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  1. roberts189

    2007 WR450 Performance Mods

    Hi I've just upgraded from a WR426 to an 08 WR450 and tbh I was abit disappointed with the lack of power in comparison. So I have been goin over the bike to do all of the free mods but have found they have all already been done. However there is no throttle stop in the carb at all but I still only have a quarter throttle? is it ment to increase to a 180 twist or is it just a case of the slide opens abit more with the yzf screw?? I am going to order a yzf screw but am just wondering about the half throttle thing?? thanks
  2. roberts189

    Poor finish on frame - Not impressed

    how did you blank off the oil holes for PC?? I have stripped my WR426 and am just contemplating how to make it all nice again??
  3. roberts189

    Grafham water (England) and beyond. 11/08/09.

    Looks like you had a fun day!! Do you know of any sites that give locations of green lanes as I want to start doin abit of green laning but dont realy know where to start. I live in Birmingham by the way so I already realise im goin to have to travel thanx
  4. roberts189

    Post Pics Of Your Supermoto!!

    Heres mine;
  5. roberts189

    New Shims, more power, strange noise??

    I did notice the other day when I forgot to take the bung out wen kicking it there is a slight leek in the joint. So im guessing that its running rich and the popping is caused by the exhaust leak? il try sealing the exhaust and leaning it up abit and il let u know how I get on. Thanks for the help
  6. roberts189

    New Shims, more power, strange noise??

    I've checked the timing and im sure its right, I havn't even turned the exhaust cam to YZF timing. My exhaust header is glowing quite bright too. Without sounding too stupid could someone please tell me where the mixture screw is on my carb?
  7. I've recently changed my shims to gain the desired valve clearence and developed a starting problem where my 426 would only fire for a split second. I think this was due to over fueling so have adjusted the mixture to lean it up today but even with the adjusted mixture I get a crackling, popping noise when im not on the throttle. My friend seems to think this is normal but my bike never used to sound this way and the revs seem to stick for a couple of seconds after releasing the throttle. Are these symptoms of it still being too rich? please help
  8. roberts189

    Strange Starting Problem

    I've tried a new plug and fresh fuel but it made no difference but Im starting to think its an over fueling problem so im going to have a play with the mixture and Il keep you posted, thanx guys
  9. roberts189

    Strange Starting Problem

    Hi guys, recently my WR426 has developed a problem where sometimes it starts frist kick hot or cold as normal but others will only fire for a split second and just will not fire up. I have changed the valve clearences, cleaned out the jets and float bowl but am still having the same problem. Im begining to think its possibly an electrical problem but it has the symtoms of a fuel shortage. Has anyone had this problem or know what could be causing it? Thanks
  10. roberts189

    making the WR road capable?

    Good advice thanx, Il bare that in mind when im next on the road
  11. roberts189

    making the WR road capable?

    Does anyone know what the symtoms of the gearbox problems are that are meant to develop from too much road use and steady riding?
  12. roberts189

    making the WR road capable?

    I braught my WR a cupla months ago and it already had the excel supermotos on with a smaller rear sprocket (cant remember exact size). Iv changed the oil regulary since iv owned it n its been fine, not all that comfertable but I dont go on long journeys. The nobblies I got with it were brand new so im not entirely sure how much offroad use the bikes had, my guess is not alot but now I think its scared of the track because it seems to throw a wobly evertime I go and then be fine when I get home?? lol
  13. roberts189

    Why wouldnt my WR426 Start?

    Yes the bike had compression although the decomp lever seemed to be softer than usual. I checked for a spark and it had a strong spark. I just find it wierd that for the rest of the day it just would not start or if it did it would just fire for a split second but then the day after started first kick? I can normally start this bike first or second kick whether its hot cold or been dropped.
  14. roberts189

    Why wouldnt my WR426 Start?

    Hi I recently went to an enduro track on my WR and road for about 15mins before it cut out half way up a hill, I dropped the bike on its side and rolled down the hill but after this it just would not start with any combination of choke or hot start or neither. I thaught maybe the Valves had zero'd but after getting it home the day after it started first kick. Has anyone had this happen to them?? or know wot could have stopped it from starting for a day?? Thanx
  15. roberts189

    HotCam install question

    Yeh I think being able to kick it without the leaver would make things easier, did you just take your leaver off when you installed the new cam? because mine is part of the clutch leaver. Wot is the break in proceadure, jus take it easy for a cupla hours?? Thanx for the info