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  1. fuggie

    Trail Bike Appreciation Thread

    Good thread, is that even a KDX frame MTO?? nice looking bike, heres my wee beasty, a mostly Yamaha DT 125ish scrapped my car and just use this now, commutes to work down the duel carridge way, trail riding toy, hopefully get some enduro later in the year and my mates determined to get me on a mx track with it at some point :s lol, i'll go anywhere on this thing its getting very dependable (after alot of work mind) and might even take it abroad!
  2. DTR 136 love it, its soo good to be back on stink wheels, also in the family ke 125 ke175
  3. was woods riding and came across a hangmans noose, went back with my buddy at night to prove it and something started running at us out of sight, naturally we rode off bricking it like lil girls lol, also some pretty weird military activity on the trails at night (most of our lanes have been banned from riding except near bases)
  4. fuggie

    lockin' up.

    big chain and padlock with the padlock doubled up on the links so they can't try and pry it open, alarmed disc lock also awesome bit of kit for how cheep they are now, my mate has about 4 padlocks/disc locks, a chain and padlock to the ground and cctv though they still regularly come back to have a pop at stealing it, depends where you live really, were both in fairly rough areas, not that i've got round to it on this bike yet but I normally make a quick release throttle cable setup and on the wish list is lockable fuel tap and a hidden additional engine kill switch. i wasn't always this paranoid and it cost me dearly!
  5. The front has been raised to bring the bike back to its original stance though I altered the internals to get them to sit higher with more travel as I didn't have any adjustment on the yokes, though yeah I went a bit nuts with the links (got a little over excited over having my first monoshock) as I now have enough ground clearance to comfortably have a 20 litre jerry can on its side under the bike without it grounding! just measured the sag against guides I just found on the net (didn't know the term for it till YHGEORGE's post ) and I have about half what I should have, though will attempt to find a reasonable compromise with the rebound first as it already sits like a chopper when me and the missus do the shopping on it with the 150 litre back pack, failing that i'll just have to adjust the preload separatly for off roading and commuting i guess
  6. to elbaborate a bit i've made the front alot stiffer as it was super wimpy as standard with more travel, the rear i've increased the travel with linkage and also made the shock alot stiffer to match the front, i guess from your post that i've basically made the spring over power the damper settings so i'll be having a play with that, cheers for the reply btw must have seemed a stupid question but i've only ever had classic dirt bikes (50's - 70's) which have never had all that much suspension wise to play with!
  7. i've been playing with the suspension alot on my bike, i've resprung the front and made new links for the rear, i really like how the ride is now except the back coming up alot over jumps and bumps, (i do have dampening in the rear shock), i was just wondering if this is more due to my cack handed bull in a china shop riding style or whether i may have the tension on the springs adjusted badly and which way you'd go with a setup to try and dial this out! cheers steve
  8. fuggie

    premix ratios question

    8:1 is insane, surprised you can even get that to start! that kinda ratio is more than they used to run with mineral oil in pure track race bikes, though if thats getting it running better first check over the air filter etc and air box for blockages that could cause a restriction that would make it run rich, then if everything on the bike seems fine start leaning the main as its costing you more in two stroke oil than jets!!
  9. just wondering what effect changing the weight of a balancer shaft would have ie fitting a ligher one? does it just not cancel out vibration as efficiently or throw everything out completly.