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  1. Fuel injection was out before electric start, and the bikes didnt have batteries. The stator created the current for fuel pump and ecu. I should know, I have an efi kick start
  2. That 1st gen frame was universally hated. It was TOO stiff, and couldn't turn. I had one. The 2000 was much improved
  3. He raced the 93 frame all the way to 97. Maybe not the SAME frame. I had a 94 CR125 so it's got a soft spot in my heart. The first NEW mx bike I ever rode. Still get wet dreams about it ?
  4. I'm just disappointed KR didn't race an actual '94 CR250
  5. Finally!! Shop took forever but its here
  6. Agreed, I wonder why Cause Tomac is a giant douche nozzle? Tomac is an ungrateful, self absorbed beyotch for not being cool with Joey. Joey coulda won that shit easy. Tomac took 3 laps to get around Malcolm. All the ET swingers think he could just teleport past Joey who was going really fast whole race. Basically same pace as To-turd.
  7. I agree Tomac doesnt usually ride dirty. But that final with Dung was the exception. He most certainly WAS trying to take Dungey out, but Dung was too smart to get taken out. He'd let RD pass then try to take him out in the next corner. Hilarious
  8. Yeah, didnt look like was doing anything special to me either. I thought JA and ZO looked better
  9. Malcolm held him off for 3 laps in the exact same race ? And that was for 4th place
  10. Still not convinced. It WOULD have been close. Even Jeff said Tomac was only 4/10ths of a second faster than Joey on the 9th lap. I forgot that this was JS17 first race on the 450. What a way to enter the 450 class,
  11. I think Joey realized Tomac was in second and starting having visions of reimbursement running through his head. Remember, MEC is only 10 laps, so he would not have faded like a normal SX race. It looks like he intentionally slowed down. Even looked over to make sure it was Tomac coming up for the pass. I still believe if he held the hammer down he could have won that race. Let Tomac Bye
  12. Now all he needs to do is clean him out on a Zuke Clean Him Out... Clean Him Out.... ?

    • FOR SALE
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    Excellent condition 2009 r1200gs adventure. Aluminum panniers, crash bars, lots of protective add on's such as headlight guard, oil cooler guard, skid plate, throttle body guard, hand guards. Adjustable windshield. Recent oil change and gear oil change. Only 15,000 miles


    Dothan, Alabama - US

  14. Anderson is one cool dude, Just ask @slowgs2001
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