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  1. zziptie

    18 450 sxf or 18 yz450f ??

    Id get the yz. 450 motor reliability will be good on either. Nod goes to the yamaha, cause ktm 2019 went to car racing influenced "pankl" transmissions, why? Well a local racer just told me he destroyed his 2018 250sxf trans, I haven't heard any other cases though. Also yzf's look cooler and have spring forks which are just easier to maintain. Plus I hated the radiator shroud bulge on my 350sxf. My long legs would hit the pronounced top corner of the shroud. Reportedly redesigned for 2019. So 2018=yzf. 2019=either
  2. zziptie

    Who's coughed up for the streaming pass

    How does this app perform? I was looking to add the app and everyone is giving it 1 star rating. Saying "its a waste of money because it skips and buffers. And NBC should be ashamed?" Can you guys give me some feed back. And can you watch the races anytime, supercross too?
  3. zziptie

    Who's coughed up for the streaming pass

    What is the app to purchase to watch.
  4. zziptie

    Did I make a mistake

    Alow time for the suspension to break-in, it will soften. Mean time, slide the forks up in the clamps, loosen the rear spring preload, and soften the compression in both front and rear. If you ride in the wet alot try another tire combo thats more open tread. And yes, go tubeless for lower air pressure.
  5. Highly recommend not using kerosene. I used to, until i noticed oil in the intake boot. I think its too hard to clean the kerosene from the filter. And then it breaks down the new filter oil, making it thin and able to suck into the intake. I would use kero and then clean with dish soap and water, no more. And no more oily intakes. For those that use gasoline, you're flirting with excessive danger for no good reason. You could also injure someone else. Pay the $2 more for the proper cleaner.
  6. zziptie

    New Helmet: Kali Shiva or Just 1 J12

    The kali shiva is like a mountaion bike helmet. Very small, like it couldnt possibly protect in a hard head knocker. Even though its tested, i returned mine because i was skeptical.
  7. zziptie

    What 250f should I buy

    Ive had every color 4 stroke 250f since 2009, either new or near new. Different one every 2 years. Im not fast but i ride hard for 48years old. Doing all but the hairy triples at the local tracks. Hands down the crf250f 2011-2017 is a reliable bike if low hour....under 80hrs. The separation of the transmission and valve oil is an engine life extender. But its slower....so i used 270cc kit. The new yamaha is really nice all around. But the intake valves have moved already for us. Proof is in the oil changes. The honda was always clean, at 5hrs. All the others were dirty, suzuki 09, kawi11, honda 12, kaw14, ktm 16, honda16, yam17. Clean oil coming out= a more reliable motor.
  8. zziptie

    Cianciarulo Speaks

    Anyone that gets paid to ride a motorcycle, is "as cool as shit". Now im outta here, i have to go swing a hammer.
  9. zziptie

    Making SX safer ?

  10. zziptie

    Remove the hardware!

    Well like most of you i dont frequent this page cause who wants to think about injuries when you're aging and doing moto. But i just wanted to recomend if you have had surgery and have the opportunity to get the metal hardware removed, do it. Everyone i know, myself included felt better without foreign parts.
  11. zziptie

    Ronnie Mac!!

    Pabst Blue Ribbon should be sending him a fat check.....or sueing the mac for false advertisement.
  12. Well i finally broke down and bought a new bike and its broke down, new isnt always more reliable. Anyway ive had efi bikes for years without any issues and now i have trouble. This may relate to other bikes so i thought id post here. Bike pop-starts and runs great just a series of popping on deceleration. It will not kickstart and the fast idle screw doesnt seem to increase the rpms, but but turnung it in thebike shuts off. Seems like i have a clog. Can you clean a fuel pump? Does my 2017 yz250f have any fuel filters? How do you clean the injecter? Could the bike still run great on the track with a partial clog? Thanks
  13. I have a 2017 yz250f and im chasing an issue. The bike runs great if you pop start it. Has around 15hrs from new, and i cannot take it to the local dealer cause i bought it outta state to save some money. It will not kickstart, fast idle screw doesnt seem to change the rpms unless you turn it in then it stahls. Right now its out all the way. And the bike pops on deceleration. Gas is 93 fresh and other bike using the same is fine. No coolant loss. The yzf just started doing this half way through a practice day at the track. Any leads would be great.
  14. zziptie

    Offset triple clams

    Dont listen to na-sayers about trial mumbo jumbo. Changing to 20mm triple clamps will make your bike feel like it turns quicker. I did this on a kx250f stock 22.5mm, changed to ride engineering 20mm....turning felt quicker and less vague. Comfirmed by other riders trying out the bike against a stock one.
  15. zziptie

    250f lugging tips