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  1. cbob

    DR 650 SE - CA Model Differences

    What are the differences between CA models and other-49 state models on a 2003 Suz DR 650 SE ? I am sure there are several to limit emissions. How much of a power loss to they cause and what does it take to get it back? Best, - c bob
  2. cbob

    Looking for people and a place to ride on leave in GA

    Durhamtown would be your best bet - they have a little of everything. You can usually just show up and hook up with someone. http://www.durhamtown.com/ I might ride week after Christmas some . . . send email to cbr46@yahoo.com around that time and I'll see what's shakin. Best, - cbob
  3. On the 3rd try in GA (and 2nd DMV office) the freakin clerk highlighted the "Off Highway Use Only" on the MSO. They wouldn't even let me go through a DOT inspection process, not even through salvage. You can weld a bunch of pipes together and add a big inch V-twin that makes all kinds of socially unacceptable racket, but you can't ride your dirt bike on the street, sonny. Next bike will already be plated and titled. - c