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  1. TN2Wheeler

    Getting back into dual purpose biking,KLR vs.DR650......

    I've owned both. The KLR is a better street bike. The DR is a better dirt bike. There are far more performance upgrades for the DR, it's noticeably lighter and it takes a fall much better than the Kaw. The DR is my choice but I understand why some people who just want a comfortable dirt road bike prefer the KLR.
  2. TN2Wheeler

    Battery jumpstarter good idea or not

    The VR/R capacity IS relevant when jump starting from a larger vehicle because it will try to control the voltage applied to the electrical system from the external source. If that voltage and current is from a high capacity charging system like an automobile it will quickly overheat and destroy itself. That's why you do not want to jump start a motorcycle from a running automobile. If the car engine is off the voltage is only 12.6 volts and is safe.
  3. TN2Wheeler

    98 cartridge forks (question)

    Sections 16 (DR350W) and 17 (DR350 W/X and DR350SEW/SEX) of the Factory Service Manual has complete instuctions for servicing these forks (including the diagram shown in the previous post). The Suzuki manual adds year models as sequential sections but does not repeat earlier sections when there is no change.
  4. TN2Wheeler

    Battery jumpstarter good idea or not

    I have these SAE connectors on all my bikes and use inexpensive float chargers from harbor freight to maintain the batteries when stored. I also discharge the battery slightly from time to time by turning on the light for a few minutes just to cycle it. The connector is wired directly to the battery and doubles as a source for my electric vest when the weather is chilly.
  5. TN2Wheeler

    Valvoline SynPower in DR 650 ?

    Diesel oil (Rotella, Devron, etc) is inexpensive and works great in bikes with wet clutches.
  6. TN2Wheeler

    Battery jumpstarter good idea or not

    Any 12 volt battery, or jump starter for that matter, can be used to start the bike without damage. What you do not want to do is jump start it from a larger vehicle that is running. A car electrical system generates around 14 volts and has far more current capacity than the small voltage regulator of DR can handle safely. So, if you jump it off from a car do so with the engine off. Most likely the reason your battery is unreliable is because you have run it dead several times by leaving the tail light on. Lead acid batteries, particularly the small ones used in motorcycles, do not tolerate being run completely dead repeatedly. The plates sulfonate and never quite recover. Bottom line - You need a new battery. I have had excellent experience with the inexpensive AGM batteries sold by chromebattery.com. Their battery for the DR650 is less than $30 delivered in the USA. If the DR were my only transportation I would consider buying a new one every year at that price. Also, perhaps your riding distance is not sufficient to recharge the battery after starting. Extended use in city traffic will deplete the battery also since they charging system can't keep up with turn signals and brake lights at idle. Sounds to me as if you are a candidate for some type of battery tender or float charger when parking overnight.
  7. TN2Wheeler

    2008 DR650 completely dead

    Color coded, annotated wiring diagram is here
  8. TN2Wheeler

    screw fell into frame

    Don't sweat it. There are no moving parts in there and you'll never hear it riding. People are always fretting over sealing up that damn chain roller hole. The frame has lots of holes in it including open drain holes under the engine.
  9. TN2Wheeler

    Dr 350 decompression lever not working

    You need to adjust the decomp cable
  10. TN2Wheeler

    DR350 - swap TM33 boot for early BST33 boot?

  11. TN2Wheeler

    Need a new carb for my dr 350

    Stock dirt model 90-99 DR350 (not the S or SE). This might help. http://www.thumpertalk.com/index.php?/topic/1107471-DR350---swap-TM33-boot-for-early-BST33-boot?
  12. TN2Wheeler

    Need a new carb for my dr 350

    Suzuki or a salvage yard. You'll need part numbers. Get those from online parts diagrams (i.e. Mrcycles.com)
  13. TN2Wheeler

    Brake pads for 98-99 DR350SE DR350

    Changing out the pads is not a bad idea but, FWIW, this model has pretty crappy brakes. If you're coming to the DR350 from any sort of modern street bike you're likely to be disappointed by the brakes.
  14. You can bypass either or both. Many people do. Personally I like having the clutch interlock but find the side stand switch a pain. Search for bypass dr350 sidestand switch. The quick and dirty fix is to just cut the wires to the switch and connect them together. However there is actually a relay (which can fail) you can bypass for a cleaner and more reliable solution.
  15. Please clarify. Does the starter not spin or does it spin and the engine won't start? If the former I would suspect the safety interlock circuit. Most likely the clutch lever switch or the notorious side stand safety switch.