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  1. mikersoft

    What Place? Sorta spoiler to seattle!!

    LOL.. The first thing I thought of was Greatest Runner-up Of All Time... Of course, that would have been before RC's retirement. -Mike
  2. mikersoft

    How many bike have you owned?

    Wow... impressive. I've only owned a grand total of three.. '03 Suzuki DR-Z 400 sold... '04 Honda CBR600 F4i sold... '05 Honda CRF 250X bored.... -Mike
  3. I think it's safe to say the offer is no longer valid. ..and I never got mine either -Mike
  4. mikersoft

    Post a pic of your garage setup

    You still need a beer fridge -Mike
  5. mikersoft

    Post a pic of your garage setup

    ^^nice looking Yami.. -Mike
  6. mikersoft

    What happened to Windam

    Just like they do for other motorsports (Nascar for example), it would be cool to get quick word from all the big names regarding their performance for the day. It gives you an overall "big picture" of how it went for everyone and what kind of issues they were experiencing. Anyway, I know too many interviews would cut into the already chopped up race coverage. Perhaps they need to expand the coverage to two hours! -Mike
  7. mikersoft

    What happened to Windam

    Yep, that's another big problem with the TV coverage of these races. They only interview the riders on the podium and never talk to the other contenders. I understand they're trying to squeeze the whole evening into a 1 hour show, but it would be nice to get a quick word from other notable riders. -Mike
  8. I'm thinking anti-freeze would have been more appropriate Just messing with you, BC3. The truck is looking good! -Mike
  9. mikersoft

    my fun stay at the hospital *pics*

    Wow, some major scars there! The scar from my wrist surgery is about this big--> O However, I only broke the scaphoid bone.. Good luck with your comeback! -Mike
  10. mikersoft

    K-Dub's win was great

    Three cheers for Windham! I was happy to see him win. -Mike
  11. It sucks that you still feel the affects of that. I'm fortunate that I pretty much have 100% movement & strength after full recovery. I gotta give props to the Orthopeadic doctor I used! -Mike
  12. Good luck with your recovery. I also broke a Scaphoid bone in 2003 (went down riding). They did use a screw to to hold it together. I didn't ride during recovery, so I can't recommend a suitable brace for that... -Mike
  13. mikersoft

    My Driveway!!!!

    1500 miles of snow????? What are you trying to say?
  14. mikersoft

    Bubba's new attitude