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  1. GrahamO

    Intermediate Weekend Rides - LA Area - Ongoing

    It seems like they used to at least wait until January. 9 or 10 years ago I rode Snowy in the snow in December. I don't understand why they're so restrictive now.
  2. GrahamO

    Intermediate Weekend Rides - LA Area - Ongoing

    You thinking Snowy > Miller > Piru? Or in and out Snowy? Or ??
  3. GrahamO

    Intermediate Weekend Rides - LA Area - Ongoing

    Two very thankful riders. Thanks for helping us haul our bikes up that mess. Would love to get out for a full ride sometime...
  4. GrahamO

    Fuel tank help

    I "fixed" a hairline crack once and had to invite 29 firefighters and an air tanker to my next ride. I lost my bike and my pride, but kept my nuts. Talk to the manufacturer - they might replace it. Otherwise just buy a new one.
  5. GrahamO

    Hungry Valley to LPNF?

    I've ridden Snowy in the... snow. But I think they closed it within a couple days. I have a red sticker - it's lame that they close it for half the time I can ride.
  6. GrahamO

    Hungry Valley to LPNF?

    Argh. Because we got a little sprinkle? I bought a bike yesterday after 5 years out of the saddle and I'm dying to ride forest single track.
  7. GrahamO

    Hungry Valley to LPNF?

    Park at Kings Campground to go up Snowy and Piru Creek trailhead to go down. The loop is up Snowy, around Alamo Mountain, down Miller Jeep, and back in Piru Creek, where you'll have to transfer back to Kings on the pavement. Or the reverse. I prefer to go up Snowy which sets you up to go down a series of nasty switchbacks. It's a challenging loop - double black diamond style - and a lot of fun.
  8. GrahamO

    Hungry Valley to LPNF?

    So Snowy is open? And Miller and Piru? But it sounds like the northwest trails are closed?
  9. ... to NOT EVER try to repair your cracked gas tank. Never ever ever never. Just buy a new one. http://www.daveandcourt.com/wr426/4B.jpg
  10. I was at Anahiem a few weeks ago and watched 250's owning triples out of corners. They had just a few feet out of a U turn and were nailing them... could not believe it. Considering the available power and the light weight, and that I prefer woods over balls out desert drag racing... I might trade in my 450 for a 250...
  11. GrahamO

    Oh my word someone sell my 450

    I can't get rid of my '03 WR450, either. Red sticker in CA leaves me super-screwed - I can't ride it, and no one wants to buy it.
  12. GrahamO

    Thor Force Knee Guards

    I'm very happy with mine. They aren't prone to twisting and I don't even know I'm wearing them. Have saved my knees a couple times.
  13. GrahamO

    idle rough and popping

    Precisely. Happened to me a few weeks ago. Rough and popping and then died completely. Knew exactly what it was immediately: clogged pilot. However, in a different situation it took me nearly a hour to figure out that my float valve had gotten stuck up. I pulled the fuel line off and gas came out, so I assumed the bowl was getting gas... but no dice. It's happened once since as well. If you see green on your jets it's probably a good idea to replace them.
  14. GrahamO


    Not much land left over to build a house... I vote for imposter. You have to work hard to make up a lie this silly.
  15. GrahamO

    Park City Restaurants

    I'm going to be in Park City, UT over Valentines and am looking for a nice restaurant to take my wife... say $80-120 or whatever. Any suggestions? I'm posting this in the off-topic forum as well...