problems- that was back when wiseco made pistons in the good ol usa, ive heard their quality has went way down since they moved operations overseas.
  9. knuckleduster271

    1997 DR200SE Supermoto / Motard build.

    Thinking about selling the motard wheels, they work great- wife has had no interest in riding the bike (been on it twice since built). I own a 450 motard so this one seldom gets ridden. I put a set of oem wheels with knobbies on it and am currently using it as a dirtbike.
  10. knuckleduster271


    I took the throttle tube off of mine and wire wheeled the grip off.. but you have to be careful doing it this way for obvious reasons. I swear i think they put them on with JB Weld or something
  11. knuckleduster271

    06 WR450f blew up

  12. knuckleduster271

    What to do while torn down? Bigbore/porting? 03 WR450

    Mixxer did a head for me, it gave a noticable power increase across the board- the power curve came on earlier and held alot longer on the dyno than my first dyno run when the bike was mostly stock. One thing i didnt care for on the mixxer port job was that he flush cut the valve guides- i would have rather left them the factory length personally even if it would have cost me a little on the dyno. I spoke with ron hamp about flush cutting guides- he said it wasnt anything to be too worried about- that it does take away some reliability bit doubtful id have any problems with it- said he doesn't cut them as it doesn't change the flow numbers at all. So, my suggestion- if you use mixxer specify that you want your guides left stock...
  13. knuckleduster271

    Found chunk, time for a teardown?

    Ive seen teeth on the kicker gears do this if the jetting isn't correct. Does it ever backfire when kicking it over?
  14. knuckleduster271


    South Dakota title that sumbitch if PA gives you any greif
  15. knuckleduster271

    Dr200 engine noise help

    Have you attempted to adjust the valves?