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  1. I found an old link about this but it was on a Yamaha. I am working on a 2006 CRF250R and its a mess. Valve lash was way off, the timing gear was in the wrong position, the carb has a plugged pilot circuit, (We ended up getting a new/used carburetor) and I cant find any good info online about how to tune/adjust the Quickshot 3 with the Quick start. Can anyone give me any insight on this? I am about to put this bike back to stock if I cant figure it out. I hate working on something someone else "modified". LOL but here I am. I guess I'm a glutton for punishment.
  2. Charlie755

    The dyno chart that they won't show!

    Also a Dyno is just a tool to measure percentage gain. The number on a stock bike or car is irrelevant unless it can be compared to modifications done to the same bike or car under comparable circumstances to see the percentage gain.
  3. Charlie755

    The dyno chart that they won't show!

    At this point in time it doesn't matter what I ride. I like the color blue. That said my next 250F will be another YZ 250F.
  4. Charlie755

    2015 250 FC engine removal

    So I got the engine install done but without the camshafts. It went in pretty easily once I removed the shock and put the sub frame up and out of the way. Also had to pull the swing arm back as far as I could to have room to drop the engine in. My next hurdle is the cam timing. I have the crank locked in at TDC with the bolt on the bottom of the engine case but cant find anything on where the timing marks are supposed to be on the cams themselves. I cant believe how little information there is online for these bikes. I will post pictures of the steps I've taken once its all done so it will hopefully help others out in the future.
  5. Charlie755

    2015 250 FC engine removal

    Bump! If no one knows I will figure it out on my own. I will post pictures and hopefully show how to install the complete engine. I cant believe no one has been through this yet.
  6. Charlie755

    2015 250 FC engine removal

    Damn! Thats it? No one has had to remove the engine on their 250FC??????
  7. Charlie755

    2015 250 FC engine removal

    Hi all, I haven't been on here for some time due to an injury and just life in general. I am doing my first complete engine rebuild on the titled bike. When I removed the engine I ended up pulling the head, studs, and cylinder in order to get the complete engine out. Does anyone know if the engine can be removed/installed complete or am I going to have to install it the same way I removed it? It was a real PITA getting it out the way I did but I couldnt get the engine to clear the mounting tabs on the frame no matter what way I twisted/turned the complete engine. I searched the internet including YouTube trying to find a video or manual showing engine removal but found nothing. Thanks in advance for any info or pictures that might help.
  8. Charlie755


    My routine is wet bike, pressure was the big stuff off, Spray with pump up sprayer Simple Green mixed 50/50 with water and pressure wash again. I then install a fresh air filter, start the bike up and run it to operating temperature while blowing off the bike with compressed air then hose every moving part on the the bike with WD-40. Everyone has their method and in my opinion as long as you run it, dry it and lube it right after washing you shouldn't have any corrosion issues.
  9. Charlie755

    Power Tuner loan?

    Not sure what you mean by you installed the "GYTR kit". Are you just wanting to borrow someones tuner? I guess I am not sure what you mean?
  10. Charlie755

    2014 YZ250F Output shaft

    Not sure how many sprockets you have changed out in that amount of hours but I wonder if there was just a bad spot (via manufacturing defect) in the shaft where it broke and that in combination with tightening and loosening the nut to change sprockets out just caused it to finally fail. I only have 70 hours on mine but I probably do 70% track and 30% trail. Most of the tracks I ride have whoop sections and I pound them pretty hard. Am on my second set of chain and sprockets (about to replace this set soon). I am thinking this may have been just a random bad part as I have not heard of this happening before.
  11. Charlie755

    My top end pics of an FX with 170 hours

    Sorry for the late reply on this. Not necessarily. I've seen it happen to only one bucket and I've seen it in really bad cases happen to all of them. Someone did mention something about the decompression mechanism too so I wonder if it is actuating that valve assembly if there is something to that as well. I would not typically expect to see that happen if you are running a stock bike on premium pump gas unless you were getting some really bad fuel somewhere.
  12. Charlie755

    How to measure small end free play limit on crank?

    This ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ and I typically dont like to see much more than .001 play between the pin and small end of the rod. Thats about where it should be. Just measure the small end of the connecting rod with a good digital or mechanical caliper. Measure it a couple times to make sure you are getting a consistent number. Then measure the pin diameter (its typically a dead even number in mm in my experience anyway.) and minus new pin diameter from the measurement you got from the small end of the connecting rod. This is the play between the two and as I said I typically look for it to be about .001 plus or minus a few tenths. If its close to .002 I typically will replace or rebuild the crank assembly with a new rod.
  13. Charlie755

    Cam timing

    Just a little added info on stators. I have had on 4-5 occasions on testing suspected bad stators that the Ohm reading was within spec but found out while running the bike under load and engine operating temperatures they would fail/cut in and out. All of them that I experienced were related to the secondary winding's. Just food for thought if you have an issue like this down the road and the stator tests out fine on the ohm test.
  14. Charlie755

    Going back to a 13 YZF

    I love love loved my 08. I didn't get rid of it till I bought my 2014. Those were great bikes and still are.
  15. Just pre oil the filter and put it in a ziploc bag until you are ready to install it. You wont hurt anything running it with a dry air filter though if you are just heat cycling it on the stand. Assembly really depends on how well inclined you are mechanically, what all tools you have and how well you know the bike you are assembling.