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  1. bassjam

    New tow rig

    You definitely won't get better fuel economy with a midsized. But I do prefer them. As soon as I don't need the large back seat of the F150 for kids and car seats I'll go back to a smaller truck.
  2. bassjam

    New tow rig

    Taco driver's do seem to think their shit don't stick. Many are on par with BMW and Mustang drivers in that regard.
  3. bassjam

    New tow rig

    The Tacoma seems to be the exception to the rule, they hold their value extremely well and I could see it being higher than the 4Runner. If you like it, check out the Frontier. I had one for 10 years, best truck I've owned. I spent a lot of weekends test driving both it and the Taco before deciding I liked the Nissan better, and it was cheaper to boot. Mine did 16-17 mpg driving it hard around town, and would do 19 on road trips if I stayed under 75.
  4. bassjam

    New tow rig

    Real world numbers have the new Taco still better than the 4Runner. Older numbers were very similar when both were running the same 4.0 for the most part. http://www.fuelly.com/car/toyota/4runner http://www.fuelly.com/car/toyota/tacoma The Sequoia has the same engine options as the Tundra. Their 4wd system will hurt it, but it could never do better than the Tundra does because weight absolutely plays into fuel economy. I'm pretty sure you can get a 2wd only Sequoia as well. Any yeah, the Tahoe might do 17, but so will the Silverado. I had a 2017 Silverado LT crew cab 4x4 with the 5.3 as a rental for a week, it did 19.5 mpg calculated over 400 miles. Heck, my 2014 FX4 crew cab F150 with the 3.5 Ecoboost averages 18.5 for me in mixed driving, not many full sized SUV's can touch that.
  5. bassjam

    New tow rig

    Are you trying to say a truck gets worse fuel economy than a comparable SUV? Only the cute utes like the CR-V and RAV4 do better, because there aren't trucks as small as them out there. A Tacoma will do better on gas than a 4Runner, and a Tundra will do better on gas than a Sequoia. Most SUV's are built in the same frame and use the same drivetrain as trucks, but they are heavier. They pretty much always get 1-2 mpg worse.
  6. bassjam

    New tow rig

    It's not they way around me, not even close. When my family outgrew my Frontier I looked at replacing it a larger used SUV like a Tahoe. A crew cab 1/2 ton ended up being way cheaper. I saved close to $10k on a 2 year old FX4 vs a full sized SUV with similar options and miles.
  7. bassjam

    New tow rig

    To look at this fairly you have to compare like to like. So an F150 to an Expedition. A Silverado to a Tahoe or Suburban. A Colorado to a Traverse. A Frontier to a Pathfinder. Looking at a midsized 4runner and a full sized truck doesn't say much.
  8. bassjam

    New tow rig

    Are you in the US? If so, I have a hard time believing that. Here's average transaction prices for SUV's and Trucks from KBB. You can see midsized SUV's go for about $5k higher, and full sized SUV's go for about $14k higher.
  9. bassjam

    New tow rig

    In my experience, an SUV is almost always more expensive than a truck, even if the truck is a higher trim crew cab.
  10. I'm not a fan of "guard dogs" either. I've got a Golden Retriever and a lab/beagle/GSD mix. Both are sweethearts, the only times they've shown aggression was when my wife had them on a walk with the kids and someone who gave my wife a bad vibe approached my daughter...they both got in between the stranger and my daughter and bared their teeth. But at my home I just consider them first-line-of-defense noise makers and they do a superb job at that.
  11. That's what I was thinking as I read the thread. OP started this thread about keeping bikes safe at home, not while travelling. I have a garage full of tools and a shed full of toys and larger tools and there's no way I'm going to chain everything I own down. I just keep a simple padlock on the shed, put up motion lights so I can see what's happening from the house, and I built a nice insulated doghouse so my 60 and 85 lb dogs can stay outside at night (used to put them in the basement every night). Their presence will deter most criminals, and their bark will let me know about the more determined ones.
  12. I think it is. I was amazed how horrible that tranny was in what was otherwise a pretty nice truck. When I heard "6-Speed" I figured it would be sporty, but it was anything but. What's really pathetic is Toyota put that in their X-runner Tacoma, which was supposed to be a sort of sporty truck with a tuned suspension and upgradable TRD parts.
  13. Tacoma Colorado Frontier Ridgeline (If you only want a crew cab short bed) Ranger (if you can wait) I count 5.
  14. I'm normally a fan of manual transmissions, but the one on the Tacoma's I've test driven all shifted with all the precision, speed, and smoothness of my dad's 8N tractor. I know it's a truck, but after test driving the 6 speed manual in the Frontier, which is the same as in the 350z, the Toyota's tranny seemed downright pathetic.
  15. True, money for GM trucks goes to overpaid and under-performing union workers and fat cat executives, both of whom ran a company so far into the ground us taxpayers had to bail them out because for some reason they were "too big to fail". And some profits go to shareholders all over the world. Money for Toyota trucks goes to hardworking factory workers and executives who know how to build reliable cars and trucks that people want. And some profits also go to shareholders all over the world.