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  1. W R

    Random pics.

    I am a millwright.
  2. W R

    Random pics.

    I thought you were a millwright.
  3. W R

    Random pics.

    Think you could share some of your work over here in town square? I was just bragging up your work.
  4. W R

    Random pics.

    As soon as I saw your post of course I remembered. Are you still building them? WR250ish is looking for a nice fixed blade.
  5. W R

    Random pics.

    So I hate to say this but I am trying to remember who it is that builds those beautiful knives in here. My brain is blanking out.
  6. W R

    My dirtbike accident that just changed my life!

    Damn I am not sure I want to keep reading this thread. Definitely going to share it with my kids. Yes they are 20 and 24 and are really good at wearing their gear but as we all know it only takes a second.
  7. W R

    Random Picture Thread Reloaded

    I do have some starrett stuff of course but my calipers and mic's are all Mitutoyo!
  8. W R

    Random pics.

    My guess is bunnies
  9. W R

    Random pics.

    For cc in the summer, I like my cz p07, winter cc sp01 phantom. Both of those are really nice pieces of iron but I myself noticed that anything close to a full frame wont make it in my pocket during the summer just because of size.
  10. W R

    Random pics.

    My favorite gun. The only one I seem to always have in my pocket because it is never in the way. Anything larger and it tends to stay home unless I am dressed more for winter. LCP 380. 1000 times better than a rock!
  11. I would not mess with it. It is hard to tell by your photo but it looks like you only lost maybe the first couple threads. If the bolt goes in and out okay then you will be fine. Once the bolt is in there is nowhere for the time cert to go. The only time of worry is when you put the bolt in or out and it does not appear that is a problem anymore. Breaking loose the red Loctite and the bottom locking part of the time cert would be of much more concern. Put the bolt in, fresh oil and forget about it. Most likely it will continue to work for the life of the bike.
  12. W R

    Random Picture Thread Reloaded

    All of that instagram crap is screwing up the loading of my page!
  13. W R

    Random Picture Thread Reloaded

    I don't know what RalleyeX does for a living but I want in!!!!!!
  14. W R

    Buy freedom in Ca while you can

    Well, what did you buy?