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  1. Lithium ion batteries are sealed dosnt matter
  2. I have the single setup too nice part if you leave the mounts on it can be mounted in like 2 minutes with quick plugs I use
  3. I have the dual lapaz hid setup love it brightest bike out
  4. s14 2510s

    2016 YZ250X

    Yep check air before you ride. I've ran them for years. Saves rimes from big hits but they still get dented if you ride as crazy as I do
  5. s14 2510s

    Your Vote: Best premix oil?

    Klotz r50
  6. s14 2510s

    Yz250 triple clamps?

    05 has aos forks won't fit an 09
  7. 3 wire has 2 100w circuts 2 wire one 200w
  8. s14 2510s

    Squirting coolant out the side of the engine.

    I'd weld it and see if it quits
  9. s14 2510s

    Klotz vs AMSOIL vs Castor 927

    R50 even mixes good in winter use it all winter ice racing
  10. s14 2510s

    Klotz vs AMSOIL vs Castor 927

    I swear by klots r50 awsome stuff. Use to run amsoil but rid always had light rust upon time to replace crank. So with r50 everything is always mint. Good stuff
  11. s14 2510s

    Broken Power Valve AGAIN!

    Drill and tap a allen headed bolt on the cover. Seen it done before I just run without it in mine At one time eric gore was going to make these power valves besase oem ones break
  12. I love my cti customs
  13. I read those pages no mention of you nor of you making them
  14. Your making these too or what's going on here