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  1. Zuminazx

    What MX gear to buy and what to skip?

    EVS TP199 pads/braces, EVS glider elbow pads
  2. The UMX's hitch tube only protrudes from the receiver about 8", your typical ramp style is 3-4 times that amount.
  3. I love my UMX. I don't have any of the issues others have described but I have done some setup to avoid pitfalls. It's important to: use a skid plate which is perfectly flat on the bottom, determine which footpeg hole balances the bike best and use it for the cross pins/bolts, strap the bar down to the loop, ensure your stabilizer pin is tight, and assemble the carrier pivot points to the point where they no longer move then turn the nuts out about 1/4 turn or when then start to move again with slight resistance. It's ok if the platform does not lower without a bike or you standing on it, it's designed to lower with the weight of the machine not the weight of the platform alone. I have used the rail haulers in the past and they all suffer from excessive sway, bulky to store, placing compression on the suspension, the bike will be a total loss in the event of a strap failure, and you drag them constantly on bumps/driveways/etc. I also purchased a dedicated motorcycle mover with air ride rear suspension which makes life a lot easier than dealing with sagging suspension when loaded and sway on the highway.
  4. Zuminazx

    New 2017 450FX Owner/Build up

    It's very grippy on the sides and is passively firm which makes for solid body contact. It does not have the hard, pentagonal edges which I didn't care for with the stock seat as the seam irritated my thighs on long, sit-possible rides. I'll be in your area this weekend riding warner valley. I was able to sneak my tusk hose guard back on behind the skid plate for lateral hose protection.
  5. Zuminazx

    New 2017 450FX Owner/Build up

    No leaks, they were a bit stiff at first but loosed up with use.
  6. Zuminazx

    New 2017 450FX Owner/Build up

    They work well, great for making adjustments on the fly.
  7. Hyperbole aside, I agree. In reality, with careful shopping, a Jap bike can always be had for considerably less than Euro, usually without driving 15 hours across state lines or going to Canada. The proportionality is always there, MSRP or discount. I can't really comment on the pros/privateers other than to say there's little room for emphasizing value when racing. If your competitors have the latest and greatest (which the euro brands are, no doubt) you need at least the same. The 250x is a more than capable rec bike and can be raced. I believe that's the OP's general statement and purpose for this thread.
  8. Yes that's true but if you observe basic mathematics a bike that sells new for $7000 and used for $4000 is much better value than one that sell for $10k new and $5500 used. I'm not saying the 250x is a better bike. I'm merely stating it's inexpensive and able of doing more than 99% of the folks on TT are capable of.
  9. and you won't see a Honda winning the winston cup. Only idiot bench racers care about stuff like that. At the end of the day people ride whatever they're given or paid the most to ride.
  10. TPI is around 245 for the lighter XCW. You can get a 250x here for $6700 while KTM dealer's don't discount anything unless it's 2 years old and on closeout. That's all fine and good but as I pointed out a 2 year old KTM could be almost 2 generations behind a new one, which also has a drastic impact on resale (price a 2016 non CB vs 2017+ CB). The 250x's main selling point is it's cheap and reliable, so cheap that you can afford to have it and a newish 4T in the shed for the price of a new KTM.
  11. 250x suspension is bar none the best out there and it's a proven, well-known, and reliable design that's inexpensive and easy to work on. KTMs are more cutting-edge so you'll always have issues with small part changes year to year. The suspension is inferior in both an attempt to push boundaries and lose weight but that can be solved. E start, balance shaft, and TPI are neat additions however they also add 20-30lbs over the simple YZ. Yamaha won't invest in any updates or new 2T models since they're still gun shy about them being banned and losing a truckload of both investment R&D money and opportunity cost. I honestly think the 250x will be phased out in the next few years once it's shown it is truly outclassed/obsolete. However, I also own superjets and when Yamaha updated the boat in 08 after 12 years of continuous construction it was both welcomed and very unexpected. I have one of each generation and the newest is sublime. Perhaps they have something like that in store for us. In the meantime, I'll gladly pay $6500 for a 250x with dealer incentives before paying $10k for a KTM.
  12. Zuminazx

    New 2017 450FX Owner/Build up

    I ordered a set of pro carbon racing tank covers and new stomp grip to apply to them as the fuel tank outgassing and causing it t peel and bubble. Some HD 3M tape and the covers will solve the problem permanently. I have a 4 day trip coming up next week. It's been a long, cold, snowy winter here and I'm looking forward to a long season!
  13. Zuminazx

    New 2017 450FX Owner/Build up

    Erv3 chain and hitch hauler display stand
  14. Zuminazx

    New 2017 450FX Owner/Build up

    GYTR 50T and BPD guide reinforcement