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  1. baja9928

    keithsburgh d22 hs hype

    Does that mean you're going to be there? It was -8 on the way in to work, I hope it warms up a little.
  2. baja9928

    keithsburgh d22 hs hype

    I'll be there tomorrow from noon to 4, stop by and say hi.
  3. baja9928

    2006/2007 leaking gas cap issue?

    They've given me a cap that was better 4 times now.
  4. baja9928

    2006/2007 leaking gas cap issue?

    Yeah after 2 years Now hopefully they get a REAL fix for '08.
  5. baja9928

    06 200 xc w jetting

    Click here and go to page 65.
  6. baja9928

    Quick i need an answer

    So.......... it's not a 2 stroke then
  7. baja9928

    Knee Brace

    Well if you don't have them fit properly you might not ever get used to them and you'll wind up rubbing sores on your legs. I was using Thor knee guards before which were bulky and I could hardly get my pants over them. They sucked, it was harder to keep my knees gripping the bike for some reason. The Asterisks fit me perfect. You said they were restrictive in movement, what did you mean by that? It's all adjustable.
  8. baja9928

    Knee Brace

    Are you sure you have the right size and have them properly adjusted? They have a measurement chart on their website that you need to figure out what size to buy. Once you get them read the instructions, you may have to tweak them with the Allen wrench supplied. After I have mine on for 2 minutes I don't even notice they are there. As far as not fitting in your boots, what type of boot do you wear? Can you get longer buckle straps?
  9. baja9928

    If you own a 2 stroke,please reply once.

    So how many people on this site have them?
  10. baja9928

    Motoland Can't wait

    RKP, clean out your PM inbox!
  11. baja9928

    RIP-"The Gitch" aka Rich Horstmeyer

    Sorry to hear this, what a drag, he was way too young to go. Condolences to his family and friends. Gitch was pretty cool with all of us in the midwest forum, sucks we never got to hook up for a ride anywhere.
  12. baja9928

    Motoland Can't wait

    Such anger in this thread... I would love to ride at Motoland.
  13. I grew up on a duck farm and I never heard one echo. Maybe East or West Coast ducks are different though.
  14. Aw man, you're no fun!