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  1. I wasn't aware that the yz system put out so many watts. I just hear horror stories about burnt out stators leaving guys stranded in the hills. When set up as a dune bike, the bike temporarily dies for a split second when I switch on my two fans. I wonder if a battery would cure that, I can't imagine that is too good for the system. I didn't figure the wiring would be quite that simple, I have heard talk of having to use diodes and other components. If I do try this out, I will just grab the battery out of my WR to start with.
  2. I should have mentioned this is a 2012 model. So everything is spliced into the stock DC system, via baja designs harness.
  3. I worry about the generator in my turbo YZ (snowbike). Besides the fuel injection system, it is powering my secondary injection system, Koso multi-gauge, sometimes a radiator fan, sometimes my MCX data logger and I need to get a headlight, hand warmers would be nice too. I would like to mount a battery and wire it into the system so I don't have to worry about my stator burning up out in the woods. Has anyone done this? I am sure the wiring cant be as simple as I am thinking. Just wire the battery into the same harness I pull the rest of my power from, and have a switch? Obviously the injection system would be live at all times when the switch was on. Would this cause any problems? I also wonder if the battery would be at risk of over charging when I'm not using a bunch of juice? Electricians, I need your help! Thanks
  4. I have not had any problems with my ugly welds! I do have problems though, with the silencer gasket. I am using the stock silencer gasket and pipe end as a joint because i could not weld Ti to steel. I also thought it would be a good place for things to flex, to prevent the pipe from cracking. I have went through three or four of those gaskets, the exhaust pressure just eats them away. Does anyone know where i can get a better quality gasket? I know you can get solid copper joint gaskets for yamahas 4 stroke sleds. I haven't had any problems with the actual header gasket.
  5. here is a video from early last season, it has came a long ways since then, but you can get an idea
  6. A buddy of mine has some, he's a little slow getting them to me. I will post them asap
  7. Just thought id give you guys an update, this summer I found an output stator, and I now have an intercooler and intercooler fan. I sized up my whole filter/intake and charge tube system. Went to the dunes a few weeks back and the improvement was amazing. The bike pulls incredibly harder. It likes to stomp on full blown mod CR 500s that probably weigh 100 pounds less than me. I was running at 18-22 pounds, I am thinking about taking my efficiency further with bigger valves, cnc head porting and possibly Carb porting. It would be nice to have the same horsepower at about 15 pounds. Anyone have any advise on efficiency mods I could do?
  8. Yes I have read the manual. I know about the idle screw on the throttle body, but the manual says nothing about it. At my elevation I have the screw turned all the way in so it idles high enough. That makes it so the handle doesn't pull out very far when you need it for cold starts. It seems like its not designed for too high of elevation. My 2010 yz was the same way
  9. I got the ECU and it starts almost every time under PERFECT conditions. I haven't went up in elevation and gotten into any shit holes to see how it starts under not so good conditions yet.
  10. The direct drive lock out clutch got rid of my clutch slip. Does anyone know how to calculate air flow CFM for a 450? I know it wont be exact because RPM and boost psi will vary... i just need an idea because i am looking at intercoolers.
  11. i ordered one today. does anyone know if the GYTR power tuner is the same from the YZ450 to the WR
  12. Yes I did forget to mention that I have taken the air box plug out, put a bigger tip in the silencer and taken off the throttle stop. I believe the 2012 might be the same way because it turns over a few times and fires but then goes dead for a few turns again. I will have to look into that thread and see if the same trick will work in the 2012.
  13. I have a 2012 wr 450 but this has been an issue with past years of WRs also. When trying to start my bike using the electric start, it rarely starts. After cranking on it for a while, one kick of the kick start will fire it right up. I have seen this same scenario with 450s and 250s from past years. I have heard that this can be fixed by moving the flywheel sensor closer to the flywheel. I first checked to make sure that lack of spark was my problem. I used a timing light and came to the conclusion that the electric start must not be turning the engine fast enough to trigger the sensor. Has anyone else had this problem and attempted to fix it? P.S. My battery is good and fully charged and I do have my idle set properly.
  14. the parts fich says the only the clutch boss is the same from the yfz to the yz. but i have heard you can put a yz clutch pack in the yfz. so i beleive i could use a yfz locker. I was looking at a Direct Drive CNC locker.. sounds like what i need? I also need to check if the covers are the same, as long as the gaskets match on the parts fich the cool direct drive cover will bolt right up
  15. Ill have to look into those clutches before spring. Who makes locker clutches? Yes I'm still running the stock carb. I just have a pitit tube in the intake tract