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  1. ECEA is a good start for Enduro and Hare Scramble info and finding guys to ride with. This place will be opening soon, not too far away - http://www.anthraciteadventure.com/pages/ And like listed above, Lost Trails isn't too bad, but more expensive.
  2. 53fireman

    Traxx ,Jack Frost, PA

    You can check out Lost Trails though, maybe even a little closer for you. Rocky, but good trails, you'll enjoy it. www.ridelosttrails.com
  3. 53fireman

    Riders in PA please Watch!

    Did a little quick research, and this trespassing thing always comes up and is kind of a mystery as to who and where they cite you. We're not mindreaders, so if the land isn't posted, how are you supposed to know? Anyway, good luck, and followup after your hearing. I'd also say it depends on how they wrote it up. ATV loophole might work, and if they just said "trespassing", then you could try the fight from the law and case law below... If you look up the trespass code - here 18 Pa.C.S. §3503( it says you're trespassing if you disobey a communication, posting, fence, etc... also, if you look at this case law - here Commonwealth v Sweeley, thought not quite the same kind of issue, lol. It says in section 433 - If no precaution was taken, no reasonable expectation of privacy would exist, because such precautions are required to make a trespasser a defiant trespasser as defined in 18 Pa.C.S. §3503(. If the precautions are not taken, public policy mandates a presumption that open lands are available for use by the public. Open lands that are not posted or fenced off are presumed open for recreational use by the public, especially in rural counties where hunting and outdoor activities are common. Therefore, this court finds that an owner of open land who takes any precaution similar to those set forth in 18 Pa.C.S. §3503( has a protected privacy interest under Article I, Section 8 in open fields which are not in open view to anyone on surrounding land or a reasonable distance above the land. Since no precautions were taken to exclude trespassers in this case, defendant could not have had a reasonable expectation of privacy.
  4. 53fireman

    12T front sprocket bad?

    I have an '08 and have been running a 12T front and 50T rear for about 2 years now. We ride mostly single track that I'm in 2nd gear a lot for. 1st is nice for a quick, steep uphill, but I haven't had any problems. I do keep an eye on it, and have replaced my chain slider and chain guide in the rear once in 3 years....
  5. 53fireman

    WR250f "Normal" Chain Noise?

    I use 3 fingers just like you showed in your first post...
  6. 53fireman

    Bother with oil screen?

    I took mine out and checked it the first oil change and it was perfectly clean. Was a real pain, so I haven't taken it out since. Maybe will try again on the next oil change.
  7. 53fireman

    WR250f "Normal" Chain Noise?

    It's pretty normal. The silicone will definitely help, put it on the top and bottom of the swingarm under the chain slider.
  8. 53fireman

    what year yz250f exhaust fits 08wr250f?

    My WR is an '08 and I got an '08 YZ pipe and and it fit right onto my header fine. You just need to either get the WR's gasket where the pipe fits over the header out (carefully), or get a new one.
  9. 53fireman

    Riding Clubs...chester county area

    Valley Forge Trail Riders (http://www.vftr.org) is a good club with good people. We meet on the 3rd Thursday at 8pm at Valley Forge Fire Co. I can get you a contact email if you're interested. They run an Enduro and Harescramble up in Schuylkill County, and go on plenty of group rides.
  10. I want to replace my beaten Alpinestars boots with a new pair of tcx pro 2.1s. The water is cold in there! beat boots by 53fireman
  11. 53fireman

    Delete post please

    well.... what kind of favor ya talking??
  12. 53fireman

    yamaha wr 250f 2009 problems

    I run a 12 tooth in the front and ride a lot of single track and tight stuff, and it works out great, you could try that. However, it sounds like you're not dealing with a lack of power in general but a dead spot, so I would think something with the carb could be giving an issue. Re check the jetting, ask your shop what exactly they put in and do some research on here to see if you're needle and jets are jiving with what others with your elevation, temps, and riding type are using...
  13. I just switched to Progressive as well, better prices than the 2 different companies I had before for my ATV and bike. Much higher coverage too.
  14. 53fireman

    Am I going to be disappointed

    I think if you do the free mods, get a good air filter, jet it, and even just a YZ exhaust (way cheaper if you don't want to buy an FMF or similar), and you will be quite happy and surprised how the bike is.
  15. 53fireman

    WR250f Intro and Help

    Sorry man, I forget, I think I cut mine to a total length of 25mm. O-ring link - http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=624773