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  1. Hello there, I have an o8 RMZ250. The bike runs fine with no problems.The bike starts no problems when cold. What is happening is that the when the engine is hot it is difficult to start. I had to up the tick over to get it to start and even then it was a hassle. This came out yesterday as i was riding in deep sand and stalled a few times. This problem may have been there for a while.It starts ok if i leave it a little while but when i was trying to kick it almost straight after stalling(hottest engine temp i imagine) it was not having none of it. I have done the following... Clean filter. checked valve clearences Hot start lever not stuck. Before i strip down the carb does anyone have any pointers for me as to what the problem could be. Thank you in advance:thumbsup:
  2. Both me and my mate have had the same problems on the cam oil side bearings. The bikes are regularly serviced and checked using torque wrenches to nip etc. The cams seem to nip up on the aluminimum, causing the bike to stall. luckily my mate was lucky and it was just sat at the gate on idle. Very strange as both bike were well oiled with no previous problems... on talking to Zoom factory they say they see it usually on the exhaust side from over heating from too smaller valve clearences. I know this was a problem on earlier models. Ours are 08 models.... have Suzuki really sorted an old problem?? Anyone else experienced this???
  3. mantaylor

    top end rebuild question

    I got a flywheel puller off ebay for £18. It will cost you more then that if you F"£$ up your flywheel or anything else and that area.!!!
  4. mantaylor

    2008 RMZ 250 Oil coming from crankcase Breather pipe.

    Remember your metal strainers too!!
  5. mantaylor

    Ready for some eye candy?!

    droooooooooooooooolllllllllllllll !!!!!!!!!!!
  6. mantaylor

    2008 Rmz250 question

    Im 6-3" and weigh 190lbs and ride a 08 RMZ. The bike has been fine for me. As said about the suspension been a bit soft, i put a little more oil in the outer tubes to stiffen the landings up and all has been well since then. Get one purchased!!!....lol
  7. mantaylor

    Stock cam chain or after market??

  8. mantaylor

    Stock cam chain or after market??

    Im about to purchase a new cam chain on my 08 RMZ Which chain is better to fit?? Im currently running a stock chain. If an after market chain is better.What make of chain would it be best to replace it with? Cheers.
  9. mantaylor

    Red Sprockets?

    powder coating would wear off after about 3 revolutions of the sproket!!!! lol
  10. mantaylor

    dirty oil on new bike

    Eveyone has their own opinion on this and sure it cant hurt doing more frequent oil changes, but it states in the manual that the oil filter needs to be changed every 12 hours and the oil every 6.
  11. mantaylor

    Can a cam chain be measured for wear/stretch?

    Thanks for the great info. :-)
  12. Just wondered if there is a set length that the RMZ cam chain should be between pins. I have had a scan through the manual but it does not give any figures. It gives figures for every thing else under the sun. The drive chain has a set length for wear (sketchy ground i know). Just wondered if there is other checks as well as the way it sits on the cam teeth etc. This i for general maintenance checks. Thanx.
  13. mantaylor

    07 still smoking....?

    Would you always get excessive residue left behind if it was too much fuel burning???
  14. mantaylor

    07 rmz-250 cases?

    The crack happened to my bike exactly the same. I was well aware of the threads stripping so always took care.Threads did not strip it just cracked!!!! You have to make sure you change the sealing washer regular as it compresses every time you nip up the plug.Also wire the plug if you paranoid of it dropping out. I have had mine welded as Mike says and it has been fine ever since. Hell of a lot cheaper then buying new cases. Apperently there can be a high silicone content in the aluminium from the casting process so you need to get a welder who has welded it before. Hope that helps.... Lee
  15. mantaylor

    07 still smoking....?

    Well my theory is now out the window...lol What state is the spark plug in, that may give you some clues as to how the bike is runnning (lean etc)