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  1. El Liebre

    KTM a better fit for smaller riders?

    Out of the box KTM's are lighter but most factory race bikes are very close in weight.
  2. El Liebre

    CRF450L build; 450RX plastics conversion

    Probably just use the stock swingarm pivot spacers..if there is a difference, most likely it will be there.
  3. El Liebre

    Random Music Thread

  4. El Liebre

    Random Picture Thread Reloaded

    Poor man's rzr's lol
  5. El Liebre

    Random Picture Thread Reloaded

    New toys
  6. El Liebre

    Dungey Retired

    Last championship KTM is going to see for a while...
  7. El Liebre

    2 stroke fuel mix?????

    How clean is your air filter?
  8. El Liebre

    Gen 3 Part Swap Thread

    KP Racing metering block for sale...used the bike three times while installed. Awesome product does what it's supposed to but having to run race fuel with it takes away the simplicity of my 2-stroke which is why i like smokers. So make me a deal.
  9. El Liebre

    Random Picture Thread Reloaded

  10. Right now I have the 2009 CRF450R front plate and fender on my bike but I'm liking the 2017 style, has anyone tried fitting the newest plate and fender on their CR? I have the 2008 CRF450R triples which fits the newer gen plastics.
  11. El Liebre

    Gen 3 Part Swap Thread

    ISO 02-04 Stock exhaust
  12. El Liebre

    Stewarts racing Oakland SX

    Well we can all admit after Rokzens crash the season is pretty much over. Dungey has the championship. Even the fight for second will be a boring match since Anderson got DQ'd, so I think James will bring back some excitement to the season. I don't expect too much out of him, I have higher expectations from Mookie but if he can finish races even at 14th place...I would have respect for him. But he has to finish...none of this pulling out or crashing out.
  13. El Liebre

    Stewarts racing Oakland SX

    It's official [emoji28]
  14. El Liebre

    Stewarts racing Oakland SX

    After what I heard in Malcome's interview, unless HRC picks him(JS7) up..(which won't happen) he's not racing Oakland