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  1. guitarnut57

    Dungey's Lesbian Twin!

    haha nice find man! Looks just like him! I had to stare at that ugly chick for 30 minutes last night because my wife was hogging the tv But I hate to hear that about Corey Haim. I know he has been/was on a downward spiral for quite some time.
  2. guitarnut57

    6" powerband...

    Bolt stretcher
  3. guitarnut57

    6" powerband...

    I'll pass on the powerband. Those things scare the crap outta me!
  4. guitarnut57

    lets get a 2 stroke to some supercrosses

    Is that from Fletch?
  5. guitarnut57

    lets get a 2 stroke to some supercrosses

    Good luck, Mike!!
  6. guitarnut57

    Mom's boyfriend bout to get knocked out

    I bet he could throw a football over one of them mountains
  7. guitarnut57

    I think I learned how to go fast.

    The novices who never made it to the intermediate level due to serious injury probably had this same mindset...please do not ride beyond your ability.
  8. guitarnut57

    In air

    Torque out is much like torque in, except it's the exact opposite. I have no idea
  9. guitarnut57

    Am I getting screwed?

    Or you could just buy a used wheel off ebay.
  10. guitarnut57

    Slowing for jumps

    I would do whatever feels natural, gets you back on the ground quicker, and gives you the fastest lap times. The stopwatch doesn't lie.
  11. I think he's a little crazy and impulsive, but how is he a tool?
  12. guitarnut57

    Longest running 4 stroke?

    My 4 stroke: YZ 450 with over 100 hours on the top end and no valve adjustments
  13. guitarnut57

    Lately it seems like it's right out of the movie Idiocracy

    Don't forget about the TApoUT decals/apparel