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  1. xjz

    crf80 doesent take the gas right

    I just bought a 2004 from a buddy who's boy outgrew it, and it was blubbering if you gave it too much throttle too quickly. I expected it was sitting around for a while with gas in the carb because his boy wasn't riding it so I put some seafoam in the tank and ran it for 15 minutes and it seemed to get better as I rode it. Today I got on it and it was much better from the start and didn't blubber any more. I bet there was just a little grime on the jets/needle and the seafoam helped clean it off. I still think the bike is a little lean but I will have to look at the jets next time.
  2. xjz

    03' XR80 Shaved Seat

    I haven't, yet, but I am going to pick up a CRF 80 for my 8 year old and right now his bicycle seat is at 27 inches and the CRF's measures at 29, so I'll need to do something. I'm planning on lowering the forks in the triples an inch if possible and probably building a new +2 to 3 mm longer linkage to drop the rear end an inch or 2 and see if thats enough. (I may try putting on a modified Chinese pit bike shock that is shorter on the back if I find one cheap and it will be easier to mod than build the linkage) I will shave the seat as a last resort which seems silly because it costs nothing but I want to keep it where I can bring it back to stock height as he gets bigger and it will get plenty of use with my other 2 kids. I just need to get it all figured out before Christmas and even though its still a long way out it seems to sneak up on me.
  3. When I rebuilt my bike I got the rockers on Ebay from a seller who makes new OEM like rocker arms, and they have worked great and were a fair bit cheaper than new OEM units from a dealer. I got a Hotcam instead of the stock cam because it was only $5 more that the cheapest OEM cam I could find and I got it from Honda of Troy off of an add on Ebay. For the subs you may be forced to go straight to the dealer if you really need them, mine were fine even though my cam and rockers were toast.
  4. I think short of acquiring and measuring the interested triple clamp angle you would need a brochure for that year bike or a review article from a dirt bike mag. It seems to me that they all are within about 20 to 22 degrees for dirt bikes which won't change it into a chopper. I don't have much else to add but I'm using 94 CR125 forks and tripples on my 600 and have no problems.
  5. xjz

    XR600 rear shock differences

    Short answer, maybe. The 85-87 shock has a wider top shock mount than the 88+ shocks by about .200" which could be overcome by adding more washers. The bottom mount is the same width and uses the same bolt from the 85-87 shock as it does in the newer 88-90 and 91+ shocks. The length of the shock is roughly the same length, maybe ~.25" different in length. The biggest problem you will face is the shock diameter. The 88-90 shock uses the same shock spring and has the same diameter as the 85-87 shock but the 91+ shock uses a larger diameter shock spring and it might not fit between the dual carb airbox boots even if there is no piggyback resevoir. The only aftermarket shock I know of that comes with no resevoir is the "works" company shock, and it has very little adjustability. For the price you'd be better off ebaying another used stock shock and using it or rebuilding it if required. The 91+ shock has a lot more adjustability with the rebound and maybe even compression settings than the older shocks and I was very pleased when i rebuilt one and put it on my 88 bike.
  6. xjz

    XR600 Frame damage

    So do I try to bend the frame back to its correct position or do I just fix the tube and put on a new skid plate? I searched so i know there wasn't many people with similar experiences posting but I'm sure I'm not the only big dog who has ever done this.
  7. xjz

    XR600 Frame damage

    Yeah, I feel good about the plate doing its job and all that deformation helped absorb the energy of ~600 lbs of falling weight onto a small area of the skid/frame. It probably wouldn't have happened if I was going faster as I would have cleared the rock and hit the sand or if my carburation wasn't acting up when I rolled on the throttle as it was running low on fuel because I could have lofted the front some. I also feel pretty lucky I didn't get more than a couple scratches and bruises because I wasn't wearing all my gear because I was only 3 blocks from home and figured it wouldn't be a big deal, guess I was wrong.
  8. xjz

    Rear shock damper problems

    Has the linkage went over center or gotten stuck? It seems like when I pulled mine out first it did one or the other and took me to remove one of the linkage bolts to get it back in the correct position.
  9. xjz

    XR600 Frame damage

    I was slowing down in 3rd gear off the gas and dropped off a 2.5' rolling ledge with a .8' rise about 4.5 feet from the drop off and cased it hard. The rise was all sand except for the one large rock I hit and it grabbed my skid plate, muched it up, ripped it off, crushed and collapsed my lower frame under the right side frame also bending it out and away from the engine. I flipped off and bounced a couple times and it took a couple minutes for me to be able to breath again. What follows is what remains of my skid and frame. I built the skid plate and it was using .125" 5000 series aluminum. I don't know if I should try to hammer/bend my frame rail straighter before welding a patch over the collapsed section of if I should patch it up bent out like it is, recommendations? How thick is the Utah skid plate? I haven't decided if I'm going to bang out this one and try to weld it back up or if I'll build another one out of some thicker .190" 6061 aluminum I have. Chromoly or mild steel patch?
  10. xjz

    'nother usd fork question

    what 650? R or L? 1. I'm not up on the R but the L should be like my 600R and if you swap the stem you will need to machine a spacer to press on the bottom of the stem to increase its diameter to the larger diameter of the bottom triple clamp you use whether its from a 450, 250, or a 500. 2. Also re-using the old XR stem will require you to machine some material (~.200") off the bottom of the upper triple clamp or you won't be able to get the steering stem nut on because the top triple clamp for the CR/CRF is thicker than the XR. 3. Then you will also need to make a spacer to press into the upper triple clamp to reduce its diameter to match the smaller diameter of the smaller XR stem. How I did it. There are other way's to go USD but this was the easiest for me as i had access to a press, a lathe, and a mill. Emig racing, machining down the CR/CRF stem, buying a modified bearing race or there are others will also get you there, you just have to decide what will work best for you.
  11. xjz

    Want to Buy XR 600 Susp Springs

    I took my stock rear spring and cut off ~1 coil (thats all you can cut off without getting coil bind on full compression) and it bumped the 9.8 kg spring up to about 11.5 kg. (there is only 7 active coils stock and I reduced it to 6) I machined a spacer on a lathe and put it on top of the spring so i could still get the right amount of preload and called it good for the back. It is noticeably stiffer but I may buy a 12.0 or 12.5 from Eibach at some point. I haven't gone out on a full ride yet (hopefully Saturday) with it but over the few whoops and small jumps I've taken I can tell its better. I was also going to cut down my front fork springs as well but I couldn't cut off enough coils to increase the spring weight enough without causing coil bind because they had 33 active coils and trimming off all the excess active coils would only net me an increase in spring stiffness of .02 kg which wasn't worth it so I just bit the bullet and ordered some .47 kg fork springs from Eibach which are the stiffest springs they offer for my USD forks. The bike feels pretty good now along with my re-valve I did so we'll see how it does this weekend.
  12. xjz

    Why did you choose an XR?

    I grew up on XL 100's and after brief stints on a husky and a suzuki and them both breaking (repeated expensive electrical stuff on the husky and a grenaded top end, rocker arm broke, on the suzuki) I decided I was still a Honda man and got my '86 XR250. I never was a small kid so I always dreamed of the big 6 especially after my dads riding buddy roosted a softball size rock at my chest with just a blip of the throttle and when I saw 2 guys climb a vertical wall out of a rock quarry after skipping across a large puddle on the big XR. I knew I'd have one of them at some point and that time finally came.
  13. I don't know about differences in the swingarm between the 86-87 XR6 and the 88-90 XR6 that had the drum brake but I have looked at the parts fiche online before to see it the rear drum brake is the same part number for the 86-87 as my 88 and it is exactly the same part number, so my guess is that the 88-90 XR600 rear wheel would fit your 86 XR6 with no modifications. I was looking at one point to get an 86 or 87 XR6 17" rear wheel to make a sumo conversion for my 88 XR6 and then just register my bike in Utah for the property I own there even though I live in California and would ride it in Cali mostly. I never did it though so I can't say it would work 100%.
  14. xjz

    Piggy Face Lift-XR600R

    When I did mine last year this time I had a hard time getting the cases split because even after all the bolts are out the allignment pins fit rather tightly so it took quite a while whacking the few spots of the lower case half that stick out from the upper case half with a rubber mallet and the occasional whack to the crank or mainshaft before mine came off while hanging onto the little metal bracket that the kick starter uses. It should come off with a lot of patience and determination just don't hurt the gasket surfaces.
  15. xjz

    header I.D.question

    88-90 XR600R's came from the factory with a stainless header but it was a dual header all the way back to the muffler. I'm not aware of any other stock headers being stainless for the 600, although I do believe most if not all the aftermarket headers are stainless or at least not a flat black.