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  1. mrgem, I would replace the plastic bashplate with an aluminum bashplate -- worth every penny you pay. Been there and done that.
  2. mrgem, I agree with DeepPurplishBlue that you can use the 2004- 2007 case (remember, the new frame for the WR450 came out in 2008). Remember, that Yamaha changes that part number for ANY reason that the part is different from its predecessors, even different decals or paint color. Your dealer has information on this, if he chooses to reveal it to you. What follows are some prices, I did not check for shipping and handling costs. 1. PN 5TJ-15411-10-00 was $119 + S/H, (I didn't calculate S/H) at boat.net http://www.boats.net/search/?q=5TJ15411-10-00 2. Parts Pak $99 + S/H http://www.partspak.com/productcart/pc/viewPrd.asp?idproduct=98150&gclid=Cj0KEQjwqNiwBRDnq93MioaqtKQBEiQAb7Ezn_n2EdKNLqUSK2Gt2vEJ6KDIF0dydVOPOWgYuiD7xNQaAnkN8P8HAQ If, however, the later model part does not work, I would blame DeepPurplishBlue . Good luck.
  3. BajaFool

    03 WR450F OEM Handlebar size?

    If you can believe the Renthal website, the OE handle bar was a Renthal. The part number is 966-05 and the style/bend is Reed/Windham. The diameter is 7/8 inch. I owned a new one, but I looked it up -- good memory, just very short.
  4. Have you tried to push the bike past top dead center and then use the electric starter? If so, what happened?
  5. Markjo2013, I do not understand your problem. Please provide a more complete description of the problem, as well as any modifications to the starter system and replaced parts, then I will try to help you.
  6. BajaFool

    Yamaha FI Diagnostic tool - WR450 specific

    msawyer420, Drdanbozman's instructions stated that the factory CO2 setting of 0 was too rich for easy starting and richer settings compounded the problem. He suggested a setting of -8 and working toward richer as needed. You say that your bike "runs great" at a CO2 setting of +8. Does "runs great" include "starts easy" also? There seems to be a conflict here, assuming + is richer and - is leaner. Did someone mis-type a + for a - in this discussion thread ?
  7. BajaFool

    Big tank fitment

    Now, you have raised another issue. Although you have not mentioned the brand name of the tank you are considering for purchase, you should be aware that IMS tanks for the steel framed WR450's have on occasion, melted due to heat generated from the header pipe. Clark, Acerbis and GYTR (Acerbis made this tank) tanks manufactured for the steel framed WR450's did not have a melting issue. The tank was designed to hang very low on the right-hand side of the bike and was located very close to the header pipe. Several fires were the result of this condition and were discussed on Thumper Talk in the early years of its existence. A friend buried the remains of his burned steel framed WR450 in a pine forest in northern Baja California, after the IMS tank on his bike melted due to the heat generated by the header pipe. He then had to endure a long butt-numbing buddy-up ride back to his truck and later the threat of a law suit against his vehicle insurance company to receive compensation for his loss. Buyer beware.
  8. BajaFool

    Big tank fitment

    It's a little hard to answer your question without knowing the brand of tank you are trying to fit to your 2006 bike. However, I moved the 3.3 - 3.5 gal. Acerbis tank from my 2003 to my 2006 WR450 without any problems. The 2006 WR's used the same radiator shrouds as the 2006 YZ's. You will have to buy YZ shrouds for the 2003 WR. The Acerbis tank had two threaded holes for the seat alignment pin that screwed into the stock tank. One hole was for a YZ seat and one hole was for a WR a seat.
  9. If the Woodruff Key is sheared, the bike ignition timing would be off and the bike would not start via the electric starter or the kick start lever.
  10. It is the radiator overflow bottle. It attaches to a fitting on the top of one of the radiators (rider's left I think, without checking) using vinyl tubing. Great help for slow, low gear riding. I wouldn't think of riding without it.
  11. It was reported that the side case broke on occasion, when the engine backfired at the time the starter was engaged. There were, if I remember correctly, reports of cracked center cases also. In addition, damage over time, to the starter clutch assy attached to the crank (sheared rivets) was reported also. Some people never had a problem with the idler gear on the 2003 WR -- probably lucky. I sheared the woodruff key on my new 2003 WR upon start up after unloading the bike with the sold tag still attached in the driveway.
  12. BajaFool

    acerbis desert tank mounting on a 03 wr450

    Call Acerbis, 800-659-1440. I had a 2003 WR with an Acerbis big tank, good choice over the other offerings available at the time. Even if they don't have a mounting kit available, they could tell you what hardware to buy. Or, you could just try some bolts and see what fits.
  13. AJK1, Try your friendly Yamaha motorcycle dealer. Have them order the parts from the "big parts store in the sky". Why waste your money on shipping for one $.54 bushing, two flat washers at the most costing $.50 each and a woodruff key worth at most $2. Also, check the woodruff key price at an auto parts store. One bit of advice when ordering the bushing, your dealer may point out that the part number does not apply to your motorcycle. The part number, if ordered will provide you with the correct bushing. The part number is 90380-10002-00 .
  14. Zane86, You have original parts on your 2003 Yamaha WR450F. Read this entire thread from beginning to end. I have personal experience with this issue from when the problem was first identified to when the solution was found and the problem went away. Read and heed my comments in this thread. PM me if you have problems. Baja Fool
  15. Kah Ran Née, Nice video. The terrain looks like the single track country between Saw Mill and Rcho El Compadre.