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  1. crf250r04

    Moving to North Carolina

    Thanks for the replies. I don’t think I will be taking up golf, I just might have to make the drive west every so often. Otherwise there seem to be few places near by where I can at least ride and get my fix.
  2. crf250r04

    Moving to North Carolina

    I am moving to North Carolina sometime around November. Me and my family plan to live around Wispering pines/Southern pines. I will be coming from Washington state. I was wondering what Woods rinding is available/single track and areas to camp with a family.
  3. crf250r04

    Capital Forest single track?

    If you show up at smuggler you will get to ride some new singletrack we built.
  4. crf250r04

    2016 smuggler poker run July 30 and 31st

    Today is the last day to pre register for a discounted price
  5. Come out to the Tacoma Trail Cruisers 43rd annual smuggler poker run in Capitol forest on July 30 and 31st. Long course 55 miles with some brand new single track. (Bikes only) Short course 25 miles First place prize $750 Second place $500 Third place $250 There will also be raffle and contingency prizes available. You can see the flyer and more details at tacomatrailcruisers.org
  6. crf250r04

    Good ktm dealer in western WA?

    My vote goes to Eric at Nw European cycles
  7. crf250r04

    Naches Poker run this Sunday the 26th

    What are the elevation ranges?
  8. crf250r04

    42nd annual Smuggler Poker Run

    Bump With the weather expected for tomorrow the riding conditions should be great!!
  9. The 42nd annual Smuggler Poker Run will be held August 15th and 16th -There will be prizes all the way to 10th place this year -1st place prize is a Honda EU2000i Generator(no substitutions) -Cash prizes from 2nd to 10th place -Short course is approximately 30 miles set up for beginner and intermediate riders -Long course approximately 55 miles set up for experienced rider(bikes only on long course) You can sign up and see the flyer at tacomatrailcruisers.org. The event is held out of the Tacoma Trail Cruisers property in Capitol Forest.
  10. crf250r04

    Need your advice on a 14 250 xcw purchase

    I have a jd kit on my 14 250xcw and it works great, better fuel mileage and very little spooge now. Before the kit i could probably only get 50 miles on a tank, now I will get at least 60.
  11. crf250r04

    Green mountain

    I am headed to green mountain this weekend, I was wondering if anybody on here could tell me what it is like there. Also is the place worth checking out, or should I just head to Tahuya?
  12. crf250r04

    2015 Desert 100 Flyers and Pre-registration

    Is there no discount for pre registration this year?
  13. crf250r04

    2014 250xcw lightbulb

  14. crf250r04

    2014 250xcw lightbulb

    Has anyone mounted a cyclops led light bulb on their 250? And if they did how well did it work, also are there any other light bulb upgrades that anyone can recommend? I am looking to just upgrade tbe bulb not the whole assembly.
  15. Does anybody know where to find a bbr shock spring, I already tried bbr and they are saying it will take at least a month to get in. The part number is 660-drz-1205