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  1. divebobber

    Sick an tired of the lack of trail etiquette!

    Hey, let me chime in here as a person who started trail riding about 7 years ago. a few years ago, I asked some guy at Stonyford (who had a slick saw carrier with a small chainsaw in it) about trail maintenance. He told me he had a permit and that you couldn't do it without jumping through some hoops. That's the last time I gave it any thought until I happened upon this thread. So, I'd love to do some maintenance, but I don't want to screw anything up. You guys talk about benches and some other things... I don't know what you're even talking about. How about some tips on things a novice like myself could do without doing the "wrong" thing. And what happens if a ranger sees me with my saw in a carrier? Is it just something I need to avoid having happen or is it cool? And I also was checking out this single track machine on Youtube. Anyone seen it?
  2. Ok, I applied due diligence and searched here and on KTM talk for any info on an exhaust mod for my new-to-me 2004 525exc and came up with nada. Some KTM owner friends of mine said there's a restrictor that can be removed to get better flow (not the "turbine looking thing). I searched under "restrictor", "exhaust mod", "muffler mod", and several others and found nothing. I'm starting to think my friends don't know what they're talking about. I do know that my bike sounds different from my nephew's 525mxc. Any info would be appreciated.
  3. divebobber

    exhaust mod? help me please

    Which of you didn't put baseball cards on your spokes when you were a kid, or lust after M-80s and cherry bombs? I say if the kid likes a loud motorcycle, and he's in an area where no one is going to be bothered by it, then let him play. But young man, i will say that you should preserve your hearing. I have to wear hearing aids (too many cherry bombs, loud rock concerts, and loud motorcycles) and it sucks.
  4. divebobber

    California Stonyford report for 2/3/12

    Rode Stony yesterday. Our group did not see a single other bike all day except for at our base camp at Little Stony. There are small areas of snow on the high trails (15, 13, 14, 3, etc) but not bad at all. The dirt was in excellent shape. Trail 40 and 32 have had some work done on them.
  5. divebobber

    Is the 426 really this hard to start???

    I have a 2000 426 that has gotten harder to start. Usually it means it's time to clean things up in the carb. Even so, the suggestions about giving the throttle a couple of turns before kicking it are good. I usually wait a few seconds before each twist to give the AP a chance to fill all the way. When i twist it, I let it stay at full open for a second too to let the pump do its thing. And the other suggestion about kicking it like you mean it is also good. I can kick it feebly all day. Then one HARD kick and it starts. A little hotter spark maybe from the faster magneto rotation?
  6. divebobber

    New EVS neck brace

    The instructions state that the two adjustments are for thinner or thicker torso profiles. I had mine on the thicker, which should allow for a bit more upward tilt of the helmet. I also think there's some breaking in that the collar might be going through. Since the padding is flexible it might be allowing more upward tilt as it gets worked. Just like you, I found it became more comfortable and less noticeable as the day wore on.
  7. divebobber

    Stonyford 11/25-26

    dyrtmon, RankDog and Vander didn't want to ride in the afternoon because of the crowd so my son-in-law and I rode that same trail that we did before you left (31-28-30). Didn't see another bike the whole way. It was my favorite ride of the day (maybe because I didn't fall for a change). BTW, if you want to try something gnarly, try going up 38. The first 100 yards is very challenging!
  8. divebobber

    Stonyford 11/25-26

    We rode today. The snow is still up high, but the east hills were epic. Rained pretty good starting at about 5 p.m. For the first timer, I will say one thing about crowded days. Stay off the M5 as much as possible. It was astounding how often riders, especially the younger ones, came around corners on the wrong side of the road. For crowded conditions, I would ride the east hills, like trail 28, 31, 23, 26, 21, 1 and the ridge trails as they aren't in such heavy tree cover. I biffed it today on trail 22 due to a near head-on. Luckily there was a hill to crash onto without any trees...rare for 22.
  9. divebobber

    New EVS neck brace

    I'm happy to say that I can't tell you how well the collar protects the neck, but I do have some input as to how it fits. I found that the back of the collar doesn't let me look up very well. Like when I am on a real up and down single track, coming down a section and wanting to look ahead to the "up" section, it makes it difficult. The funny thing was, the more I rode, the less this was a problem, There might be a couple of reasons. One, I had slid my visor into the low position because it was raining and I was trying to keep it off my goggles. when I slid it back up, this helped. Two, it may be that I started adapting. I did notice a couple of times that I was shrugging my shoulders, just a little, when trying to look up which pushed my helmet up so I could get a better look. Anyway, I was riding well all of today and wasn't giving the restriction any more thought, so, all in all, I think it's working fine. Hope I never have to tell you how well it protects.
  10. divebobber

    New EVS neck brace

    Hi all, I just received two of these collars (one for my son) via UPS. I got them for 107.00 with no charge for shipping from sportsmancyclesales.com. I told them I needed them fast for a ride this weekend and they got them here in three days. Just an FYI.
  11. divebobber

    Stonyford Conditions?

    "he will tell you its ok to miss church on sundays! check out RUTS (racers under the son)" I'll miss a Sunday here and there to ride, but I was looking into getting into racing, and that would mean missing a lot of Sundays. I'm probably a little too old to think about getting into racing anyway. I'm approaching my older years with heels firmly dragging:ride:
  12. Was flying up over a rise on Lovelady Ridge at Stonyford and found myself aimed straight for a huge brown bird in the middle of the trail that had it's back to me. At first, I thought it was a turkey vulture. It was frantically trying to fly straight away from me down the trail as I was frantically hitting the skids. My front tire came to within a few inches of hitting the bird. As it finally got airborne, I saw it's head and realized it was a golden eagle. It had been drinking water out of a hole in the trail. Another time I was coming down trail 23 with my son in front. All of a sudden he skids to a stop and turns around yelling something at me. Just as I was passing what I thought was a big king snake, I realized that he must have been yelling "snake!" I skidded to a stop just past the snake and went running back up the trail to try to catch it. My son was still yelling at me, but I couldn't tell what he was yelling (hard of hearing). About the time the snake coiled up and struck out toward me, I realized he had been yelling "rattle snake", and I also realized it wasn't a king snake but a very distinctly colored rattle snake. After it struck toward me, it kept coming down the trail at me fast as I high stepped my way down the trail. Dumb dad...what can I say. Somehow God has managed to keep me alive for 57 years. Don't know why I don't seem to be getting much smarter.
  13. divebobber

    Stonyford Conditions?

    Good education for me, Dave. Thank you. BTW, I would definitely love to ride an enduro, and I went to the district 36 site to see about entering. I found that almost all of the races are on Sunday. For me, that day is for family and church...so, I guess I'll just have to read about them. As for Lett's Ridge (someone else said enduros aren't ridden there due to private property issues), I think it was either last year, or the year before, I went up it after an enduro had been run at Stonyford, actually, I think it might have been the Sheet Iron run which I guess isn't an enduro, and found it to be twice as badly rutted as it had been the time I rode it before. Trail 43 also has a section that is torn up really badly also. Anyway, I would love to enter a race if they were on a Saturday.
  14. divebobber

    Stonyford Conditions?

    I feel like there are too many enduros at Stonyford. I've noticed that they have torn the heck out of the trails, especially Letts Ridge, and I think trail 43 was really torn up last time we rode. Stonyford is the absolute best place for us to ride, when you ask us to go some other place, there aren't any that compare.
  15. divebobber

    Handle bar height

    a lot of you guys talk about 6'2" as being tall. I'm 6'7" and put ridiculously tall bars with risers and built my own seat that some have likened to a suitcase on my yz426. It makes life easier for my 57 year old knees and back. However, the other day I took a ride on my new back-up bike (new for me), a 2000 yz250 with a low seat and normal bars. I haven't done any mods as I just got it. I was amazed at how much more stable I felt in technical sections. But I DID get tired of being so hunched over, and my quadriceps got a serious workout from the deep squats I was doing to go from sitting to standing. It, seriously, felt like riding a mini bike. It did get me to thinking about lowering the seat and bars a little on my 426 though. Like the guys said above, you have to find what works for you, your skill, and riding style. In the end, you also want to enjoy riding with as little discomfort as possible. There will always be trade-offs for whatever you do.