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  1. I'm too heavy with gear for my stock KTM 350 EXC suspension. At 210 with gear I can't get close to the right rider sag without cranking up the pre-load to point where I have less than 1/2 inch of static sag. I'm told I have to move up 2 sizes from stock springs. My question is do I have to re-valve? I've been told that I should after changing springs but not sure why. The manual talks about upping or dropping spring weights but there is no mention of re-valve requirement.
  2. T30

    Fried Clutch XR400R

    As the title says, I fried my clutch today on my 96 XR400R. Lucky for me I was still able to limp along for 40 miles to get back on the highway to my house. It took quite a bit of finness since each time I reached a rise in the roadway if I wasn't carful about the power the engine would just race. Don't know the history of this clutch since I bought the bike used. It's plated so I've been dual sporting with it and riding off road in some nasty and thick woods. I'm sure the engine heat was high which may have contributed to the degradation. Add in 90 plus heat, high humidity and treacherous brush whacking and it doesn't suprize me its toast. Ordered Barnett Kevlar friction plates and the Barnett steel drive plates. I've had great luck with this set up on my 650 so I figured I'd give this try on the 400.
  3. T30

    XR400 Fork Springs Length

    Thanks guys. I have a lathe so making spacers is nothing. But I'd like to have something that allows me to get the best out of the bike.
  4. Does anyone make aftermarket fork springs for the XR400 that are the same or close to the same length as the Honda OE fork springs? Everything I've seen is shorter.
  5. T30

    What Did You Do To Your XR Today . . . .

    Cracked my kickstand tab while kickstarting and then rode it 40 miles of single track to include a crash on a down hill. Scratches here and there and pinched my throttled cables on my Vapor mount during the crash, that's about it.
  6. T30

    Front Brake Switch on DS kit

    Check the leads for power in and out or use your multi meter to check Ohms with hydraulic pressure applied and without.
  7. T30

    What Did You Do To Your XR Today . . . .

    I swapped out my Emgo rear view mirror for the Sean Ken on my plated XR400. They look identical but the glass is quite different. Emgo is a regular mirror but the Sean Ken glass gives you substantially more field of view.
  8. T30

    Rear Wheel Bearing Life

    Depends on may things. If you set the bike up right and stay out of dirty water and deep mud they should last quite a long time. For example I got 40,000 out of the rear bearings on my heavily modded DR650. I ride that bike off and on road quite a bit but I also keep it reasonably clean. Just ride it the XR. If your not mud bogging check them every time you swap tires. My 96 XR400 needed new rear bearings when I got it last year but who knows how this 19 year old bike was ridden and in what. In addition this bike was not kept inside so corrosion was rampant on the bearings.
  9. T30

    Honda XR250R & XR400R Pictures

    Here's mine. Just about done with all the mods, for now anyway.
  10. T30

    Fork Springs XR400

    Thanks. I think that's the approach I'm going to take on the springs. I've already experienced going hog wild with spring rates on one bike and that really sucked.
  11. T30

    My rebuild of my xr400

    I have the stock one from a 96. The restrictor has been pulled out but the spark arrestor is still there and I also have the restrictor if you want to re-install it. $75 bucks shipped
  12. T30

    My rebuild of my xr400

    I have the same year bike. Picked mine up but paid quite a bit more since it was titled. Good find and good buy!!! I just spent about as much as I paid for the bike on parts to get it modernized. In never ends.........
  13. There is some chatter in some threads about the BD harness/switch not having the right gauge wire to handle the full AC high output voltage and that's why BD go's direct to AC only regulator then headlight on their instruction with hi/lo control via relay. Anyone know if there is any truth to this issue? If so could some kind of resistor and fusing on the AC side be used to keep it tame? I'm not an "electrowize" kind of guy. All suggestions welcomed. I want a 200 watt AC stator but I want to keep my handle bar on/low/hi headlight switch.
  14. I did the same thing and added a button kill switch as well using the added leads. Do you have a standard stator and if so how's the lighting? Mine sucks when the head light runs. No way my tail light would pass muster, its barely visible when the flashers are used.
  15. Does anyone know if I use a high out put AC stator and run it through the BD harness so I can control the light with my handle bar switch, is there anything else I need to add to the connections to make it work? I'll be using the BD DC regulator/rectifier for the tail light and turn signals but not the headlight. It appears the BD instructions are for a dual wound AC DC stator, not a high output AC only and it disconnects the headlight power from the handlebar switch. It also re-uses the OE AC regulator and the headlight always comes on when running the bike. some of the eBay vendors sell an ac regulator along with the high output stator and I'm wondering if its a must do.