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  1. Time Left: 22 days and 19 hours

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    Putting my feelers out to see if anyone is interested in a set of 2011 KTM WP Twin Chamber forks from a 2011 350SXF. These forks are far from stock. The lowers are DLC coated with hard anodized fork lugs. The uppers are Kashima coated. I had these on my 2012 KTM250XC and 2015 Husky 250TC. Complete setup for 2 stroke with revalve and springs for a 170lb B level racer by 707 Racing Suspension in Rohnert Park, CA. Of course there is wear and some cosmetic nicks and scraps on the uppers but the lowers are near perfect. The axle lugs have normal scraps from hitting rocks and such from off road riding. I also have the stock triple clamps (22mm offset), front wheel, axle, brake rotor and brake caliper. Basically a complete front end off a 2011 350SXF. These are by far the best forks I have ever had on any of my bikes. I used these in place of my 4cs and what a difference it made on my 2015 TC250 Husky. I put new seals and oil in these back in May. Rode with them once and now have been sitting in my garage for 7 months. I sold the bike these were on so I really have no need for them. Let me know if you have any interest by sending me a PM, email, text or call. I can send pictures.


    Santa Rosa, California - US

  2. KX290F Pilot

    Beta 390RRS vs KTM 350EXC

    I have a 2014 Beta 350RR Factory. Not a great race bike but awesome dual sport. I plated mine. The Factory version comes with street wiring harness. It has everything to dual sport but the turn signals. It has a horn, brake pressure switches, rear tail light, rear brake light, front running light and high and low beam. Also has the turn signal switch and relay already wired. Just add a mirror and turn signals and it looks like an RS but performs like an RR.
  3. KX290F Pilot

    350RR in Baja

    Totally funny you mention it. I was so tempted to buy a 480 from Purvines. Good price on big bore desert monsters. I ended up buying a shock from him for my 350RR.
  4. KX290F Pilot

    350RR in Baja

    Ya your spot on. I'll miss the 540. Funny I sold it because I was getting worried about reliability with so many hours now I'm worried because I don't have the power. That 540 was near 60 HP with the SuperMoto cam and 41mm carb added. The 350RR is under 50. Has me a little worried she might explode in a wash somewhere.
  5. KX290F Pilot

    What did you do to your Beta today ?

    Tore down the wheels on my 2014 350RR Factory. Wheel bearings are shot. Did some research and the bearings are 6005RS 25x47x12 double seal. The rear seals are 37x47x7 double lip. Putting on new RUBBER front and rear Dunlop Geomax AT81 and Michelin S-12. New large tank and FOX Podium shock on the way. I hope this bike performs in the Desert OK.
  6. KX290F Pilot

    350RR in Baja

    I'm making the trek to Baja to warm up a bit next month. I usually take my trusty 2008 540RR. I sold that bike and now have the 2014 350RR Factory for the Adventure. I was curious if anyone has taken the small bore Beta South of the Border to Baja. My main concern is ridability in the sand washes. I've never taken this bike into the desert and was hoping for some reassurance it's going to perform OK before I get there. Just post your desert experience on 350RR's
  7. KX290F Pilot

    What was your path to Beta?

    The things I decide to do on a rainy Saturday morning. I jumped onto TT to look for a rally tank for my 350RR Factory for as Baja trip and found this. My list is somewhat long but was fun. Starting at age 7 seems crazy but it started there. 74 Honda Trail 50 ( I beat this bike into a pile of broken parts. Was supposed to be shared with my sister.) 76 Honda SL125 (Heavy pig I could not jump.) 77 Suzuki RM125 (Light switch power band but boy I could jump that bike) 81 Suzuki RM125 (Holy Grail of MX with Full Floater back then. Funny my new MTB comes with nearly same suspension in back with the same name.) 84 Suzuki RM125 (Same as 1981 just no power but railed corners.) 88 YZ250 (Crazy fast but didn't turn. Became great friends with the guy I bought it from. RIP Tiger Slug,) 91 KTM 125SX (Fastest 125 I ever owned but crappy clutch) 92 KTM 250SX (Left over Mike Fisher SX bike. Way fast should have kept this one,) 95 KTM 300MXC (Good bike but bad 45mm Zoke forks,) 97 KTM 250SX (First year of orange. Worse 50mm Zoke forks.) 00 KTM 200EXC (Awesome trail bike with great motor. Hated PDS though.) 03 Honda CRF450R (Crap. I was on my head too many times with this bike and the valves sucked. 6 months and gone.) 04 YZ250 2 Smoke (One of the best bikes ever. Do it all bike. Had to sell for Medical bills.) 05 KX250 2 Smoke (Left over from my sons racing. Weird bike I could never get dialed in.) 07 KX250F (Back to 4 stroke. Great bike I highly modified to 290. My TT call sign) 08 Beta 400RR (My son started to race for a local Beta Dealer. He gave me a screaming deal. Great Enduro bike. I was hooked) 08 Beta 540RR (My son's left over 450RR race bike that he was just to fast for. Blown top end so I put a 540 kit on. Great DEZ/Baja bike.) 11 Triumph 800XC (Decided I needed more Adventure in my life. Still have this great motorcycle.) 12 KTM 250XC (Got more serious about Enduro racing. This bike got me to the Expert Class. Great bike) 14 Beta 350RR Factory (It just looked so damn Sexy. Had to have it. Good bike just wish it didn't have Zokes. Still got it and dual sported it out) 15 Husky TC250 (Mid life crisis bike. Damn this thing is fast 52 HP 2 stroke. Wish I could ride it more.)
  8. KX290F Pilot

    Post Beta for sale from anywhere here

    Sold this 540 today. Went to a good home where it will get the attention that it needs.
  9. KX290F Pilot

    Post Beta for sale from anywhere here

    Thanks. It's has been hard for me to sell my toys but I just can't ride them right now. They sit in the garage and collect dust. I think I found a good home for my 540 last night. No doubt this was one of my most favorite bikes of all time.
  10. KX290F Pilot

    Post Beta for sale from anywhere here

    Unfortunately I've got to sell my tried and true beast of a dual sport. My 2008 450RR . Pumped to 540 with Supermoto Cam and Carb. Lots of extra stuff with it. http://sfbay.craigslist.org/nby/mcy/5445279659.html
  11. KX290F Pilot

    Post Beta for sale from anywhere here

    Unfortunately I've got to sell my tried and true beast of a dual sport. My 2008 450RR . Pumped to 540 with Supermoto Cam and Carb. Lots of extra stuff with it. http://sfbay.craigslist.org/nby/mcy/5445279659.html
  12. KX290F Pilot

    Beta 350 rr ... long term report

    2014 Factory 350RR. I like the bike a lot. It is not perfect but a lot of fun to ride. At first I was disappointed in the Zoke forks but after some tweaking got them working pretty well. They come with to much free bleed and were hard to tune. I removed the rebound free bleed and played with oil levels and oil types and found a happy place with them. The Zokes started leaking prematurely so I replaced the fork seals with only 25 hours on the bike using SKF 48mm KYB seals. The Sachs shock still bugs me. It kicks in the rear a lot off square edge stuff. It has been revalved but still has the kick on square edge. I think the piston in the reservoir is the culprit and plan on putting a bladder in next service. The bike handles really well and the engine is very good. So far the only complaint is the air filter. It is too tightly fit and rubs on the air box cover making me nervous that the edge will open and let dust in. I've seen dust in the boot a couple of times and think the cover rub is the culprit. I guess they improved this in 2015. So far I have not had to adjust the valves. The bike starts up perfect every time. This even after I drowned the bike once in a creek crossing. The engine is the bikes strong point so far. I was a little bent that I had to come up with my own kit for putting in a Rekluse but I think the info I gave American Beta and Rekluse helped fix that problem for other 2014 Factory 350RR owners. I wish I could ride more but some injuries and surgery have side lined me a bunch this past year. Hoping 2016 allows me to get out and ride the Beta more. The bike only has 60 hours total so far and shows no sign of needing engine work. It consumes very little crankcase oil. I have to say the bike catches everyone's eye. I get asked a lot "what brand bike is that?" Most guys don't even know there is a company called Beta. Kinda reminds me of my days riding my 1990-1992 KTMs. Look at KTM now. Maybe Beta will get more popular soon but in my area still pretty unknown which is funny because the importer is only a few hours drive away.
  13. After a couple of hours reconfiguring things back and forth to no avail and throwing about every wrench in my tool box I found out if you take a Scotts Steering Damper off your old Beta and try to put it on your new Beta it won't fit. I was taking my Scotts off my 2008 540RR that utilizes a Fastway bar/damper mount and putting it on my 2014 350RR Factory with a Fastway bar/damper mount and could not get it to line up in any bar clamp configuration. The damper arm is just a little to short, 8mm to be exact. Totally frustrated I called Fastway and they informed me it takes a part from Scotts to fix the problem. I called Scotts and they figured out right away that the newer Betas with the 48mm forks with 23mm triple clamp offset need a longer arm. The part is referred to as a Plus 8 Link Arm. Got that on order now. I will post how it fits when I get the new arm. Guess I will have to ride again without a damper for another weekend. Looked through the threads and have not noticed anyone else having this problem yet. Guess everyone else just orders a new damper for their new bike and don't transfer the damper between bikes. So now for me to transfer between bikes I would have to change the arm out every time too. And I thought it would all be so easy.
  14. KX290F Pilot

    2014 48MM CC Zokes Quality

    Sorry I don't have the part number. I threw the boxes out in the trash. I will ask the tuner I bought them from and post later.
  15. KX290F Pilot

    2014 48MM CC Zokes Quality

    I like the KYB's a lot, but the 2007 KX450F set I have don't fit as well as they did on my 2008 540RR. The steering stem on the 2014 350RR triples is slightly longer and don't allow me to bring the KYB's up in the clamps enough. I put them on and rode one time and the geometry was off and I could not bring the upper tubes up in the clamps to correct it. The machined area on the upper tube was at the very bottom of its clamping area for the lower triple and the top was all the way to the top of the upper triple. I have a set of Emig 22mm offset billet triple clamps I could use, but am having problems with finding a steering stem the proper length. The action on the KYB's is better than the Zokes but I have the KYB's valved for high speed desert for Baja and need to tear them down and revalve again for trail riding setup and find a steering stem..