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  1. where did you ride at?
  2. Aaron

    water vs. air cooled

    you would be amazed at what a good radiator shop can fix. i think the repair cost argument is not a good one.
  3. Aaron

    Standing position seems awkward.

    I have done bars (jimmy button), tall seat and fastway lowboy pegs and the difference between stock is amazing. i am 6'5"
  4. Aaron

    desert tires

    Here is the new mexican opinion.... i like the 742/756 combo. I dont like a soft tire in the front because the bike follows ruts in the sand and jerks the handlebars all over the place. 739/739 is a good combo too.
  5. Aaron

    Strongest sprockets and chain combo?

    If you ride in the mud it doesnt matter what you buy it is going to get eaten up. I would just go cheaper and replace often. Spending more money will get you a lighter rear sprocket (steel) but dont count on it lasting longer.
  6. get a good quality patch kit, like they sell for mountain bikes. Another advantage to using patches is you dont have to take the wheel off to get the tube out to patch.
  7. There is a bunch of machining oil in the crankcase. my brother and i both fowled our yz250 a few hours after we got them. I have never fouled a plug since. I rode my bike for 6 months at 5,000 ft jetted stock with no problems.
  8. Aaron

    opinions on mike alessi???

    one thing is for sure, mike is taller than RC
  9. Aaron

    MD, PA, DE, NJ - Anywhere remotely close?

    36 hours to NM if you dont stop
  10. i dunno about you guys but this is the one aspect of my riding that gets worse with experience
  11. Aaron

    NJORVP 11-6-04

    No f for me, I can't quit smoking! Here's my baby at the last desert race in socorro I need to get some more pics together. I am kind of interested in helping out any of my former NJ brethern who would like to try riding out west (torture style)
  12. Aaron

    NJORVP 11-6-04

    I will be riding for the first time at j5mx on sunday, never been on a motocross track before. It's a natural terrain track. j5mx
  13. Aaron

    NJORVP 11-6-04

    kind of like a monkey pacing back and forth in a cage
  14. Aaron

    Steel or Alloy Sprokets?

    since you are riding in the mud i would recommend steel.. alloy sprocket are better where its dry
  15. Aaron

    opinions on mike alessi???

    a nut doesnt fall far from the tree... Davi's mom is a classy gal!